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PubMed Score 104.44
PubTator Score 59.58

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Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma 1.500 3.9e-02
ependymoma 1.900 2.4e-02
oligodendroglioma 1.600 2.4e-02
psoriasis -2.300 7.8e-04
glioblastoma 1.900 6.6e-06
osteosarcoma 3.605 2.2e-08
group 4 medulloblastoma 1.700 1.2e-04
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.900 2.3e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell 2.100 4.7e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.800 3.8e-04
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.058 1.3e-09
active Crohn's disease 1.061 2.9e-02
pediatric high grade glioma 1.600 7.5e-06
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.400 4.1e-06
Pick disease 1.500 1.4e-06
ovarian cancer -2.300 2.5e-10

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26809090 Our findings suggest that suppression of miR-222-3p activity promoted osteogenic differentiation hBMSCs through regulating Smad5-RUNX2 signaling axis.
26400397 miR-23a and miR-27a target SMAD5 and regulate apoptosis in human granulosa cells via the FasL-Fas pathway
26339396 Overexpression of the BMP4/SMAD4/SMAD5 signaling pathway could predict poor clinical outcome in skull base chordomas, suggesting activation of this pathway is involved in chordoma pathogenesis.
25880873 adult human Sertoli cells assumed similar morphological features, stable global gene expression profiles and numerous proteins, and activation of AKT and SMAD1/5 during long-period culture.
25754204 The polycomb group protein L3MBTL1 represses a SMAD5-mediated hematopoietic transcriptional program in human pluripotent stem cells.
25505291 balance between Smad1/5- and Smad2/3-dependent signaling defines the outcome of the effect of TGF-beta on atherosclerosis where Smad1/5 is responsible for proatherogenic effects
24928394 Our results indicated that KGN promoted the type-I collagen synthesis of dermal fibroblasts in vitro and in the dermis of mice through activation of the smad4/smad5 pathway.
24828823 Inhibiting Smurf1 mediated ubiquitination of Smad1/5.
24339730 Specific gene siRNAs knock-down further confirmed the osteogenic effects of Genistein on BMP2, SMAD5 and RUNX2 protein expression
24163009 among the 15 SNPs, rs3206634 was significantly associated with KD in a recessive model (odds ratio = 2.31, p = 0.019), whereas there was no association between any of the 15 SNPs and CALs.
24021264 the shear-induced apoptosis and autophagy are mediated by bone morphogenetic protein receptor type (BMPR)-IB, BMPR-specific Smad1 and Smad5, and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase.
24008158 HIV-1 Tat-treated pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells modulate levels of phosphorylated SMAD1/5/8 proteins and SMAD1/5/8-SMAD4 protein complex, which are repressed by cocaine exposure
23918166 Results indicate that BMP/Smad signaling pathway was altered during the period of osteogenesis, and that the activities of p-Smad1/5 were required for Saos-2 cells viability and differentiation induced by fluoride.
23804438 a detailed computational model for TGF-beta signalling that incorporates elements of previous models together with crosstalking between Smad1/5/8 and Smad2/3 channels through a negative feedback loop dependent on Smad7.
23387849 Oscillatory shear stress induces synergistic interactions between specific BMPRs and integrin to activate Smad1/5 through the Shc/FAK/ERK pathway
23384547 ATP production by NaF promotes hypertrophy-like changes via activation of phospho-Smad5
22966907 CD44 signaling regulates phosphorylation of RUNX2. Localization of RUNX2 in the nucleus requires phosphorylation of Smad-5 by integrin alphavbeta3 signaling.
22964636 our studies establish that loss of SMAD1/5 leads to upregulation of PDGFA in ovarian granulosa cells
22897816 TNF activated NF-kappaB pathway and inhibited the phosphorylation of Smad 1/5/8 and BMP-2-induced osteoblastic differentiation in BMMSCs
22452883 Data suggest that Smads 1, 5 and 8 as potential prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for mTOR inhibition therapy of prostate cancer.
22013049 found that restoration of SMAD5, in addition to the TGF-beta type II receptor, which was epigenetically silenced by the latent viral protein latency-associated nuclear antigen, sensitized BC3 cells to the cytostatic effect of TGF-beta signaling
21945631 Results show that BMP4-induced changes in OvCa cell morphology and motility are Smad-dependent with shRNA targeting Smads 1, 4, and 5.
