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25348778 High Expression of Cathepsin E is associated with Tissues but Not Blood of Patients with Barrett's Esophagus and Adenocarcinoma.
25239563 Cathepsin E, mitochondrial fission, and caspase activation/apoptosis are linked in the pathogenesis of pulmonary emphysema.
24464956 Decreased activity of cathepsin E produced by decidual macrophages might be responsible for the induction of miscarriages in some recurrent miscarriage patients.
24242330 data demonstrate that CatE contributes to normal growth and development of mammary glands through proper trafficking and secretion of Wnt5a
23451082 CTSE is a marker of both gastric differentiation and signet-ring cell carcinoma, which should shed light on the mechanism of gastric tumorigenesis.
22718633 A comparative structure model of splice variant 2 was computed based on its alignment to the known structure of cathepsin E intermediate (Protein Data Bank code 1TZS) and used to rationalize its conformational properties and loss of activity.
22068166 Cath E activity is useful as a potential molecular target for Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and early detection imaging.
21664991 Emerging roles of cathepsin E in immune system cells and skin keratinocytes, and in host defense against cancer cells.
20600629 Cath E selectivity was established by having -Leu**Pro- residues at the scissile peptide bond.
19172291 This study demonstrates the over-expression in CTSE, in particular, and TFF1 in sessile serrated adenomas compared to both hyperplastic polyps and tubular adenomas.
18996084 CatE is important in the processing of tetanus toxin C-fragment in primary human B cells.
18006832 cathepsin E plays a substantial role in host defense against tumor cells through TRAIL-dependent apoptosis and/or tumor-associated macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity
17947645 cathepsin E differentially regulates the nature and function of dendritic cells and macrophages
17888866 the human cathepsin E gene is regulated by the constitutive androstane receptor
15845357 Three-dimensional structure of cathepsin-E.
15699105 Both cathepsin E message and protein are found in human dendritic cells, but are absent in monocytes.
15342244 crystal structure of an activation intermediate of cathepsin E at 2.35A resolution
14769879 Reduced expression of cathepsin E is observed in erythrocytes of humans with atopic dermatitis.
12631277 These results suggest the possible involvement of cathepsin E in disruption of the structural and functional integrity of alpha 2-macroglobulin in the endolysosome system.
8457383 HIV-1 gp120 is processed in its V3 loop by cathepsin E

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PMID Year Title
25348778 2015 High Expression of Cathepsin E in Tissues but Not Blood of Patients with Barrett's Esophagus and Adenocarcinoma.
25239563 2014 Cathepsin E promotes pulmonary emphysema via mitochondrial fission.
24464956 2014 Role of cathepsin E in decidual macrophage of patients with recurrent miscarriage.
24242330 2014 Repression of cathepsin E expression increases the risk of mammary carcinogenesis and links to poor prognosis in breast cancer.
23451082 2013 Cathepsin E is a marker of gastric differentiation and signet-ring cell carcinoma of stomach: a novel suggestion on gastric tumorigenesis.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
22718633 2012 Biochemical characterization and structural modeling of human cathepsin E variant 2 in comparison to the wild-type protein.
22068166 2012 Detection of pancreatic cancer tumours and precursor lesions by cathepsin E activity in mouse models.
21664991 2012 Emerging roles of cathepsin E in host defense mechanisms.
20600629 2010 Selective detection of Cathepsin E proteolytic activity.
19172291 2009 Over-expression of cathepsin E and trefoil factor 1 in sessile serrated adenomas of the colorectum identified by gene expression analysis.
18996084 2008 Cathepsin E regulates the presentation of tetanus toxin C-fragment in PMA activated primary human B cells.
18006832 2007 Cathepsin E prevents tumor growth and metastasis by catalyzing the proteolytic release of soluble TRAIL from tumor cell surface.
17947645 2007 Differential regulation of the nature and functions of dendritic cells and macrophages by cathepsin E.
17888866 2007 Regulation of the human cathepsin E gene by the constitutive androstane receptor.
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15845357 2005 Modeling the tertiary structure of human cathepsin-E.
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14769879 2003 Association of cathepsin E deficiency with development of atopic dermatitis.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
12843568 2003 [Atopic dermatitis and cathepsin E].
12631277 2003 Disruption of structural and functional integrity of alpha 2-macroglobulin by cathepsin E.
12531480 2003 An alternatively spliced variant of cathepsin E in human gastric adenocarcinoma cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11337467 2001 Identification and characterization of the potential promoter regions of 1031 kinds of human genes.
11322887 2001 Regulation of human and mouse procathepsin E gene expression.
9502222 1998 Cathepsin E immunoreactivity in human ocular tissues: influence of aging and pathological states.
8765029 1996 Regulation of cathepsin E expression during human B cell differentiation in vitro.
8759606 1996 Expression of cathepsin E in pancreas: a possible tumor marker for pancreas, a preliminary report.
8491674 1993 Cathepsin E in follicle associated epithelium of intestine and tonsils: localization to M cells and possible role in antigen processing.
8346912 1993 Isolation and biochemical characterization of procathepsin E from human erythrocyte membranes.
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7789521 1995 Monomeric human cathepsin E.
2674141 1989 Human gastric cathepsin E. Predicted sequence, localization to chromosome 1, and sequence homology with other aspartic proteinases.
2369841 1990 Assignment of cathepsin E (CTSE) to human chromosome region 1q31 by in situ hybridization and analysis of somatic cell hybrids.
2334440 1990 Structural evidence for two isozymic forms and the carbohydrate attachment site of human gastric cathepsin E.
2226872 1990 Generation of human endothelin by cathepsin E.
1959628 1991 Proteolytic activity and cleavage specificity of cathepsin E at the physiological pH as examined towards the B chain of oxidized insulin.
1794985 1991 An immunocytochemical study on distinct intracellular localization of cathepsin E and cathepsin D in human gastric cells and various rat cells.
1370478 1992 Human gastric cathepsin E gene. Multiple transcripts result from alternative polyadenylation of the primary transcripts of a single gene locus at 1q31-q32.
195962 1977 Effects of altered thyroid function on galactosyl diacylglycerol metabolism in myelinating rat brain.