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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 445
PubMed Score 5822.82
PubTator Score 2584.04

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  Disease (9)

Disease Target Count
Amyloidosis 68
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Orofacial cleft 38 0.0 1.0
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Transthyretin amyloidosis 1 0.0 5.0
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Neuropathy 210 5.088 2.5


  Differential Expression (7)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.300 7.7e-04
osteosarcoma 2.060 1.3e-06
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -2.300 1.3e-02
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -2.400 1.8e-02
diabetes mellitus 1.200 1.5e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.600 3.5e-02
lung carcinoma 2.500 2.6e-09


Accession P02766 Q549C7 Q6IB96 Q9UBZ6 Q9UCM9
Symbols CTS



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1BM7   1BMZ   1BZ8   1BZD   1BZE   1DVQ   1DVS   1DVT   1DVU   1DVX   1DVY   1DVZ   1E3F   1E4H   1E5A   1ETA   1ETB   1F41   1F64   1F86   1FH2   1FHN   1G1O   1GKO   1ICT   1III   1IIK   1IJN   1QAB   1QWH   1RLB   1SOK   1SOQ   1THA   1THC   1TLM   1TSH   1TT6   1TTA   1TTB   1TTC   1TTR   1TYR   1TZ8   1U21   1X7S   1X7T   1Y1D   1Z7J   1ZCR   1ZD6   2B14   2B15   2B16   2B77   2B9A   2F7I   2F8I   2FBR   2FLM   2G3X   2G3Z   2G4E   2G4G   2G5U   2G9K   2GAB   2H4E   2M5N   2NOY   2PAB   2QEL   2QGB   2QGC   2QGD   2QGE   2ROX   2ROY   2TRH   2TRY   2WQA   3A4D   3A4E   3A4F   3B56   3BSZ   3BT0   3CBR   3CFM   3CFN   3CFQ   3CFT   3CN0   3CN1   3CN2   3CN3   3CN4   3CXF   3D2T   3D7P   3DGD   3DID   3DJR   3DJS   3DJT   3DJZ   3DK0   3DK2   3DO4   3ESN   3ESO   3ESP   3FC8   3FCB   3GLZ   3GPS   3GRB   3GRG   3GS0   3GS4   3GS7   3HJ0   3I9A   3I9I   3I9P   3IMR   3IMS   3IMT   3IMU   3IMV   3IMW   3IPB   3IPE   3KGS   3KGT   3KGU   3M1O   3NEE   3NEO   3NES   3NEX   3NG5   3OZK   3OZL   3P3R   3P3S   3P3T   3P3U   3SSG   3TCT   3TFB   3U2I   3U2J   3W3B   4ABQ   4ABU   4ABV   4ABW   4AC2   4AC4   4ACT   4ANK   4D7B   4DER   4DES   4DET   4DEU   4DEW   4FI6   4FI7   4FI8   4HIQ   4HIS   4HJS   4HJT   4HJU   4I85   4I87   4I89   4IIZ   4IK6   4IK7   4IKI   4IKJ   4IKK   4IKL   4KY2   4L1S   4L1T   4MAS   4MRB   4MRC   4N85   4N86   4N87   4PM1   4PME   4PMF   4PVL   4PVM   4PVN   4PWE   4PWF   4PWG   4PWH   4PWI   4PWJ   4PWK   4QRF   4QXV   4QYA   4TKW   4TL4   4TL5   4TLK   4TLS   4TLT   4TLU   4TM9   4TNE   4TNF   4TNG   4TQ8   4TQH   4TQI   4TQP   4WNJ   4WNS   4WO0   4Y9B   4Y9C   4Y9E   4Y9F   4Y9G   4YDM   4YDN   5A6I   5AKS   5AKT   5AKV   5AL0   5AL8   5AYT   5BOJ   5CLX   5CLY   5CLZ   5CM1   5CN3   5CNH   5CR1   5DEJ   5DWP   5E23   5E4A   5E4O   5EN3   5EZP   5HJG   5IHH   5K1J   5K1N   5TTR  

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Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG Inparanoid

Protein-protein Interaction (5)

MLP Assay (6)

AID Type Active / Inconclusive / Inactive Description
1117267 screening 1155 / 0 / 90788 Luminescence-based cell-based primary high throughput screening assay to identify activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription
1117268 summary 0 / 0 / 0 Summary of probe development efforts to identify activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription
1117279 screening 39 / 0 / 1044 Counterscreen for activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription: Luminescence-based cell-based high throughput assay to identify inhibitors of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription in HuH7 hepatoma cells
1117280 screening 8 / 0 / 1075 Luminescence-based cell-based high throughput confirmation assay to identify activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription
1117296 confirmatory 0 / 0 / 55 Counterscreen for activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription: Luminescence-based cell-based high throughput dose response assay to identify inhibitors of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription in HuH7 hepatoma cells
1117297 confirmatory 0 / 0 / 55 Luminescence-based cell-based high throughput dose response assay to identify activators of Transthyretin (TTR) transcription

Gene RIF (305)

26998642 Data suggest that well-structured AB loop regions of TTR in native/homotetrameric/stable state become dissociated/disordered/unfolded at low pH; during refolding, structural perturbations in AB loop appear and facilitate misfolding and amyloid formation.
26656838 Large differences in survival were observed in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis patients with TTR mutations other than Val30Met.
26587769 illustrates the diversity of symptoms encountered in homozygote ATTR V30M patients
26527142 Eight water molecules stabilize the dimeric structure through an extensive hydrogen-bonding network.
26459562 beta-strands F and H as necessary for TTR aggregation.
