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TbioASS1Argininosuccinate synthase
Gene Details
UniProt ID: P00966
Family: Enzyme
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 188
PubMed Score: 208.06
PubTator Score: 153.69
Antibody Count: 416
Log Novelty: -5.4
Illumination Graph
TbioARNTLAryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein 1
Gene Details
UniProt ID: O00327
Family: TF
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 181
PubMed Score: 755.3
PubTator Score: 333.99
Antibody Count: 479
Log Novelty: -6.64
Illumination Graph
TbioCLOCKCircadian locomoter output cycles protein kaput
Gene Details
UniProt ID: O15516
Family: TF; Epigenetic
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 145
PubMed Score: 444.4
PubTator Score: 486.85
Antibody Count: 450
Log Novelty: -6.16
Illumination Graph
TbioNMRAL1NmrA-like family domain-containing protein 1
Gene Details
UniProt ID: Q9HBL8
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 54
PubMed Score: 10.99
PubTator Score: 8.03
Antibody Count: 94
Log Novelty: -2.28
Illumination Graph
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