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Overlap of GWAS

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pathological myopia

Targets (4)
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Gene Details
UniProt ID: Q13884
Family: Other
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 59
PubMed Score: 16.43
PubTator Score: 55.02
Antibody Count: 140
Log Novelty: -2.93
Illumination Graph
TbioMIPEPMitochondrial intermediate peptidase
Gene Details
UniProt ID: Q99797
Family: Enzyme
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 80
PubMed Score: 67.04
PubTator Score: 23.59
Antibody Count: 346
Log Novelty: -4.2
Illumination Graph
TchemVIPR2Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 2
Gene Details
UniProt ID: P41587
Family: GPCR
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 246
PubMed Score: 197.61
PubTator Score: 95.52
Antibody Count: 307
Log Novelty: -5.37
Illumination Graph
TbioZEB2Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 2
Gene Details
UniProt ID: O60315
Family: Transcription Factor
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 122
PubMed Score: 557.91
PubTator Score: 342.69
Antibody Count: 584
Log Novelty: -6.34
Illumination Graph
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