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Grant Count 27
R01 Count 21
Funding $2,473,818.48
PubMed Score 72.92
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  Differential Expression (14)

Disease log2 FC p
Multiple myeloma 1.375 0.006
malignant mesothelioma -2.400 0.000
astrocytic glioma -1.100 0.013
ependymoma -1.200 0.028
osteosarcoma -1.280 0.000
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.800 0.000
tuberculosis 2.200 0.000
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 1.631 0.001
adult high grade glioma -1.600 0.000
group 4 medulloblastoma 1.100 0.003
ductal carcinoma in situ -1.100 0.000
ovarian cancer 3.000 0.000
pancreatic cancer 1.600 0.001
dermatomyositis 1.300 0.000

Gene RIF (16)

26718410 this study we have identified, for the first time, compounds structurally related to the natural products fusaricidins that markedly activate recombinant bovine and human MsrA and human MsrB.
25078755 the mitochondrial methionine-R-sulfoxide reductase B2 (MSRB2) is a specific interaction partner of LG72.
23988788 Silencing the expression of the main Msr elements-MsrA, MsrB1, or MsrB2 exacerbates sensitivity toward oxidative stress.
22634633 Data show that glutaredoxin acts as a reductant for methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B (MsrA and MsrB) with or without resolving cysteine.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19542914 MSR enzymes are differentially expressed in human skin.
19237503 almost absent catalase and methionine sulfoxide reductase A and B protein expression in human gray/white scalp hair shafts in association with a functional loss of methionine sulfoxide repair in the entire gray hair follicle
18977241 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18424444 upon oxidative stress, the overexpression of methionine sulfoxide reductase B2 leads to the preservation of mitochondrial integrity by decreasing the intracellular reactive oxygen species build-up through its scavenging role
17943184 Methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B are seriously affected by hydrogen peroxide accumulation in acute vitiligo.

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Text Mined References (26)

PMID Year Title
26718410 2016 Identification of activators of methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B.
25078755 2014 Identification of the mitochondrial MSRB2 as a binding partner of LG72.
24275569 2014 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
23988788 2013 Proteome alteration in oxidative stress-sensitive methionine sulfoxide reductase-silenced HEK293 cells.
23251661 2012 Novel genetic loci identified for the pathophysiology of childhood obesity in the Hispanic population.
22634633 2012 Glutaredoxin serves as a reductant for methionine sulfoxide reductases with or without resolving cysteine.
20877624 2010 Genetic variants in nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes influence AIDS progression.
19542914 2009 Differential expression of the antioxidant repair enzyme methionine sulfoxide reductase (MSRA and MSRB) in human skin.
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