26444765 Study elucidated alterations in TTR, APP and the global gene expression profile in the frontal cortex between idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus patients and nondemented control brain
26428663 Caucasian patients with the Val142Ile pathogenic variant have phenotypic manifestations similar to African-Americans
26369527 Ile107Val and LateMet30 TTR mutations are associated with the most debilitating and severe familial amyloid polyneuropathy, with rapid onset of tetraparesis and shorter median survival.
26249340 The structures of TTR in complex with three natural polyphenols (pterostilbene, quercetin and apigenin) have been determined.
26003908 In critically ill trauma patients, low serum TTR level is associated with poorer clinical outcomes.
25940564 TTR, which is located predominantly at the cartilage surfaces, was detected in all osteoarthritis cartilage samples and in a majority of aged normal cartilage samples, but not in normal cartilage samples from young donors.
25910794 Quantitative analysis of post-translational modifications in human serum transthyretin associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy by targeted LC-MS and intact protein MS.
25872787 Tafamidis treatment effectively achieved and maintained TTR stabilization in transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy.
25857202 study reports a novel TTR variant(TTR Asp38Tyr mutation) in 2 Brazilian sisters who developed a late onset neuropathy; new mutation calls attention to the diversity found in TTR familial amyloid polyneuropathy
25743445 Open-label clinical trial of tafamidis in patients with non-Val30Met and non-Val122Ile hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis shows no change in cardiac findings.
25737004 Given the high conservation of TTR structure, function and tissue specificity and timing of gene expression, this implies that TTR has a fundamental role, during development and in the adult.
25721874 the Swedish TTRHis88Arg patients all have a common Swedish founder. Cardiomyopathy with heart failure, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal stenosis were early signs of disease; but peripheral neuropathy was present in one patient before symptoms of cardiomyopathy so the phenotypical presentation of this mutation is variable.
25644864 Study investigated the phenotypic and genotypic spectra of hereditary ATTR in Korea; Of 12 genetic tests performed, seven were positive for TTR mutations. D58A (c.173A>C) was the most common mutation in this study (57%, 4/7).
25551524 We did not detect a significant difference in mortality between V122I TTR allele carriers and noncarriers, a finding that contrasts with prior observations; however, the risk of heart failure was increased among carriers.
25550818 The results suggest that amyloid substance was present in the blood of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy patients with the ATTR Val30Met mutation.
25509863 Transthyretin, one of the major plasma proteins, has a number of posttranslational modifications and mutations, some of which are associated with the development of severe diseases, for instance, familial amyloid neuropathy and Alzheimer's disease
25478940 Using circular dichroism spectroscopy, the study determined that CLU preferentially stabilizes monomeric TTR and generates increasingly stable conformations under acid stress.
25395306 The interaction of the amyloidogenic V122I TTR with human cardiomyocytes is distinct from that of a non-amyloidogenic TTR variant and is characterized by its retention at the cell membrane, where it initiates the cytotoxic cascade.
25372987 The conserved water mediated recognition dynamics of the different functional sites may provide some rational clues towards the understanding of the activity and mechanism of hTTR.
25372741 The review show the relevance of TTR in normal state and in disease especially in several neuropathologies where its level varies. Also, its neuroprotective role in schemia and Alzheimer's disease was also dicussed.
25367359 Genetic variation of the transthyretin gene is associated with wild-type transthyretin amyloidosis.
25245430 Data suggest that TTR and TTR mutants (seen in subjects with senile systemic amyloidosis) have similar amyloidogenic potential and similar thermodynamic/kinetic stabilities; this study emphasizes protein stability under physiological conditions.
25091367 findings indicate that CNS clinical involvement occurs in ATTR-V30M patients regardless of Liver Ttransplantation
25086037 Lys-35 is as a gatekeeper residue in transthyretin preventing the protein from aggregation.
25060417 Diflunisal might be effective especially for autonomic dysfunction in late-onset FAP with a TTR Val30Met mutation.
25018619 The EPO concentration in the aqueous humor of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP) and non-FAP patients, with and without glaucoma, was evaluated.
24945718 once monomers of transthyretin are released from the tetramer, equilibrium is established between a set of conformational states possessing different degrees of disorder
24849358 The current data suggest one possible mechanism that can account for the increased production of TTR as a potential protective molecule during the course of alzheimer disease.
24781992 MPO/H2O2 system using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and TTR Western blotting. This observation revealed that the TTR amyloid deposits and serum TTR were oxidized by the MPO/H2O2/NO(-) system.
24779883 The link between TTR secondary structures and mutation impact, and the relationship between mutations and amyloidogenic propensity have been presented.
24690176 we have identified a potential monitoring biomarker TTR for Kawasaki disease.
24667918 Microarray analysis indicates HIV-1 Tat-induced downregulation of transthyretin (TTR) in primary human brain microvascular endothelial cells
24661308 A subunit exchange method quantifies the kinetic stability of endogenous transthyretin in plasma; TTR kinetic stability correlates with the tafamidis plasma concentration.
24648510 The studies reveal a novel antibody property, the innate ability of IgMs to selectively degrade and dissolve toxic misTTR species as a first line immune function.
24563469 Immunoglobulin amyloid light-chain (AL)-related cardiac amyloidosis (CA) has a worse prognosis than either wild-type (ATTRwt) or mutant (ATTRm) transthyretin (TTR) CA.
24555660 TTR V30M carrier frequency in a northern Swedish population.
24528201 We now show that the amyloid beta-peptide clearance protein transthyretin is also epigenetically up-regulated by amyloid precursor protein intracellular domain
24480837 TTR Ile107Met mutation is associated with vitreous amyloidosis and familial amyloid polyneuropathy.
24474780 Binding of the natural ligands thyroxine or retinol-binding protein (RBP) by Ser52Pro variant TTR stabilizes the native tetrameric assembly, but neither protected the variant from proteolysis.
