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26840243 results suggest that KLF1 directly regulates the beta-globin gene, but probably has less direct impact on expression of the gamma-globin gene in fetal erythroblasts
26686224 Data show that the ancestral allele C at rs2855126, located upstream of gamma-globin (HBG1) is associated with increased serum uric acid levels.
26575252 These data confirm the regulatory role of the HBG1: g.-225_-222 region that exerts its effect under conditions of erythropoietic stress characteristic for beta-thal patients.
26053062 a successful induction of gamma-globin includes a reduction in BCL11A, KLF1 and TAL1 expression.
25986606 Results indicate that compound II induces the gamma globin gene in hydroxyurea (HU)-resistant primary adult erythroid cells and suggest potenetial therapy for sickle cell disease (SCD) and severe beta-thalassemias.
25971621 analysis of a point mutation that increases fetal globin expression through de novo recruitment of the activator TAL1 to promote chromatin looping of distal enhancers to the modified gamma-globin promoter
25808664 Inactivation of HDAC1 or HDAC2 induces gamma-globin expression without altering cell cycle or proliferation.
25681747 Findings indicate that both antisickling beta-globin and gamma-globin lentiviral vectors demonstrate efficient gene transfer into sickle cells.
25565447 This report we discusses the molecular characteristics and diagnostic criteria of a new (A)gamma chain variant that was detected during newborn screening and named Hb F-Sykesville MD [(A)gamma113(G15)Val --> Ile; HBG1: c.340G>A].
24914133 Data indicate that hydroxyurea (HU) induces SAR1 protein expression, which in turn activates gamma-globin expression, predominantly through the Gialpha/JNK/Jun pathway.
24223142 There is synergism between developmental stage-specific recruitments of the ATF2 protein complex and expression of gamma-globin during erythropoiesis.
23993951 Data indicate that in embryonic stem cells (hESCs)-derived erythroblasts where both epsilon and gamma globin were active, epsilon globin was immediately silenced upon transfer, whereas gamma globin continued to be expressed for months.
23777413 Data suggest that segregation of BCL11A haplotype 2 indicating an involvement of this locus in Hb F expression.
23425329 the stimulation of GPCRs supports the postulated connection between cAMP/PKA and NO/cGMP pathways in activation of gamma-globin expression, via JUN and p38 MAPK signaling.
23071749 NF-Y recruits the developmentally regulated, erythroid transcription activator GATA-2 and general repressor BCL11A to modulate transcription of the gamma-globin gene.
22825848 results establish SATB2 as a novel gamma-globin gene regulator and provide a glimpse of the differential and cooperative roles of SATB family proteins in modulating clustered genes transcription
22739173 Methylation sites 28, 122, 231 and 234 bp of gamma-globin gene promoter are found both in patients with beta-thalassemia major and healthy adults.
22689669 data are consistent with a model in which WDR5 binds the gamma-globin promoter in a PRMT5-dependent manner.
22469229 Activation of the p38 MAPK pathway by sodium butyrate augments gamma-globin expression through a CREB1 response element (CRE) that is present in the upstream promoter region of Ggamma gene.
22273484 Three different gene rearrangements in three unrelated patients with the same breakpoints in the gamma-globin gene can lead to different levels of Hb A2 depending on the remaining number of gamma-globin genes.
22010104 Alternative NLI complexes mediate gamma-globin transcription or silencing through long-range locus control region interactions involving an intergenic site of noncoding RNA transcription and that ETO2 is critical to this process.
21144779 Xmn I polymorphism associated with concomitant activation of Ggamma and Agamma globin gene transcription on a beta0-thalassemia chromosome.
20676097 KLF1 controls globin gene switching by directly activating beta-globin and indirectly repressing gamma-globin gene expression.
20602015 polymorphisms -396_-391 del HBG2, -369 SNP HBG2 and -271 SNP HBG1 correlated with HbF levels, hence, it suggests an important role of HBG2 and HBG1 gene polymorphisms on the HbF synthesis.
20584642 Sodium butyrate increases the level of acetylated histone in gamma-globin gene promoter regions.
20439494 role of the hematopoietic transcription factor GATA-1, its cofactor FOG-1, and the associated chromatin remodeling complex NuRD in the developmental silencing of HBG1 and HBG2 gene expression
19958189 the gamma-globin -195 mutation is the unique cause of elevation of Hb F in Brazilian hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin
19958188 the A allele of -588, [+] allele of XmnI and HS-111 (-21 A) variation are useful genetic markers to differentiate between beta-thalassemia major and beta-thalassemia intermedia patients
19958188 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19861270 Low-dose hydroxyurea combined with sodium butyrate can up-regulate gamma globin gene expression in human erythroid progenitor cells.
19712585 The data suggest that miR-210 might be involved in increased expression of gamma-globin genes in differentiating erythroid cells.
19327156 Disrupting the bindings of the Oct-1 transcriptional factors with the decoy oligonucleotide provides a novel approach for inducing expression of the gamma-globin genes.
