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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 14
PubMed Score 9.13
PubTator Score 8.30

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  Differential Expression (10)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.600 1.4e-04
cutaneous lupus erythematosus -1.200 8.6e-03
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 3.100 4.0e-11
glioblastoma 1.400 7.0e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.800 1.0e-03
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 3.300 4.2e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell 2.600 8.2e-03
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.500 1.4e-02
adult high grade glioma 1.800 1.9e-03
ovarian cancer 1.800 2.0e-04

Gene RIF (4)

22016508 Data indicate that chondrolectin (CHODL) is likely to be a prognostic biomarker in the clinic and targeting CHODL might be a strategy for the development of anticancer drugs.
17606388 CHODLDeltaE/CHODLfDeltaE protein variant localizes in the late endoplasmic reticulum and is detected in spleen and tonsils; the isoform seems to be differentially expressed in thymocytes and lymphocytes.
12621022 study describes the molecular characterization of novel members of the chondrolectin family associated with T cell maturation and a subcellular localization of chondrolectin f isoform in the endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi apparatus
12079284 cloning and characterization; localized at chromosome 21q21

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Text Mined References (14)

PMID Year Title
24529757 2014 Genome-wide association study combining pathway analysis for typical sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Chinese Han populations.
23648065 2013 Genome-wide association study of chemotherapeutic agent-induced severe neutropenia/leucopenia for patients in Biobank Japan.
23568457 2013 Genetic variants associated with disordered eating.
22042635 2012 Antibody-based protein profiling of the human chromosome 21.
22016508 2011 Chondrolectin is a novel diagnostic biomarker and a therapeutic target for lung cancer.
17606388 2007 Expression and localization of CHODLDeltaE/CHODLfDeltaE, the soluble isoform of chondrolectin.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
12975309 2003 The secreted protein discovery initiative (SPDI), a large-scale effort to identify novel human secreted and transmembrane proteins: a bioinformatics assessment.
12621022 2003 A novel alternative spliced chondrolectin isoform lacking the transmembrane domain is expressed during T cell maturation.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12079284 2002 Molecular cloning and characterization of human chondrolectin, a novel type I transmembrane protein homologous to C-type lectins.
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