21454478 CHIP inhibits the signaling activities of Smad1/5 by recruiting Smad1/5 from the functional R-/Co-Smad complex and further promoting the ubiquitination/degradation of Smad1/5 in a chaperone-independent manner.
20734064 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20522807 Prostacyclin analogues inhibited smooth muscle cell proliferation and prevented progression of pulmonary hypertension while enhancing Smad1/5 phosphorylation and Id1 gene expression.
20148926 Studies indicate SMAD5beta isoform plays role in hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis.
19819941 Data suggest that the SMAD family, possibly through disruption of SMAD1/5 or activation of SMAD2/3 may contribute to the pathogenesis of JGCT in humans.
19269967 increases of p16(INK4a) and p21(WAF1/cip1) expression in response to BMP4 were mediated by the Smad1/5/8 signaling pathway.
19247629 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19244313 5-HT transactivates the serine kinase receptor, BMPR 1A, to activate Smads 1/5/8 via Rho and Rho kinase in in bovine and human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells
19211612 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18775991 Endoglin promotes transforming growth factor beta-mediated Smad 1/5/8 signaling and inhibits endothelial cell migration through its association with GIPC
18684712 ALK2(R206H) with Smad1 or Smad5 induced osteoblastic differentiation that could be inhibited by Smad7 or dorsomorphin.
18393632 SMAD 2/3 signaling directly supports NANOG expression, while SMAD 1/5/8 activation moderately represses SOX2.
18310319 The shear-induced G(2)/M arrest and corresponding changes in G(2)/M regulatory protein expression and activity were mediated by alpha(v)beta(3) and beta(1) integrins through bone morphogenetic protein receptor type IA-specific Smad1 and Smad5.
18298822 SMAD5 gene was found to be associated with schizophrenia.
17847004 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
17359969 These data suggest autocrine TGF-beta1 antagonizes BMP signaling through modulation of inducible Smad6 and the activity of BMP specific Smad1/5.
16436528 Human granulosa-like tumor cell line KGN expressed BMP type I (BMPR1A and BMPR1B) and type II receptors (BMPR2) and the BMP signaling molecules SMADs (SMAD1 and SMAD5).
16247476 activation by BMP-2 in lung cancer cells
16243555 We used homology-modeling techniques to generate a reliable molecular model of the Smad5 MH1 domain based on the crystal structure of Smad3 MH1 domain
15877825 In mature human B cells, BMP-6 inhibited cell growth, and rapidly induced phosphorylation of Smad5.
14670176 SMAD5 undergoes copy number gain and increased expression, rather than loss of expression, and therefore does not act as a tumor-suppressor gene in hepatocellular carcinoma
12849988 Results demonstrate a mitochondrial distribution of Smad5 in non-stimulated chondroprogenitor cells.
12473652 up-regulated Smad5 mediates apoptosis of gastric epithelial cells induced by Helicobacter pylori infection
12064918 Smad5 activation by BMP4 in human hematopoietic cells results in significantly increased proliferation of erythroid progenitors and formation of glycophorin-A+ cells.
12060751 regulatory signals are active at transcriptionally subnuclear sites

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PMID Year Title
26809090 2016 Inhibition of miR-222-3p activity promoted osteogenic differentiation of hBMSCs by regulating Smad5-RUNX2 signal axis.
26400397 2015 miR-23a and miR-27a promote human granulosa cell apoptosis by targeting SMAD5.
26339396 2015 Overexpression of the BMP4/SMAD signaling pathway in skull base chordomas is associated with poor prognosis.
25880873 2015 Long-term culture and significant expansion of human Sertoli cells whilst maintaining stable global phenotype and AKT and SMAD1/5 activation.
25754204 2015 The polycomb group protein L3MBTL1 represses a SMAD5-mediated hematopoietic transcriptional program in human pluripotent stem cells.
25505291 2015 TGF-?1, but not bone morphogenetic proteins, activates Smad1/5 pathway in primary human macrophages and induces expression of proatherogenic genes.
24928394 2014 A heterocyclic molecule kartogenin induces collagen synthesis of human dermal fibroblasts by activating the smad4/smad5 pathway.
24828823 2014 Selective small molecule compounds increase BMP-2 responsiveness by inhibiting Smurf1-mediated Smad1/5 degradation.
24518599 2014 Prostate cancer bone metastases acquire resistance to androgen deprivation via WNT5A-mediated BMP-6 induction.