24455802 Val30Met mutation was found in a Belgian family with hereditary amyloidosis.
24390749 Amyloid deposition in synovial membranes of OA patients was found to be ATTR and AL-kappa.
24184229 This study is the largest homozygous TTR gene V122I polymorphism cohort reported and demonstrates association with earlier age at onset than for heterozygotes.
24182678 Cardiac amyloid formation of wild-type transthyretin is affected by age and sex differences in familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP).
24164623 These findings strongly support further investigations on the diagnostic utility of TTR aggregate specific monoclonal antibodies for patients with TTR amyloidoses.
24113303 Vitreous opacity is very common in patients with the TTR Gly83Arg mutation; other clinical characteristics associated with the mutation include polyneuropathy and cardiac amyloidosis.
24070596 Case Report: characterization of untyped cardiac amyloidosis by mass spectrometry in a patient with Gly6Ser transthyretin polymorphism in fatal cardiogenic shock.
24053266 The natural history of Ser50Arg, Ser52Pro and Gly47Ala TTR mutations is similar to the Val30Met mutation described in familial amyloidosis polyneuropathy in endemic areas.
24035612 Native transthyretin inhibits all preeclampsia-like features in the humanized mouse model.
24030829 Transthyretin proteins regulate angiogenesis by conferring different molecular identities to endothelial cells.
23901247 Mutation p.G83R in the TTR protein is associated with hereditary vitreous amyloidosis in Chinese families.
23860318 findings further suggest a mechanism underlying the regulation of TTR expression through the identification of a novel ERE in the TTR gene, which functions as an E2-dependent enhancer-like element
23734638 Synovial deposition of wild-type non-mutated transthyretin-derived amyloid was found in knee joint osteoarthritis patients.
23716704 Data indicate that AG10 stabilizes V122I- and wildtype-transthyretin (TTR) equally well.
23713495 All familial amyloidosis non-V30M transthyretin-amyloid fibril protein patients had a fibril composition with ATTR fragments, except for two ATTRY114C patients.
23623341 Measurement of prealbumin levels allows a more accurate prediction of mortality in elderly chronic heart failure patients.
23580146 The genetic stabilization of transthyretin is associated with decreased risk of cerebrovascular disease.
23579071 Decreased secretion with intracellular aggregation of TTR L12P in hepatoma cells relative to WT and V30M variant.
23546595 Serum levels of transthyretin are elevated in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
23523753 the V30A TTR variant was substantially less stable than the WT TTR, even worse than the V30M variant under some experimental conditions, accompanied by significantly increased amyloid fibril formation and cytotoxicity against neuroblastoma cells.
23465306 TTR levels in sera of patients with early RA were significantly increased. Four modified TTR were identified by MALDI-TOF-MS, and the proportion of modified TTR varied with different disease stages.
23438977 A Chinese family with TTR Ala36Pro associated familial amyloidosis is characterized by early ocular involvement.
23414091 Carbonylated wild type and carbonylated V122I TTR have a stronger propensity to form aggregates and fibrils than wild type and V122I TTR, respectively, at physiologically attainable pH values.
23387326 Presence of N-glycosylated transthyretin in plasma of V30M carriers is associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy.
23385359 9 different proteins (haptoglobin, transthyretin, apolipoprotein A-1, serum amyloid P component, apolipoprotein E, complement factor H, fibrinogen gamma, thrombin, complement C3) were identified as a potential diagnostic pattern of Parkinson's disease.
23319365 S-sulfhydration and S-sulfonation of cysteine at position ten in the cerebral TTR correlate with an anomalous TTR protein folding as well as with disease duration in multiple sclerosis.
23306657 Early neuropathic involvement in TTR-mutation carriers can be detected or confirmed by neurophysiological tests specifically assessing small nerve fibres.
23279339 It is reasonable to consider Southern Italy as an endemic focus of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy
23244293 Transthyretin amyloid deposits in the carpal tunnel ligament is commonly of wildtype origin.
23240369 TTR-associated FAP is a progressive and fatal disease that exists in the Israeli population and is unproportionally common among Yemenite Jews.
23225017 FAP is an inherited severe systemic amyloidosis caused by mutated TTR, and characterized by amyloid deposition mainly in the peripheral nervous system and the heart.
23225009 Experimental inhibition of fibrillogenesis and neurotoxicity by amyloid-beta (Abeta) and other disease-related peptides/proteins by plant extracts and herbal compounds.
23225005 Mechanisms of transthyretin aggregation and toxicity.
23185504 The SNP found in the 3' UTR of the TTR gene has no effect on degrading the variant allele's expression and thus has no impact on the diminished penetrance of the trait in the Swedish population
23133543 analysis of serum and cerebrospinal fluid levels of transthyretin in Lewy body disorders with and without dementia
23129325 The plasma TTR levels appear to be an important determinant of plasma RBP4 levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
23079095 Lower prealbumin blood levels were predictive of in-hospital mortality in heart failure patients.
22984597 Data indicate that annular oligomers are key dynamic intermediates not only in the assembly but also in the disassembly of transthyretin (TTR) protofibrils.
22975527 Misfolded transthyretin in macular detachment and macular hole patients' vitreous completely or partially lost natural biofunctions.
22968245 Serum transthyretin was not affected by short-term perioperative high-energy intake.
22949539 Transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis is an underappreciated contributor to heart failure in elderly patients.
22948197 Low serum prealbumin level in the perioperative period is associated with a poorer prognosis in non-small-cell lung cancer patients.
22928869 Familial amyloidosis with polyneuropathy is associated with TTR Ser50Arg mutation.
22889670 TTR is elevated in two spots of the 2D-gel electrophoresis analysis from the Parkinson's cerebrospinal fluid samples relative to the normal control pool.