19220418 EKLF and the co-activator BRG1 are co-opted by short-chain fatty acid derivatives to activate the gamma globin genes
18718799 Observations from these two unique cases provide solid evidence that the Alphagamma - 158 C > T mutation plays an important role in Agamma-globin gene transcription.
18615450 Very low HBA2 levels of HBA2 in compound heterozygotes result from functional inhibition of the HBD gene in cis to the HBG1 gene bearing the nd-HPFH mutation. Absence of the HBG1:g.-225-222AGCAdel variation correlated with lower HbF & higher HbA2 levels.
18347053 during definitive erythropoiesis, gamma-globin gene expression is silenced, in part, by binding a protein complex containing GATA-1, FOG-1, and Mi2 at the -566/-567 GATA sites of the proximal gamma-globin promoters
18096417 study reports 2 new forms of nondeletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin; the presence of a (G)gamma-196 C-->T in the first case and an (A)gamma-201 C-->T in the second was revealed
17976188 analysis of a model for dynamic post-transcriptional control of gamma-globin gene expression, through modulation of the stability of its encoding mRNA
17916326 This work describes the study of the interactions of different hemoglobin variants HbA, HbE and HbF and the globin subunits of HbA with the two aminophospholipids in the presence and absence of cholesterol.
17612629 data provide important clues for identifying and validating trans-activators that activate the gamma-globin gene in fetuses, and trans-acting factors involved in silencing the gamma-globin gene in adults
17212360 These results suggest that different PKC isoforms may exert ontogenetic-specific functions in erythropoiesis and that modulation of PKCalpha might affect the activity of (A)gamma-promoter-driven reporters.
16849648 A novel gamma-globin-inducing short-chain fatty acid derivative (SCFAD), RB7, which was identified through computational modeling, produced a 6-fold induction in a reporter assay.
16631597 Together, these results show that the cAMP pathway blocks gamma-globin gene expression in K562 cells by increasing c-Myb expression.
15831451 Direct repeat element in the promoter region of the gamma-globin gene autonomously mediates definitive stage-specific gene silencing.
15613485 a multiprotein complex containing GATA-1, Oct-1, and other protein factors may contribute to the formation of a repressive chromatin structure that silences gamma-globin gene expression
14649320 in an Albanian family, two mutations of the gamma-globin promoter (for both HBG1 and HBG2) are assoicated in trans with a beta thal point mutation, that results in increased levels of HbF
14645237 human gamma-globin gene expression is developmentally regulated by the CCAAT box
12393583 In transgenic mice treated with short-chain fatty acid derivatives once daily for 5 days, human gamma globin mRNA increased 2-fold, reticulocytes increased 2-fold.
12393499 Apicidin activates the A gamma globin gene promoter. Activation of the Agamma-globin promoter by apicidin could be inhibited by p38 inhibitor SB203580
12093744 DRED binds with high affinity to DR1 sites in the human epsilon & gamma globin promoters, but the adult beta-globin promoter has no DR1 element. An HPFH mutation in a DR1 site causes elevated gamma-globin transcription & reduces TR2/TR4 binding in vitro.
11960008 Developmental specificity of recruitment of TBP to the TATA box of the human gamma-globin gene
8911578 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the butyric acid-induced gamma-globin gene expression in human hematopoietic progenitor K562 cells

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ALSSRYH                                                                   141 - 147

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19220418 2009 Erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF) is recruited to the gamma-globin gene promoter as a co-activator and is required for gamma-globin gene induction by short-chain fatty acid derivatives.
18718799 Compound heterozygosity for the Cretan type of non-deletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin and beta-thalassemia or Hb Sabine confirms the functional role of the Agamma -158 C>T mutation in gamma-globin gene transcription.
18615450 2008 Compound heterozygosity of non-deletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin and deltabeta-thalassemia.
18347053 2008 Silencing of Agamma-globin gene expression during adult definitive erythropoiesis mediated by GATA-1-FOG-1-Mi2 complex binding at the -566 GATA site.
18096417 G gamma-196 C-->T, A gamma-201 C-->T: two novel mutations in the promoter region of the gamma-globin genes associated with nondeletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin in Greece.
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16849648 2006 Short-chain fatty acids induce gamma-globin gene expression by displacement of a HDAC3-NCoR repressor complex.
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16131492 2005 {gamma}-Globin gene expression in chemical inducer of dimerization (CID)-dependent multipotential cells established from human {beta}-globin locus yeast artificial chromosome ({beta}-YAC) transgenic mice.
15831451 2005 Adult stage gamma-globin silencing is mediated by a promoter direct repeat element.
15666429 2004 Hb F-Porto Torres [Agamma75(E19)Ile-->Thr, 136(H14)Ala-->Ser]: a novel variant of the Agamma chain having two substitutions, one being that of Hb F-Sardinia.
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1704803 1991 The Georgia type of nondeletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin has a C---T mutation at nucleotide-114 of the A gamma-globin gene.
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291015 1979 Human T gamma globin chain is a variant of A gamma chain (A gamma Sardinia).
88735 1979 beta 0 thalassemia, a nonsense mutation in man.