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25921338 Our results unraveled an important regulatory role for MUC2 mucin in human beta-defensin2 mRNA and peptide production in a proinflammatory milieu
25638393 There was no significant difference in MUC2 expression between chronic rhinosinusitis patients with and without bacterial biofilm formation.
25406038 Data indicate that seventeen of the 18 N-glycan consensus sites were identified as glycosylated intestinal MUC2mucin.
25298197 In ovarian mucinous tumors, MUC2 expression changes with the progression of benign to borderline and malignant tumours
24920497 The genetic length variants in the central repetitive region of MUC2 were not associated with meconium ileus in cystic fibrosis.
24901817 There was no difference in the expression of deep MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, or MUC6 between the groups of gastric cancer and controls.
24840470 The expression of a subset of mucins (MUC2, MUC6, MUC5B) was also correlated with sialyl-Tn expression in LS174T cells.
24816392 MUC2 is the major gel-forming mucin of the colon forming a protective gel barrier. The N-terminal domains play an important role in structural organizing of MUC2.
24714692 The results indicated that the DNA methylation status of MUC1, MUC2 and MUC4 in pancreatic juice matched with the mucin expression in tissue.
24566630 These data suggest that the inflammatory cytokine response acts to protect host epithelial cells against E. coli O157:H7 colonization, at least in part, by promoting mucin production.
24478067 YghJ is a highly conserved metalloprotease that influences intestinal colonization of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli by degrading the major mucins in the small intestine, MUC2 and MUC3.
24478066 Authors demonstrate that EatA, an immunogenic secreted serine protease of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, contributes to virulence by degrading MUC2.
24324582 High MUC2 expression in ovarian cancer is inversely associated with the M1/M2 ratio of tumor-associated macrophages and patient survival time.
24290360 MUC2 expression is an adverse prognostic indicator in submucosal esophageal adenocarcionmas, independent of node stage and other prognostic factors.
24280573 MUC2 expression clearly identified high-grade dysplasia and invasive pancreatic carcinoma and may provide most appropriate surgical indication
23807779 we report the expression pattern of MUC2, MUC5AC, MUC5B, and MUC6 in a large series of colorectal carcinomas
23619266 PGE2 induces MUC2 and MUC5AC expression in intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells via EP4-p38MAPK signaling.
23546879 bacteria can produce proteases capable of dissolving the inner protective mucus layer by specific cleavages in the MUC2 mucin; this cleavage can be modulated by site-specific O-glycosylation by the Porphyromonas gingivalis secreted cysteine protease RgpB
23464473 Down-regulated expression of MUC-2, -4 and -5AC may be involved in pathogenesis.
23464457 Expression of Hath1, Muc2, cyclin D1 and p27 in the xenograft tumors was also detected.
23347460 The results suggested that MUC2 mRNA silenced by promoter hypermethylation is associated with high levels HBV in HCC.
23305535 Secretory carcinomas of breast show a unique pattern of strong MUC2, MUC6, and MUC 4 expression.
23179399 Loss of MUC2 expression is associated with recurrence in colorectal carcinoma.
23011828 CDX2, COX2 and MUC2 expressions were seen in the intestinal epithelium having goblet cells in Barrett's esophagus
22752373 High muc-2 mrna expression is associated with lymphatic metastasis in colon cancer.
22691042 Immunohistochemistry showed a reverse correlation between MUC2 and Notch3 or Jagged1 (P = 0.033 and P = 0.005, respectively) and between MUC5AC and Jagged1 or Hes1
22582780 Histamine-induced MUC2 mRNA expression and mucin secretion were significantly suppressed by pretreatment with H1R antagonist.
22451922 The MUC2-N aggregates were dissolved by removing Ca(2+) and raising pH.
22417007 Our data present MUC2 as a new candidate involved in development of endometriosis and related infertility
22402132 The results indicate, for the first time, that genetic variability in the MUC2 gene is associated with evolution of gastric cancer precursor lesions.
22269464 Similar MUC1, MUC2 and MUC5B expression patterns were observed between mucocele-like lesions and mucinous carcinoma (MC) type A and between MC type B and mucinous carcinoma.