22847813 transthyretin is dysregulated in cases of intrauterine growth restriction and severe early onset preeclampsia; interestingly, TTR expression is not affected in cases with HELLP syndrome that reveal the same staining intensities as age-matched controls
22842046 Crystallographic analysis of ligand binding to the wild-type and V30M mutated human transthyretin.
22826435 TTR blocks the ability of holo-retinol-binding protein to associate with STRA6 and thereby effectively suppresses both STRA6-mediated retinol uptake and STRA6-initiated cell signaling.
22795285 Electrocardiographic voltages meet the criteria for LVH in one quarter of patients with ATTR V122I cardiac amyloidosis.
22784244 thsi study showed that TTR Val30Ala FAP in China seems unrelated to mitochondrial haplogroup.
22698061 this study prompts TTR as an early plasma biomarker in Alzheimer disease
22670059 Strong binding of beta-amyloid peptide to TIAALLSPYSYS (residues 106-117) was detected, corresponding to strand G on the inner beta-sheet of TTR.
22607976 Data show that prolonged transthyretin (TTR) unfolding induces externalization of cryptic N-glycosylation site and triggers STT3B-dependent posttranslational N-glycosylation.
22592564 TTR mutations should be considered when screening patients presenting with progressive axonal polyneuropathy negative for amyloid deposition.
22579241 Discusses TTR gene mutations in amyloidosis and if amyloidosis has a role in the aging process. Explores if treating amyloidosis increases human lifespan and increases quality of life in the oldest old.
22439750 The neutron structure revealed that the hydrogen-bond network involving His88 is important for the stabilization of the dimer-dimer and monomer-monomer interfaces.
22412233 Case Report: woman who was diagnosed with hereditary transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis by means of immunofluorescence and genetic analysis.
22362898 systemic (cardiac) TTR deposition may be the direct result of the diminution in the distant chaperoning capacity of the liver related to age or long-standing exposure to misfolded TTR, or both, in transgenic mice expressing human TTR.
22311483 A heterozygous mutation G to C at codon 103 in exon 3 of TTR gene (Gly103Arg) was detected in all 4 members of the family but not in the unrelated controls.
22301727 Hereditary cardiac amyloidosis with transthyretin mutations
22264585 Data support hypothesis that placental TTR secreted into maternal placental circulation can be taken up by trophoblasts and translocated to fetal circulation, forming a TTR shuttle system.
22248451 Neutron diffraction studies reveal the molecular stability of transthyretin relates to the hydrogen-bond network, the pH sensitivity and the weak hydrogen bonds.
22228785 the chronological sequence of other clinical landmarks tended to be uniform, occurring within a relatively short time span in transthyretin Val30Met familial amyloid polyneuropathy
22187309 a TTR Gly-54 point mutation in the 2nd exon is a novel mutation in vitreous amyloidosis in Chinese
22169613 There is a connection between elevated concentrations of both complement C4b and TTR and the pathogenesis of proliferative vitreoretinopathy.
22120741 TTR L55P-Zn(2+) structure offers the first molecular insights into the role of Zn(2+) as a mediator of cross-beta-type structure in TTR amyloidosis
22102249 results demonstrate the feasibility of a full crystallographic analysis of transthyretin to a resolution of 2.0 A using Laue diffraction
22091638 While X-ray structure of A25T-TTR is indistinguishable from that of wild-type TTR, A25T-TTR has low stability that may be involved in amyloidogenesis.
22080762 The V30M to wild type transthyretin (TTR) ratio in plasma is the same for all amyloid TTR patients studied, showing no variation with disease clinical progression
22045754 Data suggest that TTR expression and uptake are increased in placental trophoblasts by relative cell hypoxia (as a model for the relative hypoxia observed in first trimester of pregnancy); oxygen appears to be regulator of trophoblast TTR expression.
22027013 Te results of this study suggested taht genetic variations in MMEL1, ECE1, ECE2, AGER, PLG, PLAT, NR1H3, MMP3, LRP1, TTR, NR1H2, and MMP9 genes do not play major role among the Finnish AD patient cohort.
22002789 This study showed that signi fi cantly lower level of plasmaTTR were found in Alzheimer's disease subjects compared to non-demented controls and within AD subjects
21945954 Strong, false-positive immunostaining for transthyretin in cardiac amyloid is a potential pitfall, augmented by the frequent lack of staining for immunoglobulin light chains.
21945519 TTR production and secretion by the placenta may facilitate transplacental delivery of thyroid hormone to the fetus.
21880910 This study demonistrated that increased TTR production coupled with interaction between TTR and Abeta and/or its related peptides may play a role in natural resistance to human AD.
21843040 TTR Lys35Thr and Leu55Arg mutations are associated with vitreous amyloidosis.
21841252 Reduced levels of brain testosterone and 17beta-estradiol in female mice with TTR genetic reduction may underlie their increased Alzheimer's disease-like neuropathology.
21821015 results suggested that macular detachment (MD) and macular hole (MH) patients had higher vitreous TTR concentrations; TTR in MD vitreous had an abnormally stable tetrameric structure, possibly due to misfolding
21777382 investigation of determinants of binding affinity between transthyretin and retinol-binding protein: importance of N-terminal sequence of transthyretin; length and hydrophobicity of N-terminal sequence are important determinants of binding affinity
21739396 This study indicated that the mutation of transthyretin at Ala97Ser was a new mutation only reported in ethnic Taiwanese.
21733562 wild-type transthyretin deposition is a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome in elderly men.
21714897 Higher level of the ratio of C-reactive protein to prealbumin is associated with mortality of acute kidney injury patients independent of the severity of illness.
21600538 Positive results for the amyloidogenic TTR V122I allele support the diagnosis and define the origin of the disease, which can be confirmed by endomyocardial biopsy.
