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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 15
PubMed Score 1.00
PubTator Score 21.58

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  Differential Expression (8)

Disease log2 FC p
oligodendroglioma 1.600 6.6e-03
glioblastoma 1.200 6.5e-03
group 4 medulloblastoma 1.700 9.3e-06
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.200 5.2e-03
acute quadriplegic myopathy 1.135 8.2e-05
pediatric high grade glioma 1.100 1.6e-03
inflammatory breast cancer 1.200 3.8e-04
ovarian cancer -1.700 9.6e-07

Gene RIF (2)

23850239 A Japanese family afflicted by X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy displayed high urinary beta2 microglobulin without renal dysfunction. Decreased urine acidification in the distal convoluted tubules might be caused by the VMA21 gene mutation.
23315026 This study showed that LOC203547 is the human ortholog of Vma21p, and that hypomorphic mutations of the VMA21 gene disrupt autophagy and cause -linked Myopathy with Excessive Autophagy.

AA Sequence

VAVVAVHVVLALFVYVAWNEGSRQWREGKQD                                            71 - 101

Text Mined References (22)

PMID Year Title
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23850239 2013 Elevated urinary ?2 microglobulin in the first identified Japanese family afflicted by X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy.
23315026 2013 VMA21 deficiency prevents vacuolar ATPase assembly and causes autophagic vacuolar myopathy.
21269460 2011 Initial characterization of the human central proteome.
20873370 2010 Retraction notice to: VMA21 Deficiency causes an autophagic myopathy by compromising V-ATPase activity and lysosomal acidification.
20616343 2010 Impaired autophagy in sporadic inclusion-body myositis and in endoplasmic reticulum stress-provoked cultured human muscle fibers.
19379691 2009 VMA21 deficiency causes an autophagic myopathy by compromising V-ATPase activity and lysosomal acidification.
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