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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 21
PubMed Score 47.04
PubTator Score 38.46

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  Differential Expression (16)

Disease log2 FC p
chronic lymphosyte leukemia -1.600 3.6e-07
tuberculosis 1.600 4.1e-07
non-small cell lung cancer -1.266 7.9e-09
lung cancer -2.500 1.2e-05
interstitial cystitis 1.900 8.9e-06
adult high grade glioma 1.200 2.7e-03
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.200 5.3e-05
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca -1.300 2.1e-02
lung adenocarcinoma -1.298 2.0e-03
lung carcinoma -1.300 2.9e-17
gastric carcinoma 1.600 1.5e-02
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lympho... 1.027 4.5e-02
ulcerative colitis 2.100 4.7e-05
ovarian cancer -2.400 1.2e-08
dermatomyositis 1.100 7.8e-04
head and neck cancer and chronic obstruc... 1.100 7.3e-04

Gene RIF (17)

26429306 DCIR SNP rs2377422 is a novel genetic susceptibility factor for both SLE and primary SS.
26018157 HIV-1 Env gp120/41 (JRFL Env in the contaxt of HIV-Gag-GFP VLP) binds to CLEC4A (DCIR) on the surface of basophils
25407434 HIV-1 Env gp120/41 (JRFL Env in the contaxt of HIV-Gag-GFP VLP) binds to CLEC4A (DCIR) on the surface of basophils
24928041 HIV-1 Env gp120/41 (JRFL Env in the contaxt of HIV-Gag-GFP VLP) binds to CLEC4A (DCIR) on the surface of basophils
24239607 this study shows that sulfo-Lewis(a) is a high affinity ligand for DCIR and that DCIR interacts with ligands from both pathogenic and endogenous origin of which most are shared by DC-SIGN.
24239607 HIV-1 Env gp120/41 (JRFL Env in the contaxt of HIV-Gag-GFP VLP) binds to CLEC4A (DCIR) on the surface of basophils
22829930 Data provide evidence for association between DCIR rs2377422 and RA in non-Caucasian populations and confirm the influence of DCIR polymorphisms on RA susceptibility, especially on ACPA-negative RA.
22664939 No association was found between our inflammatory bowel disease cohort and the candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms for DCIR (CD/HC: P=0.22 and UC/HC: P=0.41)
21536857 An involvement of ITIM domain in HIV-1-mediated signaling events and a relationship between phosphorylation events and DCIR function with respect to HIV-1 biology.
20530286 Data show that antigen targeting via the DCIR receptor allows activation of specific CD8(+) T-cell immunity.
19028959 DCIR as an antigen presenting cell receptor that is endocytosed efficiently in a clathrin-dependent manner and negatively affects TLR8-mediated cytokine production.
18541725 can participate in the capture of HIV-1 and promote infection in trans and in cis of autologous CD4(+) T cells from human immature monocyte-derived DCs.
18480830 The mRNA expression from the four known transcripts of DCIR in IFN-gamma-treated human leukocytes together with fine mapping across the locus was analyzed.
18258799 The data show that targeting of DCIR can modulate human plasmacytoid dendritic cell function and may be applied in disease prevention and treatment.
17665455 Human APLEC and DCIR may be associated with susceptibility to anti-CCP-negative rheumatoid arthritis.
16360206 The phosphorylation of SHP-2 by GM-CSF promotes the binding of SHP-2 to the GM-CSF receptor to the disadvantage of CLECSF6.
14550269 CLECSF6 is involved in the control of inflammation in neutrophils

AA Sequence

SPKRWGWNDVNCLGPQRSVCEMMKIHL                                               211 - 237

Text Mined References (22)

PMID Year Title
26429306 2015 Contribution of dendritic cell immunoreceptor (DCIR) polymorphisms in susceptibility of systemic lupus erythematosus and primary Sjogren's syndrome.
24239607 DCIR interacts with ligands from both endogenous and pathogenic origin.
22829930 2012 A replication study confirms the association of dendritic cell immunoreceptor (DCIR) polymorphisms with ACPA - negative RA in a large Asian cohort.
22664939 2012 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in C-type lectin genes, clustered in the IBD2 and IBD6 susceptibility loci, may play a role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases.
21536857 2011 DCIR-mediated enhancement of HIV-1 infection requires the ITIM-associated signal transduction pathway.
20530286 2010 Cross-priming CD8+ T cells by targeting antigens to human dendritic cells through DCIR.
19028959 2009 DCIR is endocytosed into human dendritic cells and inhibits TLR8-mediated cytokine production.
18541725 2008 The C-type lectin surface receptor DCIR acts as a new attachment factor for HIV-1 in dendritic cells and contributes to trans- and cis-infection pathways.
18480830 2008 Differential expression of transcripts for the autoimmunity-related human dendritic cell immunoreceptor.
18258799 2008 Targeting DCIR on human plasmacytoid dendritic cells results in antigen presentation and inhibits IFN-alpha production.
18029348 2008 Toward a confocal subcellular atlas of the human proteome.
17665455 2007 Association of arthritis with a gene complex encoding C-type lectin-like receptors.
16541075 2006 The finished DNA sequence of human chromosome 12.
16360206 2006 Granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor reduces the affinity of SHP-2 for the ITIM of CLECSF6 in neutrophils: a new mechanism of action for SHP-2.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
14550269 2003 The ITIM-bearing CLECSF6 (DCIR) is down-modulated in neutrophils by neutrophil activating agents.
12945048 2003 Evolutionary analysis reveals collective properties and specificity in the C-type lectin and lectin-like domain superfamily.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11994513 2002 The expression pattern of the ITIM-bearing lectin CLECSF6 in neutrophils suggests a key role in the control of inflammation.
11178971 2001 Cloning and characterization of a novel ITIM containing lectin-like immunoreceptor LLIR and its two transmembrane region deletion variants.
10508765 1999 C-type lectin-like domains.
10438934 1999 APCs express DCIR, a novel C-type lectin surface receptor containing an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif.