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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 239
PubMed Score 560.75
PubTator Score 358.24

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  Disease (5)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Carcinoma 2147 0.0 1.0
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Cancer 2346 5.505 2.8
Posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy 24 5.46 2.7


  Differential Expression (35)

Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma 2.100 8.9e-03
oligodendroglioma 2.300 5.3e-03
psoriasis -1.300 1.5e-08
osteosarcoma 3.518 4.1e-08
ependymoma 1.800 1.4e-05
glioblastoma 1.700 2.0e-02
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma 2.900 2.5e-04
cystic fibrosis 1.148 1.1e-03
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.900 1.3e-04
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.300 1.9e-02
autosomal dominant Emery-Dreifuss muscul... -1.190 3.6e-02
hereditary spastic paraplegia -1.182 3.2e-03
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.170 1.3e-05
tuberculosis -2.100 2.8e-07
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 2.132 1.4e-02
non-small cell lung cancer -1.106 2.6e-09
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -2.100 1.0e-02
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -3.100 2.0e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -2.200 2.8e-02
colon cancer -2.400 2.1e-05
lung cancer -1.700 1.2e-04
lung adenocarcinoma -1.100 1.2e-09
pediatric high grade glioma 2.100 4.0e-03
pilocytic astrocytoma 2.300 6.2e-05
primary Sjogren syndrome 1.300 1.5e-04
aldosterone-producing adenoma -1.063 1.7e-02
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 1.668 3.6e-02
Breast cancer 1.600 1.5e-05
gastric carcinoma 1.300 3.0e-02
ductal carcinoma in situ -1.200 1.1e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma -2.000 2.0e-04
ulcerative colitis 1.900 1.1e-04
ovarian cancer -3.700 5.2e-09
Gaucher disease type 3 -1.100 1.0e-02
pancreatic cancer 1.900 3.8e-03

Gene RIF (221)

26940738 expression of ZEB1 and TWIST1, which are master regulators of tumor metastasis. Our study first indicates that miR-1271 functions as a suppressor in regulating of pancreatic cancer EMT by targeting ZEB1 and TWIST1.
26898939 Results indicate that linc-ROR acts as an important regulator of ZEB1, can promote invasion and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.
26882471 Collectively, we found that ZEB1-expressing breast cancer cells increase VEGFA production and thus stimulate tumor growth and angiogenesis via a paracrine mechanism.
26876920 A direct interaction of ZEB1 with the Hippo pathway effector YAP, in which ZEB1 switches its function to a transcriptional co-activator of a 'common ZEB1/YAP target gene set', links two pathways with similar cancer promoting effects.
26823172 suggest that deltaEF1 family proteins promote cell motility of breast cancer cells directly or indirectly through repressing expression of RGS16
26717907 SET8 and ZEB1 are functionally interdependent in promoting the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and enhancing the invasive potential of prostate cancer cells in vitro.
26622166 ZEB1 mutations and TCF4 rs613872 changes are associated with late onset Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy in patients from Northern India.
26619383 we report posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy resulting from a de novo mutation in ZEB1. Additionally, we present a congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy case with a thin Descemet membrane with a novel compound heterozygous SLC4A11 mutation.
26617850 The upregulation of ZEB1 is associated with the abnormal expression of E-cadherin, beta-catenin and N-cadherin, which might promote the progression and metastasis of cervical squamous cell carcinoma.
26556542 Our study first indicates that miR-590-3p functions as a suppressor of GBM EMT and metastasis by targeting ZEB1 and ZEB2, and it may be a therapeutic target for metastatic GBM.
26551670 ZEB1 gene deletion is associated with Sezary syndrome.
26547370 Immunohistochemistry revealed ZEB1 expression in the cytoplasm, in nuclei and in tumor stroma of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. In primary small-cell carcinoma of the esophagus only nuclear staining was observed.
26546081 identified Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 (ZEB1) bond to FBP1 promoter to enhance DNA methylation in lung cancer cells. Our findings indicate that the down-regulation of FBP1 is a critical oncogenic event in lung cancer progression
26540342 Data show that telomerase (hTERT) and ZEB1 protein form a complex, which directly binds to the E-cadherin promoter, and then inhibits E-cadherin expression and promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in colorectal cancer cells.
