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26318451 binding affinities of the YTH domains of three human proteins and yeast YTH domain protein Pho92
25412661 The basic residues K416 and R527 on the surface of the YTH domain of YTHDF2 are involved in binding to the RNA backbone, and residues W432 and W486 within the hydrophobic pocket contribute to the specific recognition of N6-methyladenosine.
25412658 The study presents the structure of YTH-YTHDF2 in complex with an N6-methyladenosine mononucleotide.
24284625 m(6)A is selectively recognized by the human YTH domain family 2 (YTHDF2) 'reader' protein to regulate mRNA degradation
16799135 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16799135 YTHDF2 messenger RNA resulted to be mainly expressed in testis and placenta. The data suggest a possible role of this locus in human longevity.
10508479 PMID:10508479 reported that AF155095 (clone REN-2) may be involved in signal transduction and the gene is on chromosome 14. It turns out that it is the pseudogene, not the real gene, is located on chromosome 14.

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EKRQEEEESVKKERQGRGK                                                       561 - 579

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