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Joubert syndrome 3

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description Any Joubert syndrome in which the cause of the disease is a mutation in the AHI1 gene.
Uniprot Description A disorder presenting with cerebellar ataxia, oculomotor apraxia, hypotonia, neonatal breathing abnormalities and psychomotor delay. Neuroradiologically, it is characterized by cerebellar vermian hypoplasia/aplasia, thickened and reoriented superior cerebellar peduncles, and an abnormally large interpeduncular fossa, giving the appearance of a molar tooth on transaxial slices (molar tooth sign). Additional variable features include retinal dystrophy and renal disease. Joubert syndrome type 3 shows minimal extra central nervous system involvement and appears not to be associated with renal dysfunction.
Disease Ontology Description A Joubert syndrome that has_material_basis_in homozygous mutation in the AHI1 gene on chromosome 6q23.3.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0012078:  Joubert syndrome 3