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26348351 PTMA is a potential novel therapeutic target for type 2 diabetes
25582950 Data suggest that KEAP1 (kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1) mutations (as those observed in lung cancer patients) affect conformation/folding/stability of KEAP1 and binding affinity for ligands PTMA and NRF2 (nuclear factor erythroid 2-like 2).
25404520 Knockdown of prothymosin alpha by siRNA enhances HIV-1 replication in macrophages through the downregulation of type I interferon
25197357 disease-free survival and overall survival rates were significantly lower among colorectal cancer patients with PTMA- and TP53-positive tumors
24733561 prothymosin-alpha expression is a determinant of disease progression in superficial bladder cancer
23859021 phosphorylation of ProTalpha is required for its antiapoptotic activity, but it does not affect its nuclear import
23857453 PTalpha offers cardioprotection against ischemic injury by an Akt-dependent mechanism.
23695700 These results demonstrate the clinical relevance of prothymosin alpha in regulating acetylation events during the pathogenesis of emphysema.
23359453 Western blot analysis of protein extracts from sperm head fractions confirms that the peptide is specifically associated with the inner acrosomal membrane fraction.
23318954 ProTalpha is crucial for the interaction with the Kelch domain, while the flanking residues play relatively minor roles in the affinity of binding.
22609059 Data suggest that plasma thymosin-alpha1 (TA1) and prothymosin-alpha (PTMA) level may be a biomarker for differentiating between renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and urothelial carcinoma.
22463375 The decrease of ProTalpha mRNA during differentiation was not accompanied by changes in the methylation status
22125611 Findings suggest that the binding of prothymosin alpha (ProTalpha) and Neh2 to Keap1 occurs synergistically via preformed structural elements.
22110140 when added to cultured cells expressing mHtt, the purified recombinant ProTalpha protein not only entered the cells but it also significantly suppressed the mHtt-caused cytotoxicity.
22059741 The prothymosin alpha is one of miR-1 target genes which involve in miR-1 inducing apoptosis
22059741 The PTMA is one of miR-1 target genes which involve in miR-1 inducing apoptosis.
21954601 These results are consistent with the model that ProTa may enhance p53 transcription activity by displacement of histone H1 from p53-H1 repressive complex.
21573209 Nuclear PTMA may serve as prognostic marker in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma to determine the subset of patients that are likely to show recurrence of the disease.
20977946 A study on the relationship between prothymosin alpha kinase(ProTalphaK) activity and pyruvate kinase isoforms confirmed that the M2 isoform is the enzyme responsible for ProTalphaK activity in proliferating cells.
20430720 Data suggest that prothymosin alpha immunostaining may be helpful in predicting pituitary tumor recurrence.
20121050 Prothymosin alpha amino acid residues 4-14, 31-43, 84-87, and 106-110 strongly and specifically bind to apoptotic protease activating factor 1 (Apaf-1) in the regulation of the mitochondrial cell death pathway.
18976813 immune response stimulation by ProTalpha is in principle exerted via its bioactive C-terminal decapaptide, which can acquire a sequence-specific beta-sheet conformation and induce DC maturation.
18856068 Influence of prothymosin alpha and its mutants on activity of the p53 tumor suppressor
18240569 ProTalpha and Nrf2 compete for interaction with Keap1, therefore ProTalpha is able to liberate Nrf2 from complex with Keap1 and hence contribute to Nrf2-dependent transcription.
17929838 Basis on site-specific information obtained here, as well as results from previous studies, we propose that the conformational and dynamic changes upon zinc binding may act as an entropic switch that greatly facilitates the binding to other proteins
17876542 PTMA may be a novel marker for predicting the effectiveness of radiotherapy in clinical cases.
17188166 although prothymosin-alpha is overexpressed in gastric adenocarcinoma, it is not associated with alterations in survival
17046193 Decreased ERbeta and increased ProTalpha expression in advanced gastric adenocarcinoma indicated that ERbeta may play an anti-proliferation role which is opposed to the role of ProTalpha in gastric epithelium.
17012289 interaction of ProTalpha with core histones in the nucleus may be related to structural modification of histones H3 & H4, & hence to chromatin activity, raising the possibility that other proteins in the nuclear complex may play a role in this process.
16940531 suppression of viral replication by ProTalpha is not HIV LTR specific
16669873 Marked differences in the expression of PTMA and Tim10 were observed during the differentiation of human primary skeletal muscle cells.
16628001 the anti-apoptotic effect previously attributed separately to p8 and prothymosin alpha is in fact borne by the p8/ProTalpha complex, the two proteins being individually inactive
16478804 Antiapoptotic response of cells requires expression of both p8 and ProTalpha.
16353248 PTMA expression is intimately involved in the differentiation and progression of human prostate cancers, and could be a target for therapy and diagnostic purposes.
15657435 Prothymosin alpha functions as intranuclear dissociator of the Nrf2-Keap1 complex.
15556635 PTMA associates with SET and is involved in chromatin decondensation.
15325071 study suggests involvement of prothymosin a, in the formation, maintenance, or functioning of the mitotic spindle
12522243 regulatory roles of oncoprotein ProT and tumor suppressor PHAP in apoptosis
12062405 prothymosin alpha is capable of forming regular elongated fibrils
11727831 we demonstrate the existence of three binding partners (31, 29, and 19 kDa) for ProTalpha in the membrane of PHA-activated lymphoblasts. These surface molecules possess the expected affinity and specificity for a ProTalpha receptor
11528108 induces unravelling of metaphase chromosomes in vitro
7588773 prothymosin alpha has been identified through the use of a Rev affinity column as specifically binding to the activation domain of Rev (amino acids 75-83)

AA Sequence

DGEEEDGDEDEEAESATGKRAAEDDEDDDVDTKKQKTDEDD                                  71 - 111

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