26514226 HOXD9 promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer metastasis by ZEB1 regulation in hepatocellular carcinoma
26498682 Data show that microRNA miR-652 was decreased in pancreatic cancer (PC) tissues and antagonistically correlated with zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1 protein (ZEB1) expression, associating with late tumor stage.
26387539 Results provides evidence that TCF4 and ZEB1 modulate each other's transcriptional activity in the regulation of tumor pro-invasive Wnt target genes.
26334100 TKS5 and MYLK represent two mediators of invasive behavior of cancer cells that are regulated by the ZEB1/miR-200 feedback loop
26321866 The downregulation of ZEB1, Twist1, and Snail1 reduces the invasive properties of uveal melanoma cells, and the elevated mRNA levels of ZEB1 and Twist1 are associated with a more aggressive clinical phenotype in uveal melanoma samples.
26302187 findings suggest that increased expression levels of ZEB1 and Snail1 in FECD cells were responsible for an increased responsiveness to TGF-beta present in the aqueous humor and excessive production of ECM
26297948 this regard, we have demonstrated that PEAK1 is necessary for TGFbeta to induce ZEB1-mediated EMT in the context of fibronectin/ITGB3 activation.
26275944 MiR-205, acting as an oncogenic miRNA, may promote the clinical progression of epithelial ovarian cancer patients and enhance the cellular motility in vitro by directly and negatively regulating ZEB1.
26264186 emphasize the key role of ZEB1 in EMT in cultured BCD cells and support the value of ZEB1 inhibition for BCD cell redifferentiation and generation of functional human beta-like cells for cell therapy of diabetes
26191328 miR-144 promotes the apoptosis of lung cancer cells, and inhibits the proliferation, invasion and migration of lung cancer by regulating ZEB1 gene.
26170011 ZEB1 expression can serve as a potential biomarker to define a subgroup of triple negative breast tumors associated with poor clinical outcomes.
26077342 Employs CD44s to activate ZEB1 expression.
26073087 results provide novel insights into the function of lncRNA-driven hepatocarcinogenesis, highlight the important role of ZEB1-AS1 and ZEB1 in HCC progression, and indicate that ZEB1-AS1 may be served as a valuable prognostic biomarker for HCC
26057751 ZEB1 is a direct downstream of HIF-1alpha, suggesting a novel molecular mechanism for HIF-1alpha-inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer metastasis.
26043676 The results showed that BMI1 and ZEB1 are important factors in association with the promotion of EMT and invasion of tongue squamous cell carcinoma
26022123 miR-139-5p expression is downregulated in hepatocarcinoma tissues and cell lines. miR-139-5p inhibits ZEB1 and ZEB2 expression.
26011542 53BP1 functioned as a tumor suppressor gene by its novel negative control of Epithelial-mesenchymal transition through regulating the expression of miR-200b/429 and their target gene ZEB1.
25989272 tumour-budding cells express EMT hallmarks at protein and mRNA levels underlining their EMT-type character and are surrounded by stromal cells expressing high levels of the E-cadherin repressors ZEB1, ZEB2 and SNAIL1
25986864 High ZEB1 levels were associated with Gastric Cancer.
25963537 Down-regulation of ZEB1 expression may protect the invasive front of the tumors from converting to a mesenchymal phenotype by reducing the proliferation and motility of cervical cancer cells.
25950745 Our results correlated ZEB1 with aggressive potentials of breast carcinoma and revealed a possibility for ZEB1 as a prognostic marker in breast carcinoma
25921099 miR-128 functions as a potential cancer suppressor in prostate cancer progression and rational therapeutic strategies could be developed based on miR-128/zinc-finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 axis.
25910959 CRTAM is negatively regulated by ZEB1 in T cells.
25896413 MiR-10b directly targets the 3'-UTRs of ZEB1 and PIK3CA.
25890268 The ZEB1-CA9 signaling axis as a biomarker of poor prognosis in tongue cancer.
25880398 Results provide evidence of an Rb1-dependent Ets1-Zeb1 amplification loop in thymocytes differentiation and tumor invasion.
