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osteosarcoma -1.357 2.2e-03
acute myeloid leukemia -1.300 8.7e-03
ovarian cancer 1.800 1.4e-05

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26879543 Upon neuronal differentiation, transitions in redox states upregulates expression of ATOX1 and its partner ATP7A, producing higher flux of copper through the secretory pathway.
26866891 Multiple genetic models identified genetic associations with systolic blood pressure and ATOX1.
26784148 results suggest the possibility of a therapy with copper-chelating or ionophore drugs in subtypes of tumors showing specific alterations in ATOX1 expression
26745464 In addition to Atox1, the human cytoplasm also contains Cu chaperones for loading of superoxide dismutase 1 (i.e. CCS) and cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria (i.e. Cox17). [review]
26745413 C-Terminus of Human Copper Importer Ctr1 Acts as a Binding Site and Transfers Copper to Atox1
26437801 Cu chaperone function of Atox1 mediated through Cu transporter ATP7A is required for VEGF-induced angiogenesis via activation of Cu enzyme lysyl oxidase.
26213915 To identify new interactions partners of Atox1, a yeast two-hybrid screen with a large human placenta library of cDNA fragments using Atox1 as bait, was performed.
25962064 Studied the localization of Atox1 in HeLa cells using fluorescence imaging in combination with in vitro binding experiments to fluorescently labeled DNA duplexes harboring the proposed promotor sequence.
25673218 Human cytoplasmic copper chaperones Atox1 and CCS exchange copper ions in vitro
25111319 Cisplatin is one of the most used anticancer drugs. Its cellular influx and delivery to target DNA may involve the copper chaperone Atox1 protein.
24837030 The data collected here shows that the Atox1 keeps its dimer nature also in the presence of the CTR1 c-terminal domain; however, two geometrical states are assumed by the Atox1.
24824562 The Cu-binding motif in Atox1, as well as in target Cu-binding domains of ATP7A/B, consists of a MX1CXXC motif where X1 = T.
24522867 Human Grx1 can catalyse reduction of Atox1 by glutathione but only in the presence of Cu(I).
24469739 These results indicate that the roles of Atox1 in the regulation of cellular trafficking of platinum drugs are dependent on the coordination configurations.
24445997 Atox1 has a role in copper transport to tumor cell nuclei.
24343031 CTR1 silencing increased the protein levels of copper chaperone ATOX1 and copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase 1 (CCS-1), but decreased copper chaperone for cytochrome c oxidase (COX17).
24036897 Atox1 contains positive residues that mediate membrane association and aid subsequent copper loading.
23778981 the primary coordination site of Atox1 for interaction wtih cisplatin is at the cysteine residues in the Cu(I)-binding sequence Cys(12)GlyGlyCys(15)
23751120 Binding of free cisplatin and reaction with the cisplatin-loaded Atox1 produce the same protein-bound platinum intermediate in the transfer of metal-binding domain (repeat) (MBD)2 from Atox1.
23624903 Knockdown of ATOX1 in non-small cell lung cancer cells was associated with reduction in copper-stimulated cell proliferation. These findings suggest that ATOX1 plays an important role in copper-stimulated proliferation of non-small cell lung cancer cells.
23553875 Based on structural analysis, this work determines that the protein possesses two distinct conformations referred to as "in" and "out" due to the relative positioning of Cys12 (one of Cu(I) binding residues).
23169585 different effects of ATX1 unfolding on Cu(I) affinity
22677543 No major role can be attributed to Atox1 and COMMD in the pathophysiology or clinical variation of Wilson disease.
22648419 GSSG oxidizes copper-coordinating cysteines of Atox1 with formation of an intramolecular disulfide. GSH alone is sufficient to reduce the disulfide, restoring the ability of Atox1 to bind copper; glutaredoxin 1 facilitates this reaction when GSH is low
22574136 thermodynamic parameters of copper (Cu) transfer from the human copper chaperone Atox1 to the fourth metal-binding domain of the Wilson disease protein
21482801 By binding to Atox1 in the cytoplasm, cisPt transport to DNA may be blocked. In agreement with this model, cell line studies demonstrate a correlation between Atox1 expression levels, and cisplatin resistance.
21258123 Unification of the copper(I) binding affinities of the metallo-chaperones Atx1, Atox1, and related proteins: detection probes and affinity standards.
19453293 The interaction between the human copper(I)-chaperone HAH1 (human ATX1 homologue) and a metal-binding domain in one of its partners, namely the P-type copper-transporting ATPase, ATP7A, was characterized.
19146392 Atox1 residues have been conserved to ensure backbone-loop flexibility, electrostatic copper site stabilization, and proper core packing.
18976975 Knockdown of ATX1 antioxidant protein 1 homolog (ATOX1) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in HeLa P4/R5 cells
18685091 Conserved residues modulate copper release in human copper chaperone Atox1.
18558714 Forms a ocomplex with some domains of ATP7B, an interesting property of this class of proteins which have a signaling role in the function of the ATPases.
18416466 No major role can be attributed to Atox1 in the pathophysiology or clinical variation of Wilson disease.
18416466 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18245776 Atox1 functions as a novel transcription factor that, when activated by copper, undergoes nuclear translocation, DNA binding, and transactivation, thereby contributing to cell proliferation.
17881304 Divergent energetic properties of Atox1 apo- and holo-forms may be linked to conformational changes that facilitate copper transfer to the target.
17616150 The results from the quantum mechanical (QM) and MD simulations suggest that either a two- or three-coordinate exchange reaction is preferred and that it is unlikely that a four-coordinate Cu(I) species plays a role in copper exchange.
17545667 localization of ATP7A between the trans-Golgi network and the plasma membrane may be regulated by the accumulation of the adducts with HAH1, whereas the main role of domains 5 and 6 is to assist copper(I) translocation
16571664 Wilson disease protein is an acceptor of oopper from HAH1 protein.
16172131 a three-domain construct of ATP7A interacts with copper(I) and copper(I)-HAH1
15761197 Atox1 functions not only as a copper chaperone for SOD3 but also as a positive regulator for SOD3 transcription and may have an important role in modulating oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system.
15670166 interaction between the human copper(I) chaperone, HAH1, and one of its two physiological partners, the Menkes disease protein (ATP7A), was investigated in solution using heteronuclear NMR
15476398 Detailed structural and dynamic characterization of the behavior of human HAH1 in solution, in the physiologically relevant reduced apo and copper(I)-bound forms
14709553 handling of copper by Atox1 and copper transfer between Atox1 and WND are under kinetic rather than thermodynamic control
12763797 Regulates the function of ATP7B in Wilson's disease
12686548 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of this copper chaperone reveals a copper center capable of formation with exogenous thiols and phosphines
12679332 A copper-dependent interaction of Atox1 with the metal binding sites of menkes protein was observed
12594858 Gene structure of ATOX1.
12029094 transfers copper to the NH2-terminal domain of the Wilson's disease protein and regulates its catalytic activity

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