21540676 Asymptomatic homozygous gene carrier in a family with Ile68Leu ATTR amyloidosis
21537325 Albumin may have an inhibitory role in the TTR amyloid-formation process.
21521316 Data show that leptin is better than any other biological parameter for monitoring the efficacy of renutrition, including albumin, transthyretin, leptin, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-3 and IGF-1.
21461579 This study allowed for the detection of protein interaction partners, which, in the case of retinol binding protein 4 and retinoid X receptor, indicated a connection between the common tumor marker TTR and tumor progression in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
21439703 the most common variant of cardiac amyloidosis is caused by mutations in the transthyretin gene
21434877 Guillain-Barre syndrome is associated with low CSF index levels of prealbumin.
21422279 Heparan sulfate/heparin promotes transthyretin fibrillization through selective binding to a basic motif in the protein.
21420946 Serum TTR may be a biomarker for high myopia patients with ocular pathologies.
21406045 Data show that transthyretin (TTR) D99N is predicted to be a non-pathogenic benign mutation with wildtype properties.
21397913 These results indicate that the distribution of amyloid deposition, is a characteristic feature and reflects the severity of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy with transthyretin point mutation Val30Ala.
21358362 Recurrence of amyloid deposition only occurred in nonextensive vitrectomized eyes and represents a false recurrence associated with incomplete vitrectomy.
21335655 Transthyretin is not only involved in Alzheimer disease (AD) pathological processes but is suggested as a possible peripheral biomarker for AD diagnosis at serum level.
21280184 The development of arrhythmia is unrelated to gender/age at disease onset, and the risk does not appear to decrease with time after liver transplantation in familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (amyloidogenic transthyretin Val30Met variant).
21208750 No significant associations were found between SNPs and regional grey matter volume when testing across the combined sample population of patients with major depressive disorder and controls.
21191093 In cardiac amyloidosis secondary to a V122I mutation and wild-type transthyretin, pressure-volume analysis reveals alterations associated with reductions in the ability of the ventricle to perform work and with reduced survival in these subjects.
21179887 Diagnostic and prognosis of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy is crucial at early stages of the disease and after liver transplantation. A suitable non-invasive method was developed for monitoring the most important FAP biomarker in human saliva.
21179560 uptake of TTR from the circulation and its subsequent segregation into cytoplasmic quasi-crystalline arrays of nanospherules is part of a mechanism that neutralizes the toxic effect of TTR
21174946 analysis of mutated Y116S transthyretin and how the unfolding of the mutant structure may cause instability in the protein and thus induce amyloidgenesis
21135536 we identify the clinical characteristics of a Chinese family affected by transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis with TTR Tyr114Cys mutation.
21104416 transthyretin was expressed in the outer basal and suprabasal keratinocytes of anagen VI hair follicles
21077797 Swedish FAP ATTR Val30Met patients appeared to develop vitreous opacity later and more frequently compared with Japanese patients.
21056899 This is the first report showing the relationship between wild-type transthyretin deposition and aging in familial amyloid polyneuropathy patients.
20964562 The blood levels of serum amyloid A protein and transthyretin were found to be significantly increased in lung cancer patients.
20949480 transthyretin was identified by a proteomic method as an overabundant protein in pancreatic juice in patients with pancreatic carcinoma
20840742 presence of a 3'UTR polymorphism on the V30M haplotype in Swedish carriers, which can serve as a miRNA binding site potentially leading to down-regulated expression from the mutated TTR allele.
20840742 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20735474 The site-directed mutagenesis of HNF-4 binding sites in the transthyretin proximal promoter dramatically decreases transthyretin gene expression.
20697105 In a group of patients with familial amyloid neuropathy, skin denervation is associated with a missense mutation in amyloidogenic transthyretin (Ala97Ser).
20697105 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20660862 Survival after liver transplantation for TTR amyloidosis may be associated with progression of neuropathy due to continued deposition of amyloid derived from wild-type TTR
20659897 Novel Zn2+-binding sites in human transthyretin: implications for amyloidogenesis and retinol-binding protein recognition.
20646067 MT2 diminishes Transthyretin-Abeta binding, whereas MT3 has the opposite effect
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20547140 The result of this study suggested that the TTR gene is expressed in the Schwann cells of peripheral nerves.
20462367 findings show Swedish TTR V30M carriers have the same reduction in serum TTR as do other ethnic groups carrying the same or other TTR mutations
20462367 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20435197 after age 70, carriers show a higher frequency of congestive failure & greater mortality with more echocardiographic evidence suggestive of cardiac amyloidosis, findings consistent with age-dependent clinical penetrance of this autosomal dominant gene
20435197 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20388560 transthyretin sulfonation is an important trigger step in the formation of transthyretin-related amyloid fibril
20373457 an Ala36Pro transthyretin mutation may be responsible for transthyretin amyloid neuropathy [case report]
20211733 used structural and biophysical approaches to characterize genistein binding to the wild type (TTRwt) and to its most frequent amyloidogenic variant, the V30M mutant
20143571 Analysis of familial medical history demonstrated autosomal dominant inheritance of TTR Cys 114 gene mutation in 4 generations.
20132088 report two patients with amyloidogenic transthyretin (ATTR) Val30Met familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP) who developed numbness in both hands and were diagnosed as having bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
19922456 Significant reductions in CSF TTR were found after cholinesterase inhibitor treatment in patients with Alzheimer's disease compared to untreated individuals.
19922332 the phenotype associated with five rare amyloidogenic TTR mutations that lately were discovered in Sweden
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19861125 Findings together with the low toxicity of the compound raise the possibility of using EGCG in a therapeutic approach for familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy, the most frequent form of hereditary TTR amyloidosis.
