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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 541
PubMed Score 1345.23
PubTator Score 2002.36

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  Differential Expression (6)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 4.600 0.000
astrocytic glioma -1.500 0.015
oligodendroglioma -1.400 0.027
osteosarcoma -1.785 0.000
tuberculosis 1.300 0.000
adult high grade glioma -1.200 0.001


Accession P16455 Q5VY78



1EH6   1EH7   1EH8   1QNT   1T38   1T39   1YFH  

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26976975 Study shows that MGMT DNA methylation status influences significantly on the prognosis of patients with glioblastoma.
26883115 These data support the use of both MGMT methylation and MGMT IHC but not allelic methylation data as prognostic markers in patients with temozolomide-treated glioblastoma.
26823825 testing for DNA methylations of MGMT plus DAPK1 genes holds some promise for high grade cervical disease screening
26810771 MLH1 and MGMT methylation correlated inversely when the tumor was located in the lower third of the stomach
26753647 P53, EGFR and MGMT could play a role in the occurrence, development and deterioration of glioma.
26717998 the presence of only the A allele at the rs34180180 single nucleotide polymorphism in malignant glioma was significantly associated with shorter overall survival, independently of the MGMT methylation status
26709653 review the current role of MGMT methylation and other epigenetic alterations as potential treatment targets in GI tumors
26692563 Human O(6) -alkylguanine DNA alkyltransferase (hAGT) was capable of repairing both alkylene intrastrand cross-link containing duplexes with slightly greater efficiency towards the heptylene analog.
26648123 SFN effectively inhibited activity of NF-kappaB signaling pathway and then reduced MGMT expression.
26447477 The status of the MMR complex could be related to MGMT activity in glioblastoma multiforme patients as both are related to temozolomide resistance.

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Text Mined References (544)

PMID Year Title
26976975 2016 NDRG2 and NDRG4 Expression Is Altered in Glioblastoma and Influences Survival in Patients with MGMT-methylated Tumors.
26883115 2016 Assessment of Quantitative and Allelic MGMT Methylation Patterns as a Prognostic Marker in Glioblastoma.
26823825 2015 DAPK1, MGMT and RARB promoter methylation as biomarkers for high-grade cervical lesions.
26810771 2016 Gene methylation profile of gastric cancerous tissue according to tumor site in the stomach.
26753647 Expression and clinical significance of P53, O6-methylguanine-dna methyltransferase and epidermal growth factor receptor in glioma.
26717998 2016 The tumoral A genotype of the MGMT rs34180180 single-nucleotide polymorphism in aggressive gliomas is associated with shorter patients' survival.
26709653 2016 Pharmacoepigenetics in gastrointestinal tumors: MGMT methylation and beyond.
26692563 2016 O(6)-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferase Repair Activity Towards Intrastrand Cross-Linked DNA is Influenced by the Internucleotide Linkage.
26648123 2016 Sulforaphane reverses chemo-resistance to temozolomide in glioblastoma cells by NF-?B-dependent pathway downregulating MGMT expression.
26447477 2015 Temozolomide Resistance in Glioblastoma Cell Lines: Implication of MGMT, MMR, P-Glycoprotein and CD133 Expression.