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23881307 VPREB1 focal deletions are common in B-ALL and occur independent of V(D)J light chain recombination. Focal deletions of VPREB1 correlate with decreased expression levels and high-risk patients with focal deletions tend to have poorer overall survival
21144590 The proportion of the individuals with <2 copies of the VPREB1 gene was significantly higher in the patient group than that in the controls, while that of the individuals with >2 copies was lower in the patient group than that in the controls.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16818733 Pre-B cell integrins and their stromal cell ligands together with the pre-B cell receptor and galectin-1 form a homogeneous lattice at the contact area between bone marrow pre-B and stromal cells.
11994467 The 5' region of the VpreB gene contains a promoter which displays higher relative activity in preB cells compared with cells at other stages or from other lineages.

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RTRVP                                                                     141 - 145

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1903358 1991 The human pre-B-specific lambda-like cluster is located in the 22q11.2-22q12.3 region, distal to the IgC lambda locus.