24449884 2014 Different modes of endothelial-smooth muscle cell interaction elicit differential ?-catenin phosphorylations and endothelial functions.
24339730 2013 Genistein promotion of osteogenic differentiation through BMP2/SMAD5/RUNX2 signaling.
24223191 2013 Upregulation of miR-135b is involved in the impaired osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells derived from multiple myeloma patients.
24163009 2014 Genetic polymorphism of SMAD5 is associated with Kawasaki disease.
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23804438 2013 Computational modelling of Smad-mediated negative feedback and crosstalk in the TGF-? superfamily network.
23610558 2013 Rnf165/Ark2C enhances BMP-Smad signaling to mediate motor axon extension.
23387849 2013 BMP receptor-integrin interaction mediates responses of vascular endothelial Smad1/5 and proliferation to disturbed flow.
23384547 2013 Impaired glycolytic metabolism causes chondrocyte hypertrophy-like changes via promotion of phospho-Smad1/5/8 translocation into nucleus.
22966907 2012 Integrin ?v?3 and CD44 pathways in metastatic prostate cancer cells support osteoclastogenesis via a Runx2/Smad 5/receptor activator of NF-?B ligand signaling axis.
22964636 2013 BMP-specific SMADs function as novel repressors of PDGFA and modulate its expression in ovarian granulosa cells and tumors.
22897816 2013 Activated NF-?B in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells from systemic lupus erythematosus patients inhibits osteogenic differentiation through downregulating Smad signaling.
22814378 2012 N-terminal acetylome analyses and functional insights of the N-terminal acetyltransferase NatB.
22452883 2012 Inhibition of mTORC1 kinase activates Smads 1 and 5 but not Smad8 in human prostate cancer cells, mediating cytostatic response to rapamycin.
22223895 2012 Comparative large scale characterization of plant versus mammal proteins reveals similar and idiosyncratic N-?-acetylation features.
22013049 2012 Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-encoded microRNA miR-K12-11 attenuates transforming growth factor beta signaling through suppression of SMAD5.
21945631 2011 Human ovarian cancer cell morphology, motility, and proliferation are differentially influenced by autocrine TGF? superfamily signalling.
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20734064 2010 A large-scale candidate gene association study of age at menarche and age at natural menopause.
20522807 2010 Smad-dependent and smad-independent induction of id1 by prostacyclin analogues inhibits proliferation of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells in vitro and in vivo.
20148926 2010 Alternative splicing of SMADs in differentiation and tissue homeostasis.
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
19819941 2009 Smad1-Smad5 ovarian conditional knockout mice develop a disease profile similar to the juvenile form of human granulosa cell tumors.
19413330 2009 Lys-N and trypsin cover complementary parts of the phosphoproteome in a refined SCX-based approach.
19269967 2009 BMP4-Smad signaling pathway mediates adriamycin-induced premature senescence in lung cancer cells.
19247629 2009 Investigation of DNA polymorphisms in SMAD genes for genetic predisposition to diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
19244313 2009 Serotonin induces Rho/ROCK-dependent activation of Smads 1/5/8 in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells.
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18775991 2008 Endoglin promotes transforming growth factor beta-mediated Smad 1/5/8 signaling and inhibits endothelial cell migration through its association with GIPC.
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17359969 2007 Antisense targeting of TGF-beta1 augments BMP-induced upregulation of osteopontin, type I collagen and Cbfa1 in human Saos-2 cells.
17356069 2007 Endofin acts as a Smad anchor for receptor activation in BMP signaling.
17207965 2007 hORFeome v3.1: a resource of human open reading frames representing over 10,000 human genes.
17081983 2006 Global, in vivo, and site-specific phosphorylation dynamics in signaling networks.
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12849988 2003 Mitochondrial localization of Smad5 in a human chondrogenic cell line.
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12064918 Inhibition of Smad5 in human hematopoietic progenitors blocks erythroid differentiation induced by BMP4.
12060751 2002 Integration of Runx and Smad regulatory signals at transcriptionally active subnuclear sites.
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11121043 2000 Ski represses bone morphogenic protein signaling in Xenopus and mammalian cells.
10708949 TGF-beta signaling by Smad proteins.
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10652350 2000 Smad and AML proteins synergistically confer transforming growth factor beta1 responsiveness to human germ-line IgA genes.
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