22261707 Report Divergent expression of MUC5AC, MUC6, MUC2, CD10, and CDX-2 in dysplasia and intramucosal adenocarcinomas with intestinal and foveolar morphology and roles in neoplastic progression.
22116730 In colon cancer, the expression of mucin1 can be promoted by rIL-6, while the expression of mucin2 can be inhibited.
22073249 in vitro mucin-binding assay revealed both Shigella dysenteriae and Shigella flexneri have binding affinity in the increasing order of: guinea pig small intestinal mucin
21831773 Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species do not secrete protease to cleaves the MUC2 mucin in the colon mucus.
21700631 MUC1 and MUC2 expression was useful for classification of ampullary cancer.
21647207 The expression of MUC1 and MUC2 was not significantly higher in neoplastic than nonneoplastic tissues.
21618511 Data show that low lymph node MUC2/CEA mRNA ratio identified colorectal cancer (CRC) with high risk for recurrence (p = 0.011).
21605079 Inhibition of MUC2 expression induced proliferation and invasion/migration in LS174T colorectal cancer cells.
21602660 MUC2 staining in nongoblet columnar cells is a reasonably sensitive and highly specific marker for goblet cells in the distal esophagus and gastroesophageal junction.
21596555 Polymorphisms in MUC1, MUC2, MUC5B and MUC6 genes are not associated with the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis.
21441843 Data suggest that attention should be paid to the emergence of invasive IPMN from flat foci in MUC2-positive and MUC1/2-negative cases.
21318237 Based on sequence-structure alignments and three-dimensional modeling, a cystine knot tertiary structure homologous to that of human chorionic gonadotropin is predicted at the C-terminus of MUC2.
21290483 Altered O-glycosylation profile of MUC2 mucin occurs in active ulcerative colitis and is associated with increased inflammation.
21125297 MUC2 gene expression showed a regional distinction between regions 1 and 4 of the small intestine but not between regions 1 and 3.
20929551 MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC6 may have a role in malignant transformation and invasion to mucosa or the muscularis mucosae in colorectal polyps
20878553 MUC2 expression is increased from well differentiated to moderately differentiated to poorly differentiated in gastric adenocarcinoma.
20873538 IL-1 beta increased MUC2/MUC5B mRNA levels in human nasal epithelial cells.
20865330 Loss of MUC2 is associated with colorectal carcinoma.
20731025 Results describe the expression profiles of MUC2 and MUC5AC in tumorigenesis of colorectal carcinoma and in its different pathologic types.
20718712 Sodium butyrate increased PTEN expression, promoted the expression of MUC2 and induced the differentiation of gastric cancer cells through the PTEN/PI3K signalling pathway.
20503287 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20485009 Mucinous colorectal adenocarcinomas displayed 182 upregulated and 135 downregulated genes. The most upregulated genes included those involved in cellular differentiation and mucin metabolism (eg, MUC2 + 2.8).
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20198339 Bile acid regulates MUC2 transcription in colon cancer cells via positive EGFR/PKC/Ras/ERK/CREB, PI3K/Akt/IkappaB/NF-kappaB and p38/MSK1/CREB pathways and negative JNK/c-Jun/AP-1 pathway.
20198318 Concluded that low methylation status of MUC2 gene plays a predominant role in high level MUC2 expression in mucinous colorectal neoplasms.
20065027 The authors demonstrate that apically atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli infection is followed by increased production of secreted MUC2 and MUC5AC mucins and membrane-bound MUC3 and MUC4 mucins.
19815850 The MUC2 is a major carrier of the sialyl-Tn antigen in all IM cases and in most gastric carcinoma cases.
19718741 This study compared polymorphisms in MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC5B genes in otitis media (OM) patients and controls.
19718741 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19321523 In contrast to the O-glycans of other mucins, the sigmoid MUC2 O-glycan repertoire and relative amounts in normal individuals were relatively constant
19258923 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19246635 Systemic threonine is rapidly incorporated into MUC2 in the small intestine of preterm infants, and thereby MUC2 has a very high synthesis rate.
19201396 Macrophage-derived interleukin-6 up-regulates MUC1, but down-regulates MUC2 expression in colon cancer.
19119477 CK20 and MUC2 mRNA were quantitated in 52 normal lymph nodes from 12 patients undergoing surgery for benign bowel diseases and in 144 primary colon tumors.
