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Overlap of GWAS

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exfoliation syndrome

Targets (3)
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TdarkTBC1D21TBC1 domain family member 21
Gene Details
UniProt ID: Q8IYX1
Family: Other
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 54
PubMed Score: 3.33
PubTator Score: 1.28
Antibody Count: 213
Log Novelty: -0.79
Illumination Graph
TbioLOXL1Lysyl oxidase homolog 1
Gene Details
UniProt ID: Q08397
Family: Enzyme
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 67
PubMed Score: 239.15
PubTator Score: 206.03
Antibody Count: 249
Log Novelty: -5.34
Illumination Graph
TchemCACNA1AVoltage-dependent P/Q-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1A
Gene Details
UniProt ID: O00555
Family: Ion Channel
Knowledge Metrics
PPIs: 232
PubMed Score: 1455.71
PubTator Score: 1068.69
Antibody Count: 76
Log Novelty: -7.28
Illumination Graph
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