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24391740 family-based analysis of association between blood pressure, glomerular filtration and genes of the urotensin-II pathway (urotensin-II, urotensin-II related peptide, urotensin-II receptor) saturated with 28 tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms
21684671 U2B'' has a relaxed specificity for its RNA targets.
18000598 vascular remodelling processes in conjunction with enhanced vasoconstriction are involved in the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension; UII may play a novel role in the pathogenesis of this disorder
17919235 Elevated serum urotensin II is associated with chronic liver disease and portal hypertension
17327028 Urotensin II gene may contribute to the genetic susceptibility to gestational diabetes mellitus in Chinese population
16940699 These findings suggest that U-II plays key roles in accelerating the development of atherosclerosis, thereby leading to coronary artery disease.
14550283 URP could possibly be the endogenous and functional ligand for the human UII receptor

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