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Gene RIF (13)

25687755 Data indicate that rotein kinase calpha (PKCalpha) plays a role in downregulating complement receptor Ig (CRIg coded by V-set and Ig domain-containing protein 4 VSIG4) expression.
25114177 complement receptor of the immunoglobulin superfamily-L-factor H protects glomerular mesangial cells from complement-mediated injury and proliferative lesions
24862966 Data indicate that massive V-set and Ig domain-containing 4 VSIG4(+) cell infiltration throughout the non-small-cell lung cancer samples.
24349325 we identified VSIG4 as a potential diagnostic marker of severe preeclampsia. The determination of this gene may improve the prognostic assessment of severe preeclampsia.
23383108 A synthetic peptide corresponding to the immunosuppressive domain (amino acids 574-592) of HIV-1 gp41 downregulates the expression of V-set and immunoglobulin domain containing 4 (VSIG4) in peptide-treated PBMCs
23284715 A synthetic peptide corresponding to the immunosuppressive domain (amino acids 574-592) of HIV-1 gp41 downregulates the expression of V-set and immunoglobulin domain containing 4 (VSIG4) in peptide-treated PBMCs
21768202 we showed that a complement receptor of the Ig superfamily (CRIg, also known as Z39Ig), a receptor for complement fragments (C3b and iC3b), was expressed on a subset of intestinal macrophages in murine and human large intestine
20399148 These results suggest that T cells can opposite T cell hyporesponsiveness through dampening Z39Ig inhibitory signals from macrophages and thus maintain their anti-viral function in chronic hepatitis B.
19914289 hVSIG4 recombinant adenovirus-transfected DCs suppress T cell proliferation, cytokine production and activation marker expression with
17051150 CRIg is not only a phagocytic receptor, but also a potent inhibitor of the alternative pathway convertases
17016562 The specific expression of VSIG4 on resting macrophages suggests that VSIG4 may be important for the maintenance of T cell unresponsiveness in healthy tissues.
16882875 These data indicate that the macrophage Z39Ig is involved in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases through chemokine induction, which will promote the migration of inflammatory cells into the lesion area, and MMP-9 induction.
16530040 Results report the identification and characterization of a Complement Receptor of the Immunoglobulin superfamily, CRIg, that binds complement fragments C3b and iC3b.

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PMID Year Title
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24862966 2014 VSIG4 expression on macrophages facilitates lung cancer development.
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17016562 2006 VSIG4, a B7 family-related protein, is a negative regulator of T cell activation.
17016555 2006 To be or not to be B7.
16882875 2006 Z39Ig is expressed on macrophages and may mediate inflammatory reactions in arthritis and atherosclerosis.
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