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25861866 The SLC6A8 c.1654G>T (p.Val552Leu) variant showed low residual creatine uptake activity of 35% of wild type transfected HeLa cells.
25531585 Both SPAK and OSR1 are negative regulators of the creatine transporter SLC6A8
25531216 Klotho protein up-regulates the activity of creatine transporter CreaT (Slc6A8) by stabilizing the carrier protein in the cell membrane
25044748 In the titel.
24962355 It is likely that the (extracellular) structure of brain cells is also impaired in SLC6A8-deficient patients, and future studies are necessary to confirm this and to reveal the true functions of creatine in the brain.
24789340 Understanding the pathogenesis of creatine transporter deficiency is of paramount importance in the development of an effective treatment
24597975 both BCAP31 and ABCD1 were associated with hepatic cholestasis and death before 1 year. Remarkably, a patient with an isolated deletion at the 3'-end of SLC6A8 had a similar severe phenotype as seen in BCAP31 deficiency
24561156 CTR4 and CTR5 are possible regulators of the creatine transporter since their overexpression results in upregulated CTR1 protein and creatine uptake.
24144841 a 1104 bp sequence proximal to the mRNA start site of the SLC6A8 gene with promoter activity in five cell types was identified.
24140398 Combination of deep sequencing technology with long-range PCR revealed a novel intragenic duplication in the SLC6A8 gene, providing a definitive molecular diagnosis of creatine transporter deficiency in a male patient.
24137762 Creatine transporter deficiency is a relatively common genetic disorder in males with sporadic or familiar mental retardation and diagnostic screening of them should always include screening for SLC6A8 deficiency.
23644449 a de novo mutation in the SLC6A8 gene in 101 males with X-linked creatine transporter deficiency
23578822 study identified a second creatine transporter monocarboxylate transporter 12 (MCT12), encoded by the cataract and glucosuria associated gene SLC16A12; Rssults show SLC6A8 was predominantly found in brain, heart and muscle, while SLC16A12 was more abundant in kidney and retina. In the lens, the two transcripts were found at comparable levels.
22644605 SLC6A8 mutants displayed no electrogenic activity with all Cr analogs tested in X. laevis oocytes.
22281021 Missense mutations in SLC6A8 gene is associated with X-linked disorder.
21556832 analysis of X-linked creatine transporter defect in nine boys shows that it has an effect on IQ
21267006 Evidence for a functional involvement of the four mutations affecting ATRX (p.1761M4T), PQBP1 (p.155R4X), and SLC6A8 (p.390P4L and p.477S4L), in the etiology of intellectual disability.
21190923 SLC6A8 genes may not be directly involved in human male infertility
21140503 impact of creatine deficiency syndrome mutations, CRTR and GAMT on metabolic stress was analyzed in patient fibroblast cultures
20846889 Heterozygous SLC6A8 deficiency is a potentially treatable condition and should be considered in females with intractable epilepsy and developmental delay/intellectual disabilit
20602486 Hemizygosity for a novel deletion producing a frameshift (c.974_975delCA, p.Thr325SerfsX139) in the creatine transporter gene is associated with X-linked cerebral creatine deficiency.
20528887 symptoms of the creatine transporter defect (mental retardation, learning difficulties, and constipation) can be present in female SLC6A8 heterozygotes
19879361 Guanidinoacetate is transported from AGAT- to GAMT-expressing cells through SLC6A8 to allow creatine synthesis, thereby explaining creatine deficiency in SLC6A8-deficient CNS.
19570237 The estimated amount of total creatine in the placenta and brain significantly increased in the second half of pregnancy, coinciding with a significant increase in expression of CrT mRNA.
19319661 report the first two Spanish adult patients with creatine transporter deficiency and compare their clinical phenotype and the evolution of the disease with those of other published cases
19188083 The frequency of SLC6A8 deficiency was 2.3% in 157 males at risk.
18515020 This study reveals the presence of a novel SLC6A8 splice variant, SLC6A8C in human and mouse.
18461508 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18443316 A novel deletion (c.1690-1703 del) in exon 12 of SLC6A8 resulted in a frameship mutation associated with global developmental delay and premature ventricular beats.
18350323 identified two brothers with mental retardation, caused by a c.1059_1061delCTT; p.Phe354del mutation in the SLC6A8 gene
17603797 Exhibition of a developmental apraxia of speech with motor planning and execution deficit in a creatine transporter (SLC6A8) mutation.
16738945 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16738945 Mutations in the creatine transporter gene SLC6A8 may be a relatively major contributor in males with mental retardation of unknown cause.
16086185 Creatine transporter deficiency associated with gene deficiency of this protein.
16049011 involvement of residues from transmembrane domain 3 is a common feature of the substrate pathway of the creatine transporter
16036218 SGK1 and SGK3 increase SLC6A8 activity by increasing the maximal transport rate of the carrier. Deranged SGK1 and/or SGK3 dependent regulation of SLC6A8 may affect energy storage particularly in skeletal muscle, heart, and neurons
15154114 High prevalence of SLC6A8 deficiency in X-linked mental retardation
12210795 X-linked creatine deficiency syndrome: a novel mutation in creatine transporter gene SLC6A8.
11898126 X-linked mental retardation with seizures and carrier manifestations is caused by a mutation in the creatine-transporter gene (SLC6A8) located in Xq28

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VESVM                                                                     631 - 635

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