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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 55
PubMed Score 58.22
PubTator Score 35.31

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  Disease (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
psoriasis 6685 1.6e-05
breast carcinoma 1614 6.3e-04
Endometriosis 535 3.7e-02
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1056 4.6e-02
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Breast cancer 3098 4.615 2.3


  Differential Expression (5)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -4.200 1.6e-05
cutaneous lupus erythematosus -1.700 4.6e-02
Endometriosis -2.817 3.7e-02
breast carcinoma -1.500 6.3e-04
Breast cancer -3.700 1.3e-03

Gene RIF (43)

26276775 trefoil factor 1 demonstrated breast specificity but was inferior to mammaglobin and GATA protein binding 3
24603286 The data indicate that MGB1, MGB2 and LIPB mRNAs are expressed at low levels in human tissues but basal expression is upregulated in ovarian cancer.
24328556 Overexpression of hMAM in breast cancer cells decreased migration and invasion, whereas knockdown of hMAM increased both.
23958549 Mammaglobin-A immunohistochemistry in primary central nervous system neoplasms and intracranial metastatic breast carcinoma. Cimino PJ Jr, Perrin RJ
23773480 Mammaglobin immunohistochemistry is useful as a proxy marker for the ETV6-NTRK3 translocation in the diagnosis of salivary mammary analogue secretory carcinoma.
23212340 Qualitative detection of plasma hMAM mRNA appears to be associated with unfavorable prognostic factors and lower rates of event-free survival in patients with breast cancer.
22994369 MGB1 was detected in endometrial tissue, with peak expression during the luteal phase, in 31% of endometriotic samples, in 53% of endometrial adenocarcinomas, and in 64% of breast carcinomas.
22963676 Gross cystic disease fluid protein-15 and mammaglobin A expression determined by immunohistochemistry is of limited utility in triple-negative breast cancer.
22897908 High peripheral blood mammaglobin gene expression is associated with metastasis in breast cancer.
22074997 Data show that HLA-A24-restricted, mammaglobin-A (Mam-A) derived, CD8(+) cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes that can potentially be employed for Mam-A-based breast cancer vaccine therapy to breast cancer patients with HLA-A24 phenotype.
21976532 A decrease in MGB1+mRNA levels (baseline-week 8) seemed to be associated with clinical response (P = 0.05).
21939647 MGA detection by the modified nested RT-PCR is a specific marker for circulating tumor cells in patients with breast carcinoma and a negative prognostic factor for the disease
21744998 High serum mammaglobin is associated with breast cancer.
21623075 The expression of hMAG was found to be increased with breast cancer grade.
21473729 The current knowledge regarding the use of reverse-transcriptase PCR for detecting human mammaglobin mRNA as a biomarker for circulating tumor cells in breast cancer patients, is reviewed.
21411781 Most basal-like breast carcinomas and unclassified triple-negative carcinomas are negative for mammaglobin and gross cystic disease fluid protein 15.
20920982 Results showed the prognostic relevance of bone marrow disseminated tumor cells assessed by a multimarker mRNA panel consisting of TWIST1, cytokeratin 19 (gene name: KRT19), and mammaglobin A (gene name: SCGB2A2) mRNA in operable breast cancer patients.
20586026 Detection of Mammaglobin as part of a 3-marker RT-PCR for early diagnosis of breast cancer.
20306663 Data show that plasma mammaglobin mRNA alone or in combination with CA15.3 (CD227) may be used as a valuable noninvasive approach for the diagnosis and the detection of metastasis in breast cancer at the time of diagnosis.
20092039 detection of mammaglobin mRNA is useful to determine the effect of therapy while maspin transcripts may indicate more aggressive disease.
19690758 Mammaglobin is a sensitive marker of breast carcinoma, it defines a subgroup of patients with better prognosis and is a useful method to detect breast cancer metastases.
19217055 Both MGB1 and GCDFP-15 are specific markers for metastatic breast carcinomas in cell block fluid specimens (88 vs. 96%).
18846421 Breast cancer patients with pre-operative elevated bone marrow levels of Mammaglobin Aand/or trefoil factor 1 mRNA seem to constitute a small group of patients with a very poor prognosis.
18841443 This study demonstrated that human mammaglobin transcripts are expressed in the CSF of a BC patient with LM carcinomatosis.
18630503 The overexpression of mammaglobin observed in certain breast tumors is an epiphenomenon not causally involved in breast carcinogenesis.
18451221 The detection of peripheral blood CK19mRNA+ and MGB1mRNA+ cells before adjuvant chemotherapy predicts poor DFS in women with early breast cancer.
18416968 Expression levels of mammaglobins A and B in nasal polyps are not different between patients with and without AR
18303409 RT-PCR for hMAM test was more sensitive than cytomorphology of breast cancer derived pleural effusion.
18289390 mammaglobin mRNA in peripheral blood may have a role in progression of breast cancer
18251583 The sensitivity of mammaglobin is equal or superior to that of GCDFP-15 for investigation of breast carcinoma.
17653857 successfully generated MGB-specific CD4 T cell cultures and identified candidate MGB HLA class II epitopes
17192791 MGB1 immunohistochemistry can serve as a differential marker of breast cancer metastasis from primary lung cancer.
17071045 Molecular staging of SLN using real-time RT-PCR for early breast cancer could serve as a useful complement to standard clinicopathological risk factors.
16925986 Mammaglobin A is a highly specific molecular marker for the detection of circulating tumor cells in operable breast cancer, with important prognostic applications.
16761620 mammaglobin mRNA is expressed in breast cancer tissue
16760290 MGB1 transcript in peripheral blood of breast cancer patients was specific but with low sensitivity. MGB1 overexpression by itself or in combination with Ki67 might be considered an index of breast cancer rogression
16203799 mammaglobin expression is associated with expression of estrogen receptor and progesteron receptor in metastasizing breast cancer [letter]
16110760 occult blood hMAM mRNA can be detected by RT-PCR and may have a role in progression of breast neoplasms
15609337 MGA protein exists in 2 main forms in breast neoplasms
15447988 Mammaglobin has a role in progression of breast cancer, as shown by its expression in leukapheresis products
15151203 MGB1 markers may be useful for identifying micrometastases in sentinel lymph nodes of breast cancer patients.
14696125 Expression of MGB1 transcript is associated with breast cancer
12539042 Microarray analysis indicates HIV-1 Tat upregulates the expression of many proteins, including Mammaglobin, in immature dendritic cells, an effect that likely facilitates the expansion of HIV-1 infection