25868853 targeting miRNA by cordycepin indicates a new mechanism of cordycepin-induced suppression of tumor metastasis; miR-33b/HMGA2/Twist1/ZEB1 axis plays critical roles in regulating melanoma dissemination
25833697 MiR-139-5p specifically interacts with the 3'-UTR regions of ZEB1 and ZEB2, attenuating their expression in glioblastoma multiforme cells.
25808945 ectopic expression of miR-101 can significantly downregulate ZEB1 in the hepatocyte and thereby reduces the mesenchymal marker expression
25738863 These results suggest that acquirement of epoxomicin-resistance in endometrial carcinoma Ishikawa cells with epoxomicin cells induces up regulation of ZEB1 via suppression of the miR-200 family following suppression of E-cadherin.
25640197 MiR-429 inhibits oral squamous cell carcinoma growth by targeting ZEB1
25592037 HIF1alpha-ZEB1 signaling axis promotes hypoxia induced mesenchymal shift and invasion in glioblastoma cells.
25544793 ZEB1 expressions were significantly associated with subtype, grade, myometrial invasion, and lymph node metastases in endometrial neoplasia.
25528765 Data indicate that ubiquitin ligase Siah as a regulator of to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) by controlling the abundance of the key transcription factor Zeb1, while Siah itself is subject to regulation by EMT-inducing factors.
25521330 Results support the role for ZEB1 in invasive and high-grade brain tumors and suggest its key role in promoting invasion in the hypoxic tumor core as well as in the periphery
25479687 ZEB1 may be used as an immunohistochemical prognosticator of PC, which may be useful for histological assessment of PC in biopsy and surgical specimens.
25476932 MiR-205 inhibits DNA damage repair by targeting ZEB1 and Ubc13.
25455932 LARGE2 is negatively regulated by Snail and/or ZEB1, revealing a mechanistic basis for alphaDG hypoglycosylation during prostate cancer progression and metastasis.
25441224 we report six novel ZEB1 mutations causing posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy 3
25422078 our findings in this study suggest that PZH can inhibit metastasis of colorectal cancer cells via modulating TGF-beta1/ZEB/miR-200 signaling network, which might be one of the mechanisms whereby PZH exerts its anticancer function
25405387 We identified ZEB1 and CRKL as potential targets of miR-429 by analyzing combined results from in silico search and global expression array of the same RNA samples. Immunoblot assay confirmed that miR-429 reduced their expression at protein level.
25348003 ZEB1, an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition activator and transcriptional repressor of miR-200, relieves miR-200 repression of PD-L1 on tumour cells.
25347933 The expression of ZEB1 correlated with an undifferentiated and/or sarcomatoid morphology that may occur in the late stage of epithelial-mesenchymal transition
25344754 ASPP2 prevents beta-catenin from transactivating ZEB1 directly by forming an ASPP2-beta-catenin-E-cadherin ternary complex
25315069 deltaEF1 associates with DNMT1 and maintains DNA methylation of the E-cadherin promoter in breast cancer cells.
25301070 Fra-1 induces critical changes in the expression of tgfb1 and Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition transcription factors through direct binding to the tgfb1, zeb1 and zeb2 genomic regulatory regions.
25275602 TGF-beta induced ZEB1-dependent mesenchymal transdifferentiation in glioblastoma that is associated with tumor invasion.
25270213 Data suggest that beta-catenin and ZEB1 protein can be simultaneously used as candidate targets for early diagnosis and prognosis prediction in bladder cancer.
25261470 MicroRNA-141 and microRNA-146b-5p have a role in inhibiting the prometastatic mesenchymal characteristics through the RNA-binding protein AUF1 targeting the transcription factor ZEB1 and the protein kinase AKT
25190660 ZEB1 truncating mutations result in a significant decrease and/or impaired nuclear localization of the encoded protein, indicating that ZEB1 haploinsufficiency in PPCD3 may result from decreased protein production and/or impaired cellular localization
25178837 A significant correlation between expression of Snail1, Snail2 and Zeb1 with miR-200f repression and CpG miR-200c-141 promoter methylation was detected in endometrial carcinosarcomas.