18834073 These mucin genes were up-regulated after exposure to low pH in vitro (p < 0.005). Pepsin inhibited this up-regulation (p <0.001). Reflux laryngitis is associated with down-regulation of mucin gene expression.
18825309 rates of positivity for E-cadherin and beta-catenin membranous expression patterns and mucin (MUC2, MUC5AC and MUC6) positivity were higher in the young group (P<0.01)than in old patients with gastric carcinoma
18566135 These results showed that Campylobacter jejuni utilizes MUC2 as an environmental cue for the modulation of expression of genes with various functions including colonization and pathogenicity.
18487999 Mucinous adenocarcinoma of the prostate shows diffuse expression of MUC2 but was not present in normal prostate or the majority of conventional prostatic adenocarcinomas.
18301248 a significant negative correlation between immunohistochemical expression of MUC2 in preoperative radiochemotherapy biopsies and regression grade in postoperative specimens (r=-0.529; P=0.002).
18300795 Report MUC2 expression/pathological features of adenomatous and foveolar gastric epithelial dysplasia.
18299935 MUC2 expression is highest in the malignant form of peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis
18059019 LL-37 can directly stimulate mucus synthesis through activation of MUC1 and MUC2 expression and MAP kinase pathway in human colonic cells.
18038313 In addition to CDX2 and MUC2 antibodies, HepPar-1 immunoexpression seems to have a potential role in differential diagnosis of periampullary adenocarcinomas.
18004654 mucins from intestinal transposed segments are abnormally glycosylated
18000536 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17991319 In colorectal adenocarcinoma MUC2 and MUC5AC expression were positively correlated to E-cad expression.
17982272 The TFF1-GKN2 heterodimer and TFF2 differ characteristically by their binding to gastric mucins.
17703412 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17674761 Up-regulation of MUC2 in chronic rhinosinusitis may play an important role in the pathogenesis of sinus hypersecretion.
17659847 Intestinal cystitis glandularis expresses MUC2 and MUC5AC.
17509526 structural analysis of L- and D-amino acid-substituted mucin 2 epitope peptides
17471237 In conclusion, this study demonstrates the important role for methylation and/or histone modifications in regulating the 11p15 mucin genes in epithelial cancer cells.
17401217 Upregulation of MUC2 reflects intestinal metaplasia in Barrett's esophagus
17333267 Histiocytoid features of invasive lobular carcinoma is immunopositive for MUC2.
17321686 MUC2 was isolated from an adenomatous colorectal neoplasm tumor line and the effect of chitinase on it was studied.
17203232 a decrease in MUC2 expression and staining of MUC5AC in non-goblet-like cells are observed in progression of preneoplastic lesions
17058067 Aberrant intestinal expression and allelic variant MUC2 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
16754877 Data show that the C-terminal domain of Muc2 is specifically targeted by Entamoeba histolytica cysteine proteases, while the N-terminal domain is resistant to proteolysis.
16733847 High expression of MUC2 was associated with mucinous subtype of the WHO classification and with group II of Goseki's classification identified by the major component of a particular tumor.
16721789 histone H3 modification in the 5' flanking region play an important role in MUC2 gene expression, possibly affecting DNA methylation
16552339 careful systemic surveillance is needed to detect coexisting gastrointestinal cancer for subtypes of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms with MUC2 expression.
16475027 Overexpresssed in the progression and lymphatic metastasis of prostate cancer.
16447040 MUC2-positive tumours were significantly associated with the gain of 19p13.3, compared with MUC2-negative tumours (41.2 vs 5.9%, P=0.0391).
16285957 Galectin-3 up-regulation of MUC2 transcription occurs at the level of transcription through AP-1 activation in colon cancer cells
16227528 CREB/ATF1 and c-Jun were shown to bind to an oligonucleotide encompassing a distal, conserved CREB/AP1 site in the 5'-flanking region of the MUC2 gene, and this cis element was shown to mediate promoter reporter activation by VIP
16188033 MUC1, MUC5B and MUC8, but not MUC2 or MUC5AC, are up-regulated in endometrial adenocarcinomas
16142311 MUC5AC and MUC2, TFF1 and TFF3, APC and p21 in subsets of colorectal polyps and cancers suggests a distinct pathway of pathogenesis of mucinous carcinoma of the colorectum
15733066 PI3-K promotes the expression of TFF3 and MUC2 and that the PI3-K pathway may play a pivotal role in intestinal goblet cell differentiation.
