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25743179 This is the first report of Usher syndrome type 3 with a CLRN1 gene mutation in Asian populations.
23304067 Two novel mutations in the CLRN1 gene, p.R207X and p.I168N, have been found in patients with Usher syndrome type 3.
22964989 High-resolution measures of retinal structure demonstrate patterns of cone loss associated with CLRN1 mutations.
22787034 This study confirmed using a novel mouse model carrying a Clrn1N48K knock-in mutation to investigate the consequence of the missense mutation N48K in mCLRN1 in vivo.
22681893 Possible digenism could not be excluded in two families segregating genomic variations in both MYO7A and USH2A, and two families with CLRN1 and USH2A.
21675857 Here we describe a novel deletion in CLRN1. Our data support previously reported intra familial variability in the clinical features of Usher syndrome type I and III.
21310491 Retinitis pigmentosa-associated mutations p.Pro31Leu and p.Leu154Trp may represent hypomorphic mutations, because substituted amino acids in transmembrane domains remain polar.
20717163 The complexity of the CLRN1 gene and the identification of multiple splice variants may partially explain why mutations in CLRN1 result in substantial variation in clinical phenotype.
19753315 Part of the pathogenesis of USH3 may be associated with defective intracellular trafficking as well as decreased stability of mutant CLRN1 proteins.
19683999 Observational study of gene-disease association and genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
19423712 clarin-1 has a role in the regulation and homeostasis of actin filaments
18281613 USH3A and USH2A share patterns of rod and cone dysfunction and retinal structural abnormalities.
12145752 revised structure of USH3 gene: new translation start site, 5' untranslated region, and transcript encoding 232-amino acid protein; four new disease-causing mutations; identified mouse and rat orthologues, and two human paralogues on chromosomes 4 and 10
12080385 a role for clarin-1 in hair cell and photoreceptor cell synapses, as well as a common pathophysiological pathway for different Usher syndromes
11524702 Mutations in the USH3 gene underlie Usher syndrome type 3.

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FQFPFAKSKDAETTNVAADLMY                                                    211 - 232

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