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Pramlintide is an analog of human amylin. Amylin is colocated with insulin in secretory granules and cosecreted with insulin by pancreatic beta cells in response to food intake. Amylin and insulin show similar fasting and postprandial patterns in healthy individuals. In patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, there is reduced secretion from pancreatic beta cells of both insulin and amylin in response to food. Amylin affects the rate of postprandial glucose appearance through a variety of mechanisms, as determined by nonclinical studies. Amylin slows gastric emptying (i.e., the rate at which food is released from the stomach to the small intestine) without altering the overall absorption of nutrients. In addition, amylin suppresses glucagon secretion (not normalized by insulin alone), which leads to suppression of endogenous glucose output from the liver. Amylin also regulates food intake due to centrally-mediated modulation of appetite. In human studies, pramlintide, acting as an amylin analog, slows gastric emptying, reduces the postprandial rise in plasma glucagon, and modulates satiety leading to decreased caloric intake.
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