25160502 Data show the presence of androgen receptor elements regulates ZEB1 expression in the absence of androgen receptor
25155634 found an inverse correlation between ZEB1 and DDR1 expression in various cancer cell lines and in human breast carcinoma tissues
25142232 Overexpression of zinc finger E-box binding homeobox factor 1 promotes tumor invasiveness and confers unfavorable prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
25119590 Upregulation in ZEB1 is associated with ovarian cancer cell invasion.
25090005 miR-150 may function as a tumor suppressor and modulate epithelial ovarian cancer cell proliferation, and invasion by directly and negatively regulating ZEB1.
25086746 ZEB1 is an ATM substrate linking ATM to CHK1 and the mechanism underlying the association between epithelial-mesenchymal transition and radioresistance.
25043300 An inverse correlation between CD117 or ZEB1 and DAB2IP is also found in clinical specimens.
24968735 restoration of miR-144 in K1 and WRO thyroid cancer cells suppressed invasion and migration capability of these cells; miR-144 also suppressed expression of ZEB1 and ZEB2, two E-cadherin suppressors, by directly binding to their 3'-untranslated regions.
24929761 Data suggest that ZEB1 expression in cancer cells and stromal fibroblasts are strong prognostic factors in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). Stromal ZEB1 expression is an independent predictor of survival after resection of PDAC.
24762440 ZEB1 sensitizes lung adenocarcinoma cells to metastasis suppression by PI3K-targeted therapy
24756066 has identified ZEB1 as a target of GRHL2 and suggested a reciprocal GRHL2-ZEB1 repressive relationship, providing a novel mechanism through which proliferation may be modulated in colorectal cancer cells.
24643400 The knockdown of ZEB1 promoted nuclear re-expression of E-cadherin, reduced expression of vimentin, N-cadherin, and BIRC5 genes, and reduced cell migration.
24615544 Study investigated nested regulatory circuits of miR-200c/ZEB1 and miR-200c/ZNF217/TGF-beta/ZEB1 in synergistically promoting trastuzumab resistance and metastasis of breast cancer cells.
24577090 These results indicate BAG3 as a regulator of ZEB1 expression in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and as a regulator of metastasis in thyroid cancer cells.
24573236 our results indicate that miR-1236-3p regulates ovarian cancer metastasis by directly targeting ZEB1
24468793 TBK1 signaling regulates radiation-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition by controlling GSK-3beta phosphorylation and ZEB1 expression.
24400868 Our data suggest that ZEB1 may participate in the pathogenesis of areca quid-associated OSF by activating the alpha-SMA promoter and inducing myofibroblast transdifferentiation from BMFs.
24390222 inhibition of ZEB1 by miR-200, with secondary increase in BCL6, is a molecular event that characterizes H. pylori-positive gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphomas with a less aggressive behavior.
24348007 Variation in the COL8A2, SLC4A11, and ZEB1 genes is present in only a small fraction of African American cases and as such does not appear to significantly contribute to the genetic risk of Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy.
24306957 ZEB1/ZEB2 and miRNAs expression seems to reliably distinguish between different grades of papillary urothelial tumors of the urinary bladder
24305877 CUL4A has a pivotal role in regulating the metastatic behavior of breast cancer cells in a process involving ZEB1
24304617 Positive ZEB-1 expression and loss of E-cadherin expression are correlated with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma patients.
24304426 twist and zeb1 are involved in placental maturation, whereas claudin 4 appears to be connected with placental diseases such as diabetes, toxaemia or molar disease.
24283570 Direct repression of MYB by ZEB1 suppresses proliferation and epithelial gene expression during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells.
24277930 Data indicate that p21 forms a complex with ZEB1 at the miR-183-96-182 cluster promoter to inhibit transcriptional repression of this cluster by ZEB1, suggesting a reciprocal feedback loop.
24257549 Down-regulation results in an inhibitory effect on the invasive and metastatic potential of epithelial ovarian cancer in vitro and in vivo by blocking the epithelial-mesenchymal transition process
24165969 ZEB1 and ZEB2 have been shown to induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.
24154725 miR-200/ZEB forms a tristable circuit that acts as a ternary switch, driven by miR-34/SNAIL, that is a monostable module that acts as a noise-buffering integrator of internal and external signals.
