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PubMed Score 559.71
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Disease log2 FC p
gastric cancer 1.100 3.8e-04
psoriasis -1.200 1.1e-07
osteosarcoma 1.551 1.8e-03
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.600 4.5e-06
glioblastoma -1.600 3.2e-04
medulloblastoma -1.300 5.2e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell -2.700 8.6e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -1.100 5.9e-03
lung cancer -1.600 3.7e-03
ovarian cancer -1.900 8.9e-06

Gene RIF (64)

26747760 This study demonstrated an association of ATG5 rs573775 with BD and ATG10 rs4703863 with VKH syndrome in a Chinese Han population.
26509176 study established a relationship between trans-eSNPs of ATG5 and lupus nephritis in a northern Han population from China
26282792 KIM-1-/TIM-1-mediated phagocytosis links ATG5-/ULK1-dependent clearance of apoptotic cells to antigen presentation.
26240015 in the presence of 3-MA and Atg5 siRNA, autophagy was inhibited, LC3-II expression decreased and cell apoptosis increased
26039132 Increased frequencies of rare variants of ATG5 were identified in patients with LN and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus compared with healthy controls, highlighting a likely important role of rare ATG5 variants in Chinese SLE patients.
25787994 provide an insight into a model for swapping ATG5 partners for autophagosome maturation
25484072 the crystal structures of human ATG5 in complex with an N-terminal domain of ATG16L1 as well as an internal AIR domain of TECPR1, are reported.
25481044 Taken together, the results demonstrate that ATG5 cleavage provokes apoptosis and represents a molecular link between autophagy and apoptosis
25439980 Analysis of hepatitis B virus capsid maturation steps revealed that Rab33B and Atg5/12/16L1 are required for proper particle assembly and/or stability.
25329677 Increased expression of ATG5 was significantly correlated with poor overall survival and chemoresistance in gastric cancer.
25032862 ATG5-expressing cells showed elevated p53 levels and increased p53 activation.
24953774 Results indicated that ATG5 variants are associated with NMO but not MS patients, which may provide a clue for further clarifying the autoimmune mechanisms of autophagy-related pathogenesis in NMO.
24739953 Genetic variation in ATG5 is associated with increased susceptibility for thyroid carcinoma.
24727585 Cav-1 competitively interacts with the ATG12-ATG5 system to suppress the formation and function of the latter in lung epithelial cells.
24582693 Globular adiponectin restores ethanol-suppressed autophagy-related protein 5 (Atg5) expression in HepG2 cells.
24324106 Dual expression of tumor Beclin-1 and Atg5 expression may be an adverse prognostic indicator for oral squamous cell carcinoma
24300435 both autophagy-related 5 and microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3B levels are decreased in patients with melanomas as compared with those with benign nevi
24269628 It was concluded taht granulysin induces apoptosis on hematological tumor cells and on cells from B-cell lymphocytic leukemia patients, opening the door to research on its use as a new anti-tumoral treatment.
24205307 Atg5 rs573775 T* allele seems to influence SLE susceptibility, cytokine production and disease features depending on other factors such as functional IL-10 genotype
24027027 down-regulation of ATG5 contributes to tumorigenesis in early-stage cutaneous melanoma.
23997112 In dopaminergic cells, Atg5-dependent autophagy acts as a protective mechanism during apoptotic cell death induced by paraquat and MPP but not during rotenone or 6-OHDA toxicity.
23945651 sublethal concentrations of DNA-damaging drugs, such as etoposide and cisplatin, induce the expression of autophagy-related protein 5, which is both necessary and sufficient for the subsequent induction of mitotic catastrophe.
23486359 PDCD4 negatively regulates autophagy by targeting ATG5.
23429496 Data suggest that activated autophagy is associated with the progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and that the overexpression of autophagy-related proteins Atg5, Ambra1, beclin-1, LC3B and Bif-1 is significantly correlated with poor outcome.
23384565 the variant identified in PD patient may change ATG5 protein levels and alter autophagy activities, contributing to Parkinson's disease onset as a risk factor.