19808383 Case Report: Heart failure and cardiac involvement as isolated manifestation of familial form of transthyretin amyloidosis resulting from Val30Met mutation with no clinical signs of polyneuropathy.
19781421 ATTR V122I and AL are equally prevalent as the cause of cardiomyopathy in African Americans referred for a diagnosis of amyloidosis.
19703508 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19664600 clusterin strongly interacts with wild-type transthyretin (TTR) and TTR variants V30M and L55P under acidic conditions, and blocks the amyloid fibril formation of TTR variants.
19626480 Results describe a parent-of-origin effect in the penetrance of mutated transthyretin in transthyretin-related amyloid polyneuropathy.
19626479 Results indicate that carpal tunnel syndrome is not the sole distinctive feature in the majority of familial amyloid polyneuropathy transthyretin Val30Met patients.
19602727 rat and murine TTR have a lower intrinsic beta-aggregation propensity and a similar native beta-structure stability compared with human TTR.
19601795 Studies indicate that a mutated variant protein or precursor protein including amyloid beta peptide, cystatin C, prion protein, transthyretin and gelsolin is abnormally metabolized and accumulates as amyloid.
19501859 circulating retinol binding protein 4 and transthyretin were not affected by human obesity or type 2 diabetes mellitus
19493541 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19477408 TTR genotyping should be considered for any patient with cardiomyopathy of this phenotype.
19428025 The Asn90His mutation was found in 3 siblings, only one of whom had recurrent cerebral hemorrhages. The father did not have this allele but did have brain hemorrhages. His90Asn does not seem to be associated with cerebral amyloid or hemorrhage.
19410571 cerebrospinal fluid transthyretin concentration of the Guillain-Barre syndrome patients is significantly higher than that of the control
19401362 TTR production by trophoblasts may represent a mechanism to allow transfer of maternal thyroid hormone to the fetal circulation that could have important implications for fetal development.
19389624 Mass spectrometry data show that the natural ligand of transthyretin, thyroxine, provides a larger stability increase to the tetramer composed of variant subunits than to the wild-type protein-ligand complex.
19361464 Binding of cysteine and homocysteine may alter the structure and characteristics of serum TTR, and may facilitate TTR denaturation and deposition
19328595 There was no evidence of association of AD with any of the TTR SNPs in either ethnic group in the total sample or subset of families with MRI data
19328595 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19250316 Stability and fibril formation properties of human transthyretin.
19188365 the affinity to the ER-resident protein BiP regulates the fate of TTR variants in the ER.
19180884 mutation types in 3 families with suspected familial amyloid polyneuropathy were studied; mutations were ATTR Val30Met, Phe33Val & Gly67Glu; ATTR Gly67Glu family had a shorter survival time due to heart involvement compared with the other 2 families
19118530 The results show a higher proportion of wtTTR in the 12-months-surviving amyloidosis patient than the 3-weeks-surviving patient, but interestingly this difference in wt proportion is mainly seen among the full-length, and not the fragmented, molecules.
19021760 The protein-protein interactions between transthyretin and plasma retinol-binding protein were analysed by structural (X-ray crystallography) and genetic (amino acid substitutions) methods.
18930252 A 33-year-old man with FAP type I with genetic findings of transthyretin (TTR) revealed G to A transition in codon 54 causing a rare mutation of TTR Lys54.
18925456 TTR Val30Met mutation is associated with familial amyloid polyneuropathy.
18835560 TTR deposited in peripheral nervous system of familial amyloiditic polyneuropathy should be regarded as having blood or CSF orgin
18830126 12 TTR mutations were found in 30 transthyretin-derived amyloidosis patients with p.Val30Met being the most prevalent (5 patients)
18825272 Islets of Langerhans expression of transthyretin may be altered in type-2 diabetes.
18807501 Its dynamic structure changes due to pathogenic mutation and accumulates in various organs to cause amyloidosis. (review)
18688962 DNA testing for transthyretin is the most reliable test for transthyretin familial amyloid polyneuropathy in patient of Russian family.
18682810 The aqueous humor of glaucoma patients revealed characteristic differences in protein/peptide profiles from control patients using two different analytical methods, SELDI-TOF-MS and two-dimensional electrophoresis.
18662699 acidic conditions increase the susceptibility of the EF helix-loop of the B subunit to undergo conformational changes and unfold, destabilizing the tetramer and identifying conformational changes in the tetramer that lead to the amyloidogenic monomer
18655780 TTR identified patients at highest risk for metabolic losses associated with stress hypermetabolism.
18579156 novel Thr49Pro TTR gene mutation is associated with leptomeningeal amyloidosis resulting in recurrent CNS symptoms
18485534 These results indicate that HSF1 regulated genes are involved in familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy, modulating TTR tissue deposition.
18460047 The origin of the the TTR Val30Met familial amyloid polyneuropathy mutation arose independently in Portugal and in Sweden, and spread out from Portugal to Brazil.
18448869 Quantifying the transthyretin/prostaglandin-D-synthase complex in ventricular cerebrospinal fluid may be useful in the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, possibly in its early stages.
18410945 FAP with TTR Val30Met mutation in Japan can be classified to (i) early-onset and endemic (Nagano and Kumamoto), (ii) late-onset and endemic (Ishikawa), and (iii) late-onset and non-endemic types.
18406527 TTR mRNA expression in caudate equina, dorsal root ganglia, frontal lobe.
18326041 Fluorescence-detected sedimentation velocity was used to determine the effect of S-sulfonate and S-cysteine on the quaternary structural stability of fluorophore-conjugated recombinant TTR.
