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PubMed Score 377.46
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Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.237 1.8e-02
Multiple myeloma 1.064 3.4e-02
Pick disease -1.200 2.9e-04
ovarian cancer -1.900 6.4e-08

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26813744 detected CD103 tumor cells in 41% (16/39) of lymph node-involved adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma
26522261 Levels of GZMA and ITGAE mRNAs in colon tissues can identify patients with UC who are most likely to benefit from etrolizumab; expression levels decrease with etrolizumab administration in biomarker(high) patients.
25957117 PD-1(+)CD103(+) CD8 TIL might regain functional antitumor activity, an effect that potentially could be augmented by immune modulation.
25637255 This report highlights the diagnostic difficulties and the need of consensus in categorizing clonal CD103(+) lymphocytosis in patients with refractory celiac disease.
25584868 Cell-sorting experiments demonstrated that IDO1 expression is found in a subset of CD1a(+)CD14(-)langerin(+) cells, expressing CD103
25025448 Report CD103 expression occurs most frequently in gastrointestinal T-cell lymphomas.
24477908 Using a human CTL system model based on a CD8(+)/CD103(-) T cell clone specific of a lung tumor-associated Ag, we demonstrated that the transcription factors Smad2/3 and NFAT-1 are two critical regulators of this process.
24190978 Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing the tissue resident memory marker CD103 are associated with increased survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
22922816 Memory CD103+ CD8 T cells that persist within the brain after an acute infection with vesicular stomatitis virus are bona fide tissue resident memory cells.
21948982 Lymphoid tissue (LT)-resident CD8alpha-positive dendritic cells (DCs) and non(LT)-derived CD103-positive DCs express transgenic XCR1 and are characterized by a unique transcriptional fingerprint, irrespective of their tissue of origin.
21917686 These findings support the usefulness of CD123 and CD103 to aid in the differential diagnosis of B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders
21739671 Studies indicate that the mechanisms that regulate the retention of tissue-resident memory T cells include TGF-beta-mediated induction of CD103 and downregulation of CCR7.
20875079 results show that binding of the human alphaE I domain to oral and skin keratinocytes is independent of E-cadherin
20588308 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20417566 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19604725 A higher proportion of CD103+CD4+ T cells and ITGAE -1088 AA genotype might be associated with fibrosis formation in pulmonary sarcoidosis.
19604725 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19150377 Phenotypic analysis of peripheral blood and decidual CD8+ T cells showed the presence of activated CD8+ T cells as well as a population of CD8+CD103+ T cells in decidual tissue
19074885 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19023099 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18492951 integrin alpha(E)(CD103)beta(7) is not only involved in epithelial retention, but also in shaping and proper intraepithelial morphogenesis of some leukocytes.
18182176 An investigation to evaluate the diagnostic value of relative number of CD103 expressing CD4(+) T-lymphocytes in the BAL fluid of patients with a variety of interstitial lung diseases, including pulmonary sarcoidosis, is reported.
17975119 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17325197 CD8+/CD103+ tumor-reactive T lymphocytes infiltrating epithelial tumors most likely play a major role in antitumor cytotoxic response through alphaEbeta7-E-cadherin interactions.
16920912 human alloantigen-induced CD103+ CD8+ T cells possess functional features of regulatory T cells
16216886 CD103 expression on dendritic cells influences the balance between effector and regulatory T cell activity in the intestine.
16177076 Integrin/activation marker CD103 (alphaEbeta7) is expressed on Epstein-Barr virus-specific tonsil-resident (but not peripheral blood mononuclear leukocyte-derived) cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
15196058 CD103 promotes destruction of renal allografts by CD8 T cells
14532999 Differential up-regulation of CD103 expression on lamina propria lymphocytes in Crohn's disease may indicate differential humoral or cellular regulation in inducing CD103 molecules on lymphocytes in patients with this disease
12414996 Involvement of the adhesive ligand pair CD103-E-cadherin in human thymocyte cell proliferation
12370249 has a role in mucosal immunity and graft rejection

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PMID Year Title
26813744 2016 High Expression of Intestinal Homing Receptor CD103 in Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma, Similar to 2 Other CD8+ T-Cell Lymphomas.
26522261 2016 Association Between Response to Etrolizumab and Expression of Integrin ?E and Granzyme A in Colon Biopsies of Patients With Ulcerative Colitis.
25957117 2015 PD-1 and CD103 Are Widely Coexpressed on Prognostically Favorable Intraepithelial CD8 T Cells in Human Ovarian Cancer.
25637255 2015 CD103+ ?? T cell large granular lymphocytosis in a patient with refractory celiac disease: a diagnostic enigma.
25584868 2015 CD103 marks a subset of human CD34+-derived langerin+ dendritic cells that induce T-regulatory cells via indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-1.
25025448 2014 Profile of CD103 expression in T-cell neoplasms: immunoreactivity is not restricted to enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma.
24477908 2014 Smad and NFAT pathways cooperate to induce CD103 expression in human CD8 T lymphocytes.
24190978 2014 Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing the tissue resident memory marker CD103 are associated with increased survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
22922816 2012 The molecular signature of tissue resident memory CD8 T cells isolated from the brain.
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21739671 2011 Regional and mucosal memory T cells.
20875079 2011 The ?E(CD103)?7 integrin interacts with oral and skin keratinocytes in an E-cadherin-independent manner*.
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20379614 Personalized smoking cessation: interactions between nicotine dose, dependence and quit-success genotype score.
20237496 2010 New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine.
19604725 2009 Effect of variation in ITGAE on risk of sarcoidosis, CD103 expression, and chest radiography.
19150377 2009 Decidual CD8+CD28- T cells express CD103 but not perforin.
19074885 2008 Genetic variants in apoptosis and immunoregulation-related genes are associated with risk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
19023099 2009 Gene variants associated with ischemic stroke: the cardiovascular health study.
18839057 2008 Molecular genetics of adult ADHD: converging evidence from genome-wide association and extended pedigree linkage studies.
18492951 2008 Integrin alpha E(CD103)beta 7 influences cellular shape and motility in a ligand-dependent fashion.
18182176 2008 Evaluation of CD103 as a cellular marker for the diagnosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis.
17975119 2008 Association of gene variants with incident myocardial infarction in the Cardiovascular Health Study.
17325197 2007 Alpha E beta 7 integrin interaction with E-cadherin promotes antitumor CTL activity by triggering lytic granule polarization and exocytosis.
16920912 2006 CD103 is a marker for alloantigen-induced regulatory CD8+ T cells.
16625196 2006 DNA sequence of human chromosome 17 and analysis of rearrangement in the human lineage.
16216886 2005 Essential role for CD103 in the T cell-mediated regulation of experimental colitis.
16177076 2005 Alpha E beta 7 (CD103) expression identifies a highly active, tonsil-resident effector-memory CTL population.
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12414996 2002 E-cadherin-mediated interactions of thymic epithelial cells with CD103+ thymocytes lead to enhanced thymocyte cell proliferation.
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8526015 1995 HML-1, a novel integrin made of the beta 7 chain and of a distinctive alpha chain, exerts an accessory function in the activation of human IEL via the CD3-TCR pathway.
8119947 1994 Molecular cloning of the human mucosal lymphocyte integrin alpha E subunit. Unusual structure and restricted RNA distribution.
7614974 1995 Transforming growth factor-beta 1-induced expression of the mucosa-related integrin alpha E on lymphocytes is not associated with mucosa-specific homing.
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