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26867678 SIRT7 deacetylates U3-55k, enhancing U3-55k binding to U3 snoRNA, which is a prerequisite for pre-rRNA processing.
26704017 this is the first report on the regulation mechanism of SIRT7 gene, in which, HDAC3 collaborated with C/EBPalpha to occupy its responding element in the upstream region of SIRT7 gene and repressed its expression in human cells.
26169984 Novel interactions of TPPII, p53, and SIRT7 presented in this study might contribute to the knowledge of the regulatory effects of these proteins on apoptotic pathways and to the understanding mechanisms of aging and lifespan regulation.
26121130 SIRT3 and SIRT7 possess tumour suppressor properties in the context of pancreatic cancer.
25973086 Sirt7 expression was implicated with high histological grade and independently predicted poor clinical outcome in patients with breast cancer, suggesting that Sirt7 might play a role in the malignant progression of breast cancer.
25921180 SIRT7 might play a role of oncogene in ovarian malignancy. Down-regulation of SIRT7 significantly reduced ovarian cancer cell growth, repressed colony formation and increased cancer cell apoptosis; up-regulation promoted the migration of cancer cells.
25860861 Sirt7 is overexpressed in human gastric cancers. Expression of Sirt7 is markedly correlated with tumor size, metastasis, disease stage and prognosis.
25794641 SIRT1 inhibition caused cell death, while SIRT2 inhibition resulted in cell cycle arrest. In conclusion, we report the overexpression of SIRT2 and SIRT7 proteins in cervical cancer
25792330 SIRT7 expression was reduced in aged hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), and SIRT7 up-regulation improved the regenerative capacity of aged HSCs.
25503141 In the cancer group, the expression level of SIRT6 and SIRT7 were significantly up-regulated and are potential circulating prognostic markers for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

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