24127332 ZEB1 up-regulation is associated with metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma.
24113819 Abnormally steep corneal curvatures are identified in 37% of all individuals with posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy (PPCD) and 86% of affected individuals with PPCD secondary to ZEB1 mutations.
24067373 Activation of miR200 by c-Myb depends on ZEB1 expression and miR200 promoter methylation in breast cancer cells.
23994666 Up-regulation of ZEB1 is associated with oral sub-mucous fibrosis.
23957009 MRNAs of PTPN12, MSH6, and ZEB1 orthologous genes from different animal species have binding sites for hsa-miR-1279 which consist of homologous oligonucleotides encoding similar human oligopeptides
23890107 GLI2 represses E-cadherin gene (CDH1) expression in melanoma cells via distinct mechanisms, enhancing transcription of the EMT-activator ZEB1.
23869586 ZEB1 silencing also reduced beta-tubulin isotype classes I, III, and IVB mRNA, whereas upregulation of ZEB1 was associated with increases in these isotype classes
23844063 MicroRNA-23b functions as a tumor suppressor by regulating Zeb1 in bladder cancer.
23827675 Study demonstrates that non-cancer stem cells (CSCs) of human basal breast cancers are plastic cell populations that readily switch from a non-CSC to CSC state. The observed cell plasticity is dependent on ZEB1, a key regulator of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
23818228 ZEB1 has a role in glioblastoma initiation, invasion and chemoresistance
23807282 Nucleotide changes within the coding region of ZEB1 underlie the pathogenesis of posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy 3(PPCD) in 4 of 23 Czech probands (17%).
23791009 The nuclear protein expression levels of SNAI1 and ZEB1 are involved in the progression and lymph node metastasis of cervical cancer via the epithelial-mesenchymal transition pathway.
23765923 miR-150 and miR-200c play an important role in human endothelial lineage specification and chick embryonic vasculogenesis by targeting ZEB1.
23743934 Suggest that ZEB1 overexpression, associated with E-cadherin and miR-200s downregulation, and the expression of mesenchymal markers might enhance the metastatic potential of undifferentiated endometrial carcinomas.
23690952 ZEB1 and TGFBR2 identified as direct targets of miR-655
23667256 Zeb1 proteins employ several evolutionary conserved mechanisms to regulate cell-cell adhesion during development and cancer
23599324 Missense substitutions in the ZEB1 protein are associated with FECD6 and keratoconus, whereas protein truncating ZEB1 mutations result in PPCD3.
23591815 Zeb1 is regulated by the Arf GTPase-activating protein (GAP) Git2.
23584475 Findings indicate that (i) MUC1-C activates ZEB1 and suppresses miR-200c with the induction of EMT and (ii) targeting MUC1-C could be an effective approach for the treatment of breast and possibly other types of cancers that develop EMT properties.
23565224 Helicobacter pylori initiates a mesenchymal transition through ZEB1 in gastric epithelial cells.
23559851 Five novel frame-shift mutations, one confirmed as spontaneous, in the ZEB1 gene associated with posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy, are reported.
23412770 Vimentin, zeb1 and Sip1 are up-regulated in triple-negative and basal-like breast cancers: association with an aggressive tumour phenotype.
23381389 We found upregulated miR-200a expression to increase E-cadherin and suppress the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway by targeting ZEB1 and ZEB2 in GA, thus delaying tumor growth in vivo.
23358160 A region-based analysis summarizing independent signals in segments of 100 kb identified a new region-based genome-wide significant locus overlapping the gene ZEB1.
23318438 ZEB1/2 upregulation by WASF3 results from downregulation of KISS1, leading to the release of inhibition of nuclear factor (NF)kappaB by IkappaBalpha
23285017 The expression of deltaEF1 is up-regulated by 17beta-estradiol (E2) in MCF-7 cells in an ER-alpha-dependent manner.
23255418 Ectopic expression of ZEB1 increases the chemoresistance of SPC-A1 cells to docetaxel.
23190132 In diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, cytoplasmic Slug expression was linked to a favourable disease outcome, whereas nuclear expression of ZEB1 indicated an adverse outcome.
23065281 Overexpression of the ZEB1 gene is possibly associated with the occurrence, development, invasion of lung squamous cell carcinoma.
23038259 Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutations promote a reversible ZEB1/microRNA (miR)-200-dependent epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT).
23030626 Metastatic adenocarcinomas show a higher expression of zeb1 and twist than primary lung tumors, confirming previous findings and highlighting their significance in the metastatic process.
23013135 data indicate that downregulated-miR-150 is associated with poor prognosis and cancer progression in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC); epithelial-mesenchymal-transition (EMT)-inducer ZEB1 is regulated by miR-150, which may function as a regulator of EMT and MET in ESCC
22892238 levels of ZEB1 expression were low in local lesions but high in metastatic lymph nodes in HNC tissues. Patients with tumors that co-expressed ZEB1(high) and ZEB2(high) had especially poor survival rates.
22850877 ZEB1 controls the expression of numerous oncogenic and tumor-suppressive miRs, including miR-34a
22847613 These data provide a novel understanding of the roles of p53 gain-of-function mutations in accelerating tumor progression and metastasis through modulation of the miR-130b-ZEB1 axis.
22820858 Invasiveness was significantly correlated to the increased Zeb1 in tumour cells, as well as to increased ASMA, S100A4, and PDGFRbeta in stromal cells.
22685266 Altered expression of miR-200c may have a significant impact on the outcome of leiomyomas growth, maintenance of their mesenchymal and fibrotic characteristics, and possibly their associated symptoms.
22652173 In title.
22481253 Data suggest that knockdown of ZEB-1 expression by lentivirus-delivered siRNA may provide a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of lung cancer.
22466758 overexpression of ZEB1 may be related to the occurrence and development as well as invasion and metastasis of gastric adenocarcinoma.
22391641 Androgen receptor is overexpressed in boys with severe hypospadias, and ZEB1 regulates androgen receptor expression in human foreskin cells
22286765 SIX1 overexpression contributes to epithelial-mesenchymal transition partly through repression of miR-200-family expression and activation of ZEB1 in colorectal cancer.
22262832 RB inactivation contributes to tumor progression not only through loss of cell cycle control but also through up-regulation of ZEB expression and induction of an invasive phenotype.
22213144 In primary pancreatic tumors and metastatic lymph nodes, high and low expression of ZEB-1 and ZEB-2 was associated with mesenchymal and epithelial phenotype of cancer cells, respectively.
22213004 Overexpression of ZEB1 is associated with metastasis and invasion in osteosarcoma.
22212097 our results suggest that ZEB1 can promote VM formation by inducing EMT in CRC and might represent an important target in CRC.
22205962 E-cadherin could be upregulated by the suppression of ZEB1 transcriptional repressor by miRNAs in vivo
22205702 the roles of STAT3 in colorectal cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition and in STAT3-induced down-regulation of E-cadherin
22199242 ZEB1-mediated alterations in COL4A3 expression are most likely associated with the pathogenesis of this corneal endothelial dystrophy.
22162761 C-peptide increases Na,K-ATPase expression via PKC- and MAP kinase-dependent activation of transcription factor ZEB in human renal tubular cells
22095522 Expression of the ZEB1 gene was significantly higher in cancerous tissue than in adjacent normal mucosa. Increased ZEB1 expression was significantly associated with peritoneal dissemination, and was an independent prognostic factor.
22086445 transient knockdown of ZEB1 expression with RNA interference in four malignant pleural mesothelioma cell lines dramatically suppressed their in vitro growth.
22080605 beta-catenin/TCF4 complex induces the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-activator ZEB1 to regulate tumor invasiveness.
21955614 Data show that miR-200-regulated ZEB1 is reduced in LY2 cells.
21890822 ZEB1 is located on the invasive fronts exhibiting downregulation of the miR-200 family.TGF-beta induced ZEB1, reinforcing its role in epithelial-mesenchymal transition. ZEB1 knockdown prevented TGF-beta from inducing spindle-shaped cells & suppressing CDH1
21791114 Inhibition of ZEB1 may improve adenovirus uptake of cancer cells that have undergone EMT and for which ZEB1 is necessary to maintain the mesenchymal phenotype.
