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23128527 NRDRB1, an alternatively spliced isoform of NRDR in vivo functions better than NRDR as a dicarbonyl reductase for xenobiotics containing reactive carbonyls.
23036705 DHRS2 and DHRS4 genes are syntenic outparalogues originating from a duplication of the DHRS4 gene that took place before the formation of the mammalian clade
23036705 A rapid evolution rate brought the human DHRS2 gene, duplicated form of the DHRS4 one, to code a SDR enzyme having subcellular localization, synthesis regulation and specialized cellular functions very different from those of the human DHRS4 enzyme.
22891334 This study demonstrates that AS1DHRS4, as a long noncoding RNA, simultaneously controls the chromatin state of each gene within the DHRS4 gene cluster in a discriminative manner.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20525226 Analysis of exon composition in the transcripts of DHRS4 gene cluster revealed that exon 1 was absent in all the transcripts initiated from exon a1 of DHRS4L2 and exon a2 of DHRS4L1.
18754758 Novel alternative splicing variants, transcribed from an alternative transcrioption start sites within the DHRS4 gene cluster were identified in this study.
18571493 Results suggest a novel mechanism of cold inactivation and role of the inducible human DHRS4 in 3beta-hydroxysteroid synthesis and xenobiotic carbonyl metabolism
17230527 Alternatively spliced variant of NADP(H)-dependent retinol dehydrogenase/reductase with deletion of exon 3 is associated with cervical squamous carcinoma

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