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26370510 Tristetraprolin recruits eukaryotic initiation factor 4E2 (eIF4E2) to repress target mRNA translation.
25624349 DNA damage induces an increase in ARIH1 protein levels and association of ARIH1 with 4EHP. In turn, this causes 4EHP recruitment to the mRNA cap, where it is known to compete with eIF4E.
24408918 Activation of eIF4E2-directed translation is essential for cancer cells.
23991149 provide evidence that eIF4E2 binds 4E-T in the yeast two hybrid assay, as well as in pull-down assays and by recruitment to P-bodies in mammalian cells
22751931 GIGYF2 and the zinc finger protein 598 (ZNF598) are identified as components of the 4EHP complex.
21079520 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
17369309 4EHP binds cap analogs m(7)GpppG and m(7)GTP with low affinity
17368478 4EHP plays a physiological role utilizing both cap-binding and protein-binding functions but which is distinct from eIF4E.
17289916 ISGylation of 4EHP may play an important role in cap structure-dependent translation control in immune responses.
15094042 4EHP over-expression instigates a negative feedback loop that inhibits upstream signaling to 4E-BP1 and ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 (S6K1) whereas the 4E-BP1-binding-deficient mutant of 4EHP(W95A) was unable to trigger this feedback loop

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IMEYKTHTDSIKMPGRLGPQRLLFQNLWKPRLNVP                                       211 - 245

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PMID Year Title
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