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25829251 MiR-101 decreased the expression of LMO3 by reversing the methylation status of the LMO3 promoter and by inhibiting the presence of the methylation-related histones H3K4me2 and H3K27me3 and increasing the presence of H3K9me3 and H4K20me3 on the promoter.
23823477 LMO3 as a regulator of human adipogenesis and could contribute a mechanism resulting in visceral-fat accumulation in obesity due to excess glucocorticoids.
23322301 suggest that LMO3 is a transcriptional signal transducer in NKX2-1-amplified lung adenocarcinomas
22011669 We confirmed that the expression of LMO3 in squamous cell carcinoma is regulated by DNA methylation of its specific promoter region.
21573214 The present results suggest that a transcriptional complex of LMO3 and HEN2 may contribute to the genesis and malignant phenotype of neuroblastoma by inhibiting HES1 which suppresses the transactivation of Mash1.
19995558 LMO3 acts as a co-repressor of p53, suppressing p53-dependent transcriptional regulation without inhibition of its DNA-binding activity.
15930276 The deregulated expression of neuronal-specific LMO3 and HEN2 contributes to the genesis and progression of human neuroblastoma in a lineage-specific manner.

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APQVR                                                                     141 - 145

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PMID Year Title
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21573214 2011 Oncogenic LMO3 collaborates with HEN2 to enhance neuroblastoma cell growth through transactivation of Mash1.
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