23322078 MIR181A is a novel and important regulator of autophagy and ATG5 is a rate-limiting miRNA target in this effect
23317196 ATG-5 down-regulation is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma infected with hepatitis C virus.
23242420 These results suggested that calpain, Bak and Atg5 were molecular links between autophagy and apoptosis and revealed novel aspects of the crosstalk between these two processes.
23235332 MAPK14-mediated phosphorylation of ATG5 has a role in inhibiting autophagocytosis
23202584 study to identify role of conjugation between ATG12 and ATG5 in LC3 lipidation; structural and mutational analyses of ATG12~ATG5-ATG16N revealed the conjugation generates a patch across ATG12 and ATG5 required for E3 activity
23075929 Autophagy is differentially induced in prostate cancer LNCaP, DU145 and PC-3 cells via distinct splicing profiles of ATG5.
22993366 Immunohistochemical analysis of colorectal cancer tissues indicated that increased ATG5 expression is associated with lymphovascular invasion.
22536318 Genetic variants in ATG5, including a functional promotor variant, are associated with childhood asthma.
22170153 These data relate LC3B, ATG5 and ATG12 to mitochondrial quality control after oxidative damage, and to cellular longevity.
22052905 doxorubicin switches protective autophagy in SPP1-depleted cells to apoptosis by calpain-mediated Atg5 cleavage.
22040493 Results showed no involvement of rs548234 at PRDM1-ATG5 region in the susceptibility or clinical relevance of RA in Chinese Han population.
21995634 overexpression of ATG5 gene may be related to autophagy and might play a role in prostate tumorigenesis.
21795849 ULK1 negatively regulates the kinase activity of mTORC1 and cell proliferation in a manner independent of Atg5 and TSC2
21722286 These findings suggest that toxin sensitivity correlates with caspase and calpain activation, leading to Atg5 and Beclin-1 cleavage.
21664058 Somatic mutation and loss of expression of ATG5 gene might play a role in gastrointestinal cancer pathogenesis by altering autophagic and apoptotic cell death.
21655094 Data show that both EGFR-TKIs increased ATG5 and ATG7 at the mRNA or protein levels (Figure 3), confirming the induction of autophagy by EGFR-TKIs.
21622776 study demonstrated that polymorphisms in the intergenic region of PRDM1-ATG5 were associated with systemic lupus erythematosus susceptibility in a Chinese population
21068098 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20962850 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20697744 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20580051 This study identified ATG5 as an interacting protein for the hepacivirus NS5B protein.
20529838 Atg5 knockdown reduces gossypol-mediated autophagy.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20190558 Data reveal that Beclin 1 and ATG5 play key roles in morphine-induced autophagy, which may contribute to morphine-induced neuronal injury.
20038797 The unfolded protein response protects human tumor cells during hypoxia through regulation of the autophagy genes MAP1LC3B and ATG5.
19901552 Calpain1 plays an important role in controlling the levels of autophagy in normal living cells by regulating the levels of a key signaling molecule, ATG12-ATG5 conjugate.
19881538 Data show that proteasome inhibition promoted autophagosome formation, stimulated autophagic flux, and upregulated expression of the autophagy-specific genes ATG5 and ATG7.
19783847 upregulation of Atg5 is required for the oncogenic H-ras-induced autophagic cell death in normal fibroblasts and that activation of Rac1/MKK7/JNK-signaling pathway leads to upregulation of Atg5 in response to oncogenic H-ras
19375507 Data show that silencing of ATG5 or beclin-1 reduced autophagy in 17alpha-AED treated malignant gliomas and attenuated its cytotoxic effects.
19197948 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19194464 tumor-promoting effect of deletion in 6q21, that included genes PRDM1, ATG5 and AIM1
19148225 The UBQLN protective effect requires the autophagy-related genes ATG5 and ATG7, two essential components of autophagy.
19124466 Knockdown of p300 reduces acetylation of Atg5, Atg7, Atg8, and Atg12, although overexpressed p300 increases the acetylation of these same proteins.