18276611 conformational changes preceding the formation of amyloid, we performed molecular dynamics simulations of the wild-type monomer, amyloidogenic variants of transthyretin (V30M, L55P, V122I) and a protective variant (T119M) at neutral and low pH
18275060 transthyretin down-regulation may have a role in cholangiocarcinoma
18257091 Upregulation of transthyretin is associated with brain metastases in lung cancer
18252270 Serum transthyretin concentrations are not related to birth weight/gestational age and are not associated with either clinical condition at birth (as assessed by Apgar score) or the occurrence of respiratory distress syndrome.
18242169 In patients with renal disease, serum transthyretin is positively and independently related to body mass index and is significantly lower in malnourished than well-nourished patients.
18237193 TTR-MT1/2 complexes may be functionally significant not only in healthy conditions but also in Abeta deposition in Alzheimer disease.
18221012 a novel post-translational modification, gamma-carboxylation of the Glu-42 (Gla-42), of transthyretin was observed in moyamoya disease
18022643 Our study is the first case series gathering from the Chinese-Taiwanese population. We proposed a possible hot-spot mutation of the TTR gene, Ala97Ser, in this ethnic group.
17980738 Elevated IOP (intraocular pressure) may develop in patients with vitreous amyloidosis due to a TTR Val30Gly mutation in the transthyretin gene.
17968690 Report identified a novel TTR Gly67Glu mutant and it was the first case series of familial transthyretin amyloidosis.
17968687 Data are consistent with the continued deposition of normal transthyretin in cardiac tissue after liver transplantation.
17957146 Serum RBP4 and TTR showed no differences between controls/type 1 diabetic children.
17873539 First described case of a TTR-Phenylalanine-64-serine mutation in an African-American family with profound gastrointestinal symptoms.
17698792 DNA testing for transthyretin is the most reliable test for transthyretin familial amyloid polyneuropathy in patients with a progressive length-dependent small fiber polyneuropathy of unknown origin, especially when associated with autonomic dysfunction.
17683510 Reduced transthyretin expression is associated with lung cancer
17683281 proposed for TTR fibrillogenesis inhibitor screens avoids not only lengthy and cumbersome large-scale protein isolation steps but also artefacts associated with most current in vitro first-line screening methods
17671371 Extended high-temperature incubation of the highly amyloidogenic transthyretin mutant TTR G53S/E54D/L55S successfully removes heterogeneities and allows the reproducible growth of well diffracting crystals.
17630783 Data show that Cu(II) and Zn(II) promoted amyloid formation from the L55P mutant of transthyretin at pH 6.5.
17577688 present two families, from Spain and Portugal, with familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP) associated with the mutation TTRSer50Arg
17558848 Transthyretin mutation is associated with vitreous amyloid
17503405 study of 49 TTR mutations including 33 resulting in electrically neutral amino acid substitutions; most of the electrically neutral amyloidogenic TTR variants had in common a reduced conformational stability of monomers by the activity of protons & urea
17487420 These results suggest that oxidative stress to cells abrogates secretion of DJ-1 and that secreted DJ-1 degrades aggregated TTR to protect against the onset of FAP.
17466336 Thus, there was considerable phenotypic heterogeneity among family members with FAP despite the identical TTR genotype.
17431395 Endoplasmic reticulum quality control regulates the fate of TTR variants in the cell.
17378745 assays for TTR have a relatively high level of uncertainty; clinical evaluation--history and physical examination--should remain the mainstay of nutritional assessment.
17203960 results show that transthyretin is present in amniotic fluid of preeclamptic & control women as a mixture of dimeric & post-translationally modified monomeric forms; preeclamptic women showed a significant increase in the amount of monomeric proteins
17196219 The asymmetry and a possible destabilization of the tetrameric quaternary structure of TTR may be responsible for the amyloidogenic potential of the two TTR mutant forms at low pH.
17176092 Transthyretin preferentially binds to aggregated rather than monomeric beta-amyloid and arrests further growth of the aggregates.
17143887 Destabilization of the dimer-dimer interface and the monomer core is important for the amyloidogenesis of transthyretin.
17116243 the effect of oxidation on transthyretin was investigated by comparing the kinetics of fibril formation.
17062384 In amyloidosis, deposits in both vitreous and cardiac tissues were enriched in variant transthyretin, vitreous fibrils contained more variant protein than cardiac fibrils.
16893521 The finding of a structural difference between wildtype ATTR and ATTR V30M material on one hand and ATTR Y114C material on the other suggests that the fibril formation pathway of these ATTR variants may differ in vivo.
16879610 The unstructured N-terminal region of TTR critically influences the specificity and affinity of thyroid hormone binding to TTR.
16751191 show involvement of ER stress response in familial amyloid polyneuropathy by showing activation of classical unfolded protein response pathways in tissues not specialized in TTR synthesis but presenting extracellular TTR aggregate and fibril deposition.
16751065 Microarray analysis indicates HIV-1 Tat-induced downregulation of transthyretin (TTR) in primary human brain microvascular endothelial cells
16732734 C-terminal fragment of the TTR polypeptide chain seems to be crucial for production of abnormal fibrils.
16716350 data does not support an involvement of the TTR gene in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia
16698124 Transthyretin is clearly not produced in the brain parenchyma of wild-type mice nor in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease.
16690497 Amyloid deposition in the alveolar regions is a characteristic finding in aged patients with familial pulmonary amyloidosis caused by point mutations in amyloidogenic transthyretin.
16552785 First report describing the presence of differential post-translational oxidations of transthyretin in the cerebral spinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
16487493 Serotonergic hypofunction in depression, reflected by low CSF 5-HIAA, may result in decreased choroid plexus transthyretin production, alterations in central thyroid hormone kinetics, and increased vulnerability to suicidal ideation and perhaps suicide
16386248 Data show that chromium(III) and thyroxine cooperatively suppress in vitro fibril formation due to the stabilization of WT-transthyretin (TTR) and V30M-TTR.
