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25849925 three distinct members [porcupine (PORCN), hedgehog (Hh) acyltransferase (HHAT) and ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT)] have been shown to acylate specific proteins or peptides.
25451226 the Wnt amino acid residues required for recognition and palmitoylation by PORCN
25026905 We describe the first case of non-mosaic males affected with syndromic microphthalmia because of a non-synonymous variant in the PORCN gene.
24698628 We describe the ophthalmologic findings in an 18-month-old boy with mosaicism of a novel mutation in PORCN.
24647048 porcupine-mediated production of Wnts is context dependent and is not required for all Wnts production, suggesting that alternative mechanisms exist for Wnts production.
23696273 a novel variant in the PORCN gene (c.1250T>C:p.F417S) in the focal dermal hypoplasia with spinal anomaly
23399492 We report a typical focal dermal hypoplasia (FDH) patient with a recurrent PORCN mutation, which was previously identified, and a second female, with an almost unilateral FDH and a novel postzygotic PORCN mutation.
22735390 To the best of our knowledge, this is the second case report that reveals a mutation of the PORCN gene in a patient with almost unilateral focal dermal hypoplasia.
22509316 PORCN protein thus appears to moonlight in a novel signaling pathway that is rate-limiting for cancer cell growth and tumorigenesis independent of its enzymatic function in Wnt biosynthesis and secretion
21472892 review of the published mutations in the PORCN gene and report on 7 new mutations identified in Goltz-Gorlin syndrome patients
20854095 12 novel PORCN mutations and 6 previously reported mutations were found in 53 unrelated focal dermal hypoplasia patients.
20198348 Porcupine might contribute to non-small cell lung carcinoma development by ranscriptional activation of cancer-related genes such as s100P.
19863546 Three de novo mutations were identified in PORCN gene in patients with focal dermal hypoplasia.
19681149 Focal dermal hypoplasia illustrates the phenotypic consequences of defective modulation of Wnt signaling in utero and highlights the important roles of PORCN and Wnt signaling pathways in embryogenesis.
19586929 Mutations within the PORCN gene are associated with Goltz-Gorlin syndrome.
19309688 Molecular characterization of 24 unrelated patients from different ethnic backgrounds revealed 23 different mutations of the PORCN gene in Xp11.23.
19277062 defective PORCN does not lead to selective growth disadvantage
18325042 3 novel mutations in PORCN, c.373+1G>A, c.737_738insA & c.1094G>A (p.R365Q), were identified in focal dermal hypoplasia patients(FDH); study shows PORCN is gene responsible for FDH in different populations & extends number of confirmed mutations to 26
18193088 Overexpression of PORCN is associated with lung cancer
17546031 PORCN, encoding a putative O-acyltransferase potentially crucial for cellular export of Wnt signaling proteins, is the gene mutated in focal dermal hypoplasia.
17546030 Sequence deletions and point mutations cause focal dermal hypoplasia.

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VDDTTEEQGYGMAYTVHKWSELSWASHWVTFGCWIFYRLIG                                 421 - 461

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