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27196323 Next-generation sequencing of the CFH region identified putatively functional variants (missense, splice site and indel) on the four common haplotypes. We found no expression of any of the five CFH-related genes in the retina or RPE/Choroid/Sclera, in contrast to the liver, which is the main source of the circulating proteins.[CFHR3]
26163426 These results suggest that the combination of quantitative and qualitative variations in the complement proteins encoded by CFH, CFHR3 and CFHR1 genes is key for the association of these haplotypes with disease.
25979655 Studies indicate that complement factor H-related proteins (FHR1-5) may enhance complement activation, with important implications for the role of these proteins in disease.
25205734 Genetic variants in CFH, CFHR3, and CFHR1 affect complement activation and thereby predispose patients to develop IgA nephropathy.
24557084 we have assessed the relationship between GA and previously identified AMD-associated variants of genes (CFH, CFB, C3, FHR1, FRH3, and ARMS2/HTRA).
24333077 Atypical haemolytic-uraemic syndrome due to heterozygous mutations of CFH/CFHR1-3 and complement factor H 479.
24088957 Prompt use of immunosuppressive agents and plasma exchanges are useful for improving outcomes in pediatric patients with anti-complement factor H-associated HUS.
22848687 genetic variations in CFH and its related genes may contribute to hypertension risk in Chinese Hans
22626820 A hybrid CFHR3-1 gene causes familial C3 glomerulopathy.
22558131 Significant association was identified for the CFHR3-1 deletion in age-related macular degeneration cases, for both neovascular disease and geographic atrophy.

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