21747944 direct binding of TMPRSS2/ERG to the promoter of ZEB1 but not ZEB2
21717425 ZEB1 was confirmed as a key mediator of the latent-lytic switch of EBV-associated gastric cancer, a distinct subtype with different clinicopathologic features.
21643654 Snail and Zeb1 were sufficient to induce epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in the cells, but activated TGFbeta induced a more complex EMT, in which changes in extracellular matrix remodeling components were pronounced.
21593765 transcriptional activity of ZEB1 is increased by Slug, suggesting a hierarchical organized expression of epithelial mesenchyme transition (EMT) transcription factors through directed activation, triggering an EMT-like process in melanoma
21584833 This study shows that ZEB1 high expression was correlated with hepatocellular carcinoma malignant progression and subsequent poor patient survival by induction of EMT changes.
21527937 ZEB1 knockdown recapitulated miR-200c-induced responses, and expression of a ZEB1 allele non-targeted by miR-200c, prevented miR-200c phenotype.
21525039 Data define a pathway in which CCN6 attenuates IGF-1 signaling to decrease ZEB1 expression and invasion in breast cancer.
21518799 p53 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition through microRNAs targeting ZEB1 and ZEB2
21411626 demonstrated the existence of an autocrine TGF-beta/ZEB/miR-200 signaling network that regulates plasticity between epithelial and mesenchymal states.
21324165 Expression of transcriptional factors zeb1 and twist mainly occur in the stromal compartment of breast carcinomas.
21317430 The results indicate that Snail1 controls Zeb1 expression at multiple levels and acts cooperatively with Twist in the ZEB1 gene transcription induction.
21315410 Collectively, our studies demonstrate frequent expression of nuclear Snail1, but not nuclear ZEB1, in invasive, triple-negative breast cancers as well as in intraductal carcinomas.
21241837 deltaEF1 remarkably up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) expression at both mRNA and protein levels in MDA-MB-231 cells.
21224848 The ZEB1/miR-200 feedback loop controls Notch signalling in cancer cells.
21079000 These findings implicate the miR-200 family and their targets, ZEB1 and ZEB2, as unique regulators of uterine quiescence and contractility during pregnancy and labor.
21067486 The phenotype associated with changes in the ZEB1 gene exhibits variable expression and incomplete penetrance and seems to have a low risk for secondary glaucoma.
20980099 ZEB1 and ZEB2 are key regulators of the The epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) process in non-small cell lung cancer.
20970163 down-regulation of ZEB1 seems to play a role in tumor spread, metastases, and poor survival in invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast.
20731704 ectopically expressed LMO2 impaired the function of DeltaEF1 in both transcriptional and protein levels and identified DeltaEF1 as a novel pathogenic target of LMO2 in T-cell leukemia.
20729552 ZEB1 coordinately regulates laminin-332 and {beta}4 integrin expression altering the invasive phenotype of prostate cancer cells
20514018 both ZEB1 downregulation and Smad7 overexpression contribute to resistance to TGF-beta1-mediated growth suppression in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma.
20452118 *Inhibiting ZEB1 function may be an attractive target for non-small cell lung cancer therapeutic development.
20424117 Increased levels of ZEB1 is associated with esophageal neoplasms.
20418909 ZEB1/BRG1 as a new transcriptional mechanism regulating E-cadherin expression and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transdifferentiation
20375168 Knockdown of ZEB2, but not ZEB1, led to Epstein-Barr virus lytic reactivation.
20175752 Results suggest that regulation of ZEB1 is required for control of BCL6 expression.
20036349 TCF8 missense mutations cause late-onset Fuchs corneal dystrophy and interact with FCD4 on chromosome 9p
19997581 ZEB1 mutations may account for posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy in 18 to 30% of cases, with the majority of the mutations in exons 5 and 7.
19935649 report that ZEB1 not only promotes tumour cell dissemination, but is also necessary for the tumour-initiating capacity of pancreatic and colorectal cancer cells.
19921427 these results indicate that ZEB1 and AR regulate each other to promote cell migration in triple negative breast cancer cells
19754958 CtBP2 monomer interacts with a major CtBP-dependent repressor ZEB and HDAC and that the interaction of the two factors with the CtBP2 monomer was mutually exclusive.
19651985 Ladybird homeobox 1 (LBX1), a developmentally regulated homeobox gene, directs expression of the known EMT inducers ZEB1, ZEB2, Snail1, and transforming growth factor beta2 (TGFB2).
19584296 Immunohistochemical analysis of E-cadherin and Zeb-1 in primary tumors confirmed that expression of the two proteins was mutually exclusive.
19432861 The detailed clinical features of posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy (PPCD) associated with a novel ZEB1 mutation are supportive of the previously proposed range of phenotype parameters.
19225155 These results extend the role of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in metastasis to transendothelial migration and implicate ZEB1 and N-cadherin in this process in prostate cancer cells.
19208835 Integral role for TCF8 in the regulation of pathologic angiogenesis, and possible use of TCF8 as a target for therapeutic intervention in cancer.
19194497 The pro-survival response of neurons, initiated through the rapid induction of p63, is mediated ultimately by the transcriptional repression of a pro-apoptotic isoform of p73 by ZEB1.
19177200 The results demonstrate that ZEB-1 directly inhibits SEMA3F expression in lung cancer cells.
19153669 E-cadherin, beta-catenin, and ZEB1 have roles in malignant progression of cancer [review]
19147758 DeltaEF1 controls the mesenchymal phenotype and drives erlotinib resistance in HNSCC cells
19116147 These findings suggest that Zeb1 represses T-cadherin expression and thus increases the invasive activity of gallbladder cancer.
19116136 TCF8 activates R-Ras, another class of angiogenic regulator, to suppress angiogenesis by a mechanism other than a transcriptional attenuator.
18984674 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18829540 A double-negative feedback loop controlling ZEB1-SIP1 and miR-200 family expression.
18622689 These data support the contention that high ZEB1 encourages gynecologic carcinoma progression.
18487993 ZEB1 may be a biomarker of aggressive endometrial cancers at high risk of recurrence.
18483486 These results indicate that ZEB1 triggers an microRNA-mediated feedforward loop that stabilizes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and promotes invasion of cancer cells.
18467597 Down-regulation of TCF8 expression in ATLL cells was associated with resistance to TGF-beta1, a well-known characteristic of ATLL cells, suggesting that escape from TGF-beta1-mediated growth inhibition is important in the pathogenesis of ATLL
18411277 loss of expression of the miR-200 family members may play a critical role in the repression of E-cadherin by ZEB1 and ZEB2 during EMT, thereby enhancing migration and invasion during cancer progression.
18376396 Data show that miR-200 and -205 microRNAs cooperatively regulate expression of the E-cadherin transcriptional repressors ZEB1 (also known as deltaEF1) and SIP1 (also known as ZEB2), factors previously implicated in EMT and tumour metastasis.
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18172091 The identification of a novel missense mutation in only one of the patients implied that TCF8 does not play a significant role in the pathogenesis of FECD in this Chinese population.
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17486063 Upregulation of ZEB1 is associated with colon and breast cancer progression
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16952552 zinc-finger-enhancer protein 1 (ZEB1) is the crucial transcriptional repressor of BM components in CRCs.
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16203744 In colon cancer parients, the correlation between the expression of SNAIL and the downregulation of E-cadherin (CDH1) is lost when ZEB1 is overexpressed
16087177 Data demonstrate that DNA methylation contributes to increased levels of p73 in Fanconi anemia cells by hampering the binding of the transcriptional repressor ZEB to an intronic regulatory region of the p73 gene.
14965470 an activator of transcription whose action may be DNA-context and cell-type specific, but not species specific.
12743039 while ZEB-1/deltaEF1 binds to p300 and promotes the formation of a p300-Smad transcriptional complex, ZEB-2/SIP1 acts as a repressor by recruiting CtBP
12743038 Data show that ZEB-1/deltaEF1 and ZEB-2/SIP1 are regulators of transforming growth factor beta/bone morphogenetic protein signaling, with opposing effects on this pathway.
12163027 These data provide the first demonstration that Zfhep is post-translationally modified.
12161443 ZEB1 plays a role in repressing E-cadherin and MUC1 in epithelial cells [ZEB-1]
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TNEA                                                                     1121 - 1124

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