15665513 TNF-alpha causes a net up-regulation of MUC2 gene expression in cultured colon cancer cells because NF-kappaB transcriptional activation of this gene is able to counter-balance the suppressive effects of the JNK pathway
15345696 MUC2 mucin expression is increased in response to adenosine in airway epithelial cells.
15240568 CDX2 and MUC2 genes are repressed by SOX9 in intestinal epithelium
15081123 complete genomic (exon/intron) organization
15048136 Aberrant expression of CDX2 is closely related to the overexpression of MUC2 in mucinous intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and intraductal papillary neoplasia of the liver associated with hepatolithiasis.
14616551 expression pattern of MUC2 in salivary gland neoplasia may be of value for the classification of salivary gland tumors
14550542 mucin is transcriptionally upregulated in an NF-kappaB- and p38-dependent manner when homogeneous cultures of epithelial cells are exposed to dsRNA
14525978 Cdx-2 activates the expression of MUC2 mucin gene in gastric cells, inducing an intestinal transdifferentiation phenotype that parallels what is observed both in intestinal metaplasia and some gastric carci
12848848 findings show that MUC2 mRNA expression is differently controlled by IL-4, IL-13, or TNF-alpha in LS174T and HT29 cells; the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway plays a role in the MUC2 mRNA expression induced by those cytokines in both cell lines
12820724 The anti-MUC2 non-VNTR antibody in the goblet cells of adenomas revealed a staining pattern of increased cytoplasmic, Golgi and membrane staining with no change in goblet vesicle reactivity compared with normal controls
12582180 MUC2 mucin has an autocatalytic cleavage in the C terminus at the low pH of the late secretory pathway
12559945 These results suggest that CDX2, but not CDX1, interacts with the MUC2 promoter and activates MUC2 transcription, and plays an important role in the differentiation of goblet cells.
12527922 The expression of MUC2 gene products in pancreatic cancer cells correlated well with methylation of the proximal region of the promoter
12490305 MUC2 expression in gastric cells is regulated by promoter methylation and further indicate that two specific cytosine guaine dinucleotide (CpG) sites may play a particularly important regulatory role.
12482999 MUC2 gene expression and mucin secretion are regulated by IL1beta
12391274 in human pulmonary epithelial cells, IL-1beta activates ERK or p38 to induce COX-2 production, which in turn induces MUC2 and MUC5AC production.
12374798 increase in expression more signficantly in response to p53 than to p21
12237307 Data show that nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae utilizes the TGF-beta-Smad signaling pathway together with the TLR2-MyD88-TAK1-NIK-IKKbeta/gamma-IkappaBalpha pathway to mediate NF-kappaB-dependent MUC2 mucin transcription.
12218214 MUC2 is a reliable molecular marker for pseudomyxoma peritonei.
12077118 MUC2 upregulated by Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate via Ras, ERK, NF-kB
11893907 De novo expression of the Muc2 gene in pancreas carcinoma cells is triggered by promoter demethylation
11813869 MUC2 represents a marker for low-grade dysplasia and the subtype of mucinous carcinomas
11062147 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

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16227528 2005 Vasoactive intestinal peptide upregulates MUC2 intestinal mucin via CREB/ATF1.
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16142311 2005 Expression of mucin core proteins, trefoil factors, APC and p21 in subsets of colorectal polyps and cancers suggests a distinct pathway of pathogenesis of mucinous carcinoma of the colorectum.
15733066 2005 Expression of human TFF3 in relation to growth of HT-29 cell subpopulations: involvement of PI3-K but not STAT6.
15665513 2005 TNF-alpha activates MUC2 transcription via NF-kappaB but inhibits via JNK activation.
15345696 2004 Adenosine up-regulation of the mucin gene, MUC2, in asthma.
15240568 2004 SOX9 is an intestine crypt transcription factor, is regulated by the Wnt pathway, and represses the CDX2 and MUC2 genes.
15081123 2004 The complete genomic organization of the human MUC6 and MUC2 mucin genes.
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