AA Sequence

DETLSNVEVFMQLIYDSSLCDLF                                                    71 - 93

Text Mined References (55)

PMID Year Title
26276775 2015 Evaluating the utility of trefoil factor 1 as a mammary-specific immunostain compared and in conjunction with GATA-3 and mammaglobin in the distinction between carcinoma of breast and lung.
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23212340 2012 Plasma human mammaglobin mRNA associated with poor outcome in patients with breast cancer.
22994369 2012 Mammaglobin 1: not only a breast-specific and tumour-specific marker, but also a hormone-responsive endometrial protein.
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20586026 Detection of cytokeratin 19, human mammaglobin, and carcinoembryonic antigen-positive circulating tumor cells by three-marker reverse transcription-PCR assay and its relation to clinical outcome in early breast cancer.
20306663 2007 Plasma mammaglobin messenger RNA in breast cancer patients as an addition to serum tumor.
20092039 2010 Mammaglobin and maspin transcripts in blood may reflect disease progression and the effect of therapy in breast cancer.
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18846421 2009 A small subgroup of operable breast cancer patients with poor prognosis identified by quantitative real-time RT-PCR detection of mammaglobin A and trefoil factor 1 mRNA expression in bone marrow.
18841443 2009 Molecular detection of human mammaglobin in cerebrospinal fluid from breast cancer patient with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.
18630503 Mammaglobin and lipophilin B expression in breast tumors and their lack of effect on breast cancer cell proliferation.
18451221 2008 Prognostic value of the molecular detection of circulating tumor cells using a multimarker reverse transcription-PCR assay for cytokeratin 19, mammaglobin A, and HER2 in early breast cancer.
18416968 Expression of mammaglobins A and B in nasal polyps is similar in patients with and without allergic rhinitis.
18303409 2008 Assessment of RT-PCR detection of human mammaglobin for the diagnosis of breast cancer derived pleural effusions.
18289390 2008 Detection of mammaglobin mRNA in peripheral blood is associated with high grade breast cancer: interim results of a prospective cohort study.
18251583 2008 Analysis of expression patterns of breast cancer-specific markers (mammaglobin and gross cystic disease fluid protein 15) in lung and pleural tumors.
17653857 2008 Generation of mammaglobin-A-specific CD4 T cells and identification of candidate CD4 epitopes for breast cancer vaccine strategies.
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15447988 2004 Mammaglobin expression in leukapheresis products is a predictive marker of poor prognosis in women with high-risk breast cancer.
15151203 2004 RT-PCR for mammaglobin genes, MGB1 and MGB2, identifies breast cancer micrometastases in sentinel lymph nodes.
14696125 2004 Highly sensitive detection of the MGB1 transcript (mammaglobin) in the peripheral blood of breast cancer patients.
12539042 2003 HIV-1 Tat reprograms immature dendritic cells to express chemoattractants for activated T cells and macrophages.
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