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26323930 A combination of MUC13/MUC20 expression was a potential prognostic marker for patients with ESCC, who received neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery.
25672256 Results show that pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells express higher levels of MUC13 and is associated with poor outcome when expressed at low level.
25277192 These results suggest miR-145 as a novel regulator of MUC13 in pancreatic cancer.
25261323 Based on nasopharyngeal MUC13 gene expression in readily available Nasopharyngeal aspirate samples , we can discriminate between severity of disease in Respiratory syncytial virus infected infants.
25048476 MUC13 is epigenetically regulated in ovarian cancer.
24114056 Overexpression of MUC13 is associated with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.
24097071 Overexpression of MUC13 increased cell growth, colony formation, cell migration, and invasion in colon cancer cells.
23708057 GALNT14 may contribute to ovarian carcinogenesis through aberrant glycosylation of MUC13.
22914648 Metastatic colon cancer and liver metastasis tissue samples demonstrated significantly (p<0.05) higher cytoplasmic and nuclear MUC13 expression compared with non-metastatic colon cancer and adjacent normal colon samples.
22027689 MUC13 overexpression caused a significant increase in cell motility, invasion, proliferation, and anchorage-dependent or -independent clonogenicity while decreasing cell-cell and cell-substratum adhesion in pancreatic cancer.
21450906 The various functional domains of MUC13 may confer oncogenic potential to MUC13
19176398 Findings show the aberrant expression of MUC13 in ovarian cancer and that its expression alters the cellular characteristics of SKOV-3 cells. This implies a significant role of MUC13 in ovarian cancer.
18834073 Reflux laryngitis is associated with down-regulation of mucin gene expression.
17058067 Aberrant intestinal expression and allelic variant MUC13 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
15904467 MUC13 is a good differentiation marker for gastrointestinal mucosa

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ASRDSQMQNPYSRHSSMPRPDY                                                    491 - 512

Text Mined References (21)

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