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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 30
PubMed Score 14.85
PubTator Score 13.19

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  Differential Expression (7)

Disease log2 FC p
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.300 7.8e-06
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.400 2.1e-04
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.000 2.7e-11
adult high grade glioma -1.500 5.2e-06
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -1.793 1.7e-02
lung carcinoma 1.200 1.6e-27
ovarian cancer 1.700 1.4e-06

Gene RIF (14)

26507658 These findings elucidate deeply and extensively the mechanism of RNF8/RNF168 and USP11 to maintain the proper status of ubiquitylation gammaH2AX to repair double strand breaks.
25969536 novel insight into cross-talk between ubiquitin and SUMO and uncover USP11 and RNF4 as a balanced SUMO-targeted ubiquitin ligase/protease pair with a role in the DDR.
25471832 USP11 is a novel regulator of p53, which is required for p53 activation in response to DNA damage
24724799 Our data support a model whereby USP11 domains outside the catalytic core domain serve as protein interaction or trafficking modules rather than a direct regulatory function of the proteolytic activity.
24487962 PML degradation mechanism through Notch/Hey1-induced repression of USP11 involved in brain tumour pathogenesis
23337751 USP-11 is not a predictor of a pCR after anthracycline-taxane-containing NST for breast cancer. Low USP-11 expression was independently correlated with better survival outcomes.
22773947 USP11 augments TGFbeta signalling by deubiquitylating ALK5.
22190034 HIV-1 Tat is identified to have a physical interaction with ubiquitin specific peptidase 11 (USP11) in human HEK293 and/or Jurkat cell lines by using affinity tagging and purification mass spectrometry analyses
20601937 Ablation of either USP7 or USP11 in primary human fibroblasts results in de-repression of the INK4a tumour suppressor accompanied by loss of Polycomb repressive complex 1 binding at the locus and a senescence-like proliferative arrest.
19874889 Ubiquitin specific protease 11 protein plays an important role in maintaining a delicate balance in TNFalpha-mediated inflammatory responses by being a part of Yin-Yang regulatory mechanism.
18408009 USP11 plays an important role in regulating the levels of E7 protein and subsequently affects the biological function of E7 as well as its contribution to cell transformation by HPV-16E7.
17897950 the ectopic expression of IKKalpha into cells silenced for USP11 restores p53 expression, demonstrating that USP11 functions as an upstream regulator of an IKKalpha-p53 signaling pathway.
15314155 Results suggest that BRCA2 expression levels are regulated by ubiquitination in response to DNA damage and that USP11 participates in DNA damage repair functions within the BRCA2 pathway independently of BRCA2 deubiquitination.
12084015 structural and functional characterization of the USP11 deubiquitinating enzyme

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Text Mined References (39)

PMID Year Title
26507658 2016 USP11 Is a Negative Regulator to ?H2AX Ubiquitylation by RNF8/RNF168.
25969536 2015 Ubiquitin-specific Protease 11 (USP11) Deubiquitinates Hybrid Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO)-Ubiquitin Chains to Counteract RING Finger Protein 4 (RNF4).
25471832 2014 USP11 regulates p53 stability by deubiquitinating p53.
24724799 2014 Structure and catalytic regulatory function of ubiquitin specific protease 11 N-terminal and ubiquitin-like domains.
24487962 2014 USP11 regulates PML stability to control Notch-induced malignancy in brain tumours.
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23337751 USP-11 as a predictive and prognostic factor following neoadjuvant therapy in women with breast cancer.
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22773947 2012 USP11 augments TGF? signalling by deubiquitylating ALK5.
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20601937 2010 Ubiquitin-specific proteases 7 and 11 modulate Polycomb regulation of the INK4a tumour suppressor.
20233726 2010 Sensitivity to poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibition identifies ubiquitin-specific peptidase 11 (USP11) as a regulator of DNA double-strand break repair.
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
19874889 2010 USP11 negatively regulates TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation by targeting on IkappaBalpha.
19690332 2009 Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of T cell receptor signaling reveals system-wide modulation of protein-protein interactions.
19608861 2009 Lysine acetylation targets protein complexes and co-regulates major cellular functions.
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18408009 2008 USP11 stabilizes HPV-16E7 and further modulates the E7 biological activity.
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17897950 2007 The deubiquitinating enzyme USP11 controls an IkappaB kinase alpha (IKKalpha)-p53 signaling pathway in response to tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha).
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15314155 2004 BRCA2 is ubiquitinated in vivo and interacts with USP11, a deubiquitinating enzyme that exhibits prosurvival function in the cellular response to DNA damage.
14743216 2004 A physical and functional map of the human TNF-alpha/NF-kappa B signal transduction pathway.
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9801870 UHX1 and PCTK1: precise characterisation and localisation within a gene-rich region in Xp11.23 and evaluation as candidate genes for retinal diseases mapped to Xp21.1-p11.2.
8845848 1996 A ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase gene on the proximal short arm of the X chromosome: implications for X-linked retinal disorders.