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enfortumab vedotin

Ligand Summary
Enfortumab vedotin-ejfv is an ADC. The antibody is a human IgG1 directed against Nectin-4, an adhesion protein located on the surface of cells. The small molecule, MMAE, is a microtubule-disrupting agent, attached to the antibody via a protease-cleavable linker. Nonclinical data suggest that the anticancer activity of enfortumab vedotin-ejfv is due to the binding of the ADC to Nectin-4-expressing cells, followed by internalization of the ADC-Nectin-4 complex, and the release of MMAE via proteolytic cleavage. Release of MMAE disrupts the microtubule network within the cell, subsequently inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptotic cell death.
Synonyms & Links
DrugCentral: 5366
LyCHI:  enfortumab vedotin

Target Activities