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26359454 mislocalization of TMEM88 to the cytosol in non-small cell lung cancer cells ablates its Wnt pathway regulatory properties, thereby promoting invasion and metastasis by activating the p38-GSK3beta-Snail signaling pathway.
26325443 TMEM88 stimulated triple negative breast cancer cell invasion by interacting with DVL1.
23924634 TMEM88 is crucial for heart development and acts downstream of GATA factors in the pre-cardiac mesoderm to specify lineage commitment of cardiomyocyte.
22573352 miRNA-708 acts as an oncogene contributing to tumor growth and disease progression by directly downregulating TMEM88
21044957 TMEM88 associates with Dvl proteins and regulates Wnt signaling in a context-dependent manner

AA Sequence

QIRASPGSQAVPTSGKVWV                                                       141 - 159

Text Mined References (8)

PMID Year Title
26359454 2015 Cytosolic TMEM88 promotes invasion and metastasis in lung cancer cells by binding DVLS.
26325443 2015 Cytosolic TMEM88 promotes triple-negative breast cancer by interacting with Dvl.
25429064 2015 Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of adult height in East Asians identifies 17 novel loci.
23924634 2013 Transmembrane protein 88: a Wnt regulatory protein that specifies cardiomyocyte development.
22573352 2012 Increased miR-708 expression in NSCLC and its association with poor survival in lung adenocarcinoma from never smokers.
21044957 2010 Identification of transmembrane protein 88 (TMEM88) as a dishevelled-binding protein.
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