19066443 Increased T cell expression of Atg5 may contribute to inflammatory demyelination in multiple sclerosis.
18353420 Our data show that ATG5 protein is required to execute Denge Virus 2-induced autophagy.
15778222 results suggest that autophagy 5-like Atg5 plays a crucial role in interferon-gamma-induced autophagic cell death by interacting with Fas-associated protein with death domain (FADD)
12417306 Apg5 and the apoptosis-specific protein p45ASP are distinct proteins although they do share some common characteristics.
12207896 the Apg12p.Apg5p conjugate does not facilitate LC3 processing
11825910 Human Apg3p/Aut1p homologue is an authentic E2 enzyme for multiple substrates, GATE-16, GABARAP, and MAP-LC3, and facilitates the conjugation of hApg12p to hApg5p

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Text Mined References (101)

PMID Year Title
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26282792 2015 KIM-1-/TIM-1-mediated phagocytosis links ATG5-/ULK1-dependent clearance of apoptotic cells to antigen presentation.
26240015 2015 Atg5 siRNA inhibits autophagy and enhances norcantharidin-induced apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
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25439980 2015 Rab33B and its autophagic Atg5/12/16L1 effector assist in hepatitis B virus naked capsid formation and release.
25329677 2014 Upregulation of autophagy-related gene-5 (ATG-5) is associated with chemoresistance in human gastric cancer.
25032862 2014 ATG5 can regulate p53 expression and activation.
24953774 2014 Variants of autophagy-related gene 5 are associated with neuromyelitis optica in the Southern Han Chinese population.
24739953 2014 Role of genetic variants of autophagy genes in susceptibility for non-medullary thyroid cancer and patients outcome.
24727585 2014 Interaction of caveolin-1 with ATG12-ATG5 system suppresses autophagy in lung epithelial cells.
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24390342 2014 Genetics of rheumatoid arthritis contributes to biology and drug discovery.
24324106 2013 Immunopositivity of Beclin-1 and ATG5 as indicators of survival and disease recurrence in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
24300435 2014 Autophagy suppresses melanoma tumorigenesis by inducing senescence.
24269628 2014 Granulysin induces apoptotic cell death and cleavage of the autophagy regulator Atg5 in human hematological tumors.
24205307 2013 Influence of Atg5 mutation in SLE depends on functional IL-10 genotype.
24027027 2013 Down-regulation of autophagy-related protein 5 (ATG5) contributes to the pathogenesis of early-stage cutaneous melanoma.
23997112 2013 Impairment of Atg5-dependent autophagic flux promotes paraquat- and MPP?-induced apoptosis but not rotenone or 6-hydroxydopamine toxicity.
23945651 2013 ATG5 is induced by DNA-damaging agents and promotes mitotic catastrophe independent of autophagy.
23740937 2013 A systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus pan-meta-GWAS reveals new shared susceptibility loci.
23486359 2013 Tumor suppressor gene PDCD4 negatively regulates autophagy by inhibiting the expression of autophagy-related gene ATG5.
23429496 2013 Prognostic significance of autophagy-related protein expression in resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
23384565 2013 A novel and functional variant within the ATG5 gene promoter in sporadic Parkinson's disease.
23322078 2013 MIR181A regulates starvation- and rapamycin-induced autophagy through targeting of ATG5.
23317196 2012 Molecular prognostic profile of Egyptian HCC cases infected with hepatitis C virus.
23273568 2013 Meta-analysis followed by replication identifies loci in or near CDKN1B, TET3, CD80, DRAM1, and ARID5B as associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in Asians.
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22170153 2012 Autophagy proteins LC3B, ATG5 and ATG12 participate in quality control after mitochondrial damage and influence lifespan.
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22040493 2011 Rs548234 polymorphism at PRDM1-ATG5 region susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis in Caucasians is not associated with rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese Han population.
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21068098 2011 Study of the common genetic background for rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.
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20697744 2010 Age at onset in Huntington's disease is modified by the autophagy pathway: implication of the V471A polymorphism in Atg7.
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