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25373699 the statistically significant association of rs2337359 upstream of TUFT1 with dental caries experience via meta-analysis across adult samples (p < 0.002) and the suggestive association for multiple variants in TFIP11 across child samples
23790503 We found evidence for a trend of association between genetic variation of TUFT1 and TFIP11 and MIH, which suggest these genes are potentially involved in individual predisposition to MIH.
18781068 The CT genotype of the tuftelin rs3790506 marker was overrepresented in cases with dmft scores higher than 5 and dmfs scores higher than 6 compared to controls.
18781068 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
12489194 The human tuftelin gene and the expression of tuftelin in mineralizing and nonmineralizing tissues. Review.
11733143 Human tuftelin gene contains 13 exons and is larger than 26 kb, with two alternatively spliced tuftelin mRNA transcripts now been identified in the human tooth bud.

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QISHGNFSTQARAKTENPGSIRISKPPSPKPMPVIRVVET                                  351 - 390

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