16225852 We have identified an siRNA that specifically inhibits mutant, but not wild-type, TTR expression even in cells expressing both alleles.
16219761 analysis of role of dimerization in transthyretin amyloidosis
16204882 crystal structure of the complex of human transthyretin (hTTR) with 3,3',5,5'-tetraiodothyroacetic acid (T4Ac) determined to 2.2 Angstrom resolution
16194875 A Swedish family is reported with rare Phe33Leu transthyretin mutation; the phenotype is characterized by familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome.
16185074 results suggest that an intermolecular cysteine bridge at position 114 enhances the exposure of cysteine 10, thereby facilitating additional intermolecular cysteine assemblies
16159939 All three major serum-binding proteins, thyroxine-binding globulin, transthyretin, and albumin, were present in cytosol. May modify thyroid hormone deiodination and materno-fetal thyroid hormone transport.
16130282 Present in all the eye structures except the lens and tear. Significant decrease in vitreous TTR in diabetes with hypertension and increase in one case each of diabetes with hypertension associated with leukaemia or carcinoma with hepato-splenomegaly.
16114899 TTR can bind to the plasma membrane and cause a change in membrane fluidity which may be the cause of neurotoxicity.
16079207 Protein synthesis, including TTR, was reduced in old sheep CP and in newly secreted CSF. These age-related changes suggest reduced capacity of CP to maintain CSF T4 homeostasis and be an added risk for Alzheimer's disease.
16076613 Mutation in the TTR-amyloid fibril protein is associated with familial amyloid polyneuropathy
16053476 A patient with familial amyloid polyneuropathy. Gene analysis revealed a heterozygous Glu54Gly substitution (A-to-G change) in the transthyretin gene.
16011990 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
15995833 An Italian family with TTR arg47 mutation whose members (two women and their father) showed a rapid progression of the peripheral nervous system involvement and died within 5 years of clinical onset.
15930086 homozygosity for an amyloidogenic transthyretin mutation may have an effect on phenotype and long term outcome in fatal neuropathic amyloidosis
15821170 biophysical analysis of human transthyretin under partially denaturing conditions
15793844 We report a Chinese patient with amyloidotic polyneuropathy associated with a novel transthyretin mutation (V32A)... likely to be associated with late onset and low-penetrance phenotype.
15736938 Serine112isoleucine variant transthyretin exists as a dimer with nonnative tertiary interactions; it self-assembles under nearly physiological conditions into insoluble spherical aggregates that induce cell death in a human neuroblastoma cell line.
15649951 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15536615 Muscular amyloid angiopathy may contribute to motor nerve injury that, in turn, may lead to amyotropic changes in patients with FAP Ser50Ile and Tyr114Cys.
15214015 mutant TTR may have a role in a severe form of amyloidotic polyneuropathy
15210129 The packing of transthyretin molecules in the C2 crystal form and in the previously determined amyloid TTR (ATTR) Leu55Pro crystal structure is close-to-identical
15033978 TTR can act as a novel plasma cryptic protease and might have a new, potentially important role under physiological and/or pathological conditions.
14981241 TTR monomers rapidly aggregate to form transient low molecular mass assemblies that are highly cytotoxic in tissue culture.
14690414 Urea-induced unfolding data indicate that amyloidogenic Tyr114His and Tyr116Ser mutations of transthyretin reduce the stability of its secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure.
14673473 genotype-phenotype correlations in familial amyloid polyneuropathy (V30M) in Portugal and Sweden
14604984 solvent accessibility analysis of transthyretin amyloid by NMR
14578606 a novel transthyretin (TTR) variant, aspartic acid-18 glutamic acid (Glu), causing TTR-related cardiac amyloidosis in a heterozygote
14534839 TTR dimers containing amyloidogenic TTR mutations decay into monomers at pH<7.4
14507924 homocysteine and human plasma transthyretin bind and have roles in the pathological consequences of amyloid disease
14506715 Wild-type TTR co-deposits in peripheral nerves with variant TTR as amyloid fibril. Progression of amyloid deposition in peripheral nerves from wild-type TTR may occur after liver transplantation, as has been seen in the heart.
12900507 consecutive cycles of compression-decompression under aggregating conditions lead to reversible dissociation of transthyretin and alpha-synuclein fibrils
12876326 novel pathologic TTR variant with an amino acid substitution (Phe->Cys) at position 33; the Cys33 residue was S-sulfonated and S-thiolated (conjugated to cysteine, cysteinylglycine, and glutathione); these adducts may play a role in TTR fibrillogenesis
12874858 an unidirectional dimer to monomer transition of normal TTR is achieved at 70-80 degrees C in neutral to mild alkaline buffers or at 37 degrees C and slightly acidic pH (6-7). Addition of urea favors the transition into monomers.
12874414 In human muscle, the Val122Ile TTR mutation predisposes to A[beta] deposition and amyloidogenesis and increases presumably toxic intracellular A[beta] oligomers.
12697331 Transthyretin intronic open reading frames are not independently expressed in vivo or part of functional transcripts.
12566023 The ATTR Val30 Met and ATTR Tyr114Cys mutations induce different clinical features of vitreous opacities
12560553 transthyretin amyloidosis inhibitors functioned by increasing the kinetic barrier associated with misfolding, preventing amyloidogenesis by stabilizing the native state; the trans-suppressor mutation also functioned through kinetic stabilization
12481032 TTR(105-115) adopts an extended beta-strand conformation that is similar to that found in the native protein except for substantial differences in the vicinity of the proline residue.
12433265 Differences in clinical and geographic features between early- and late-onset familial amyloid polyneuropathy TTR Met30 have been confirmed in Japanese patients with onset before and after 50 years of age.
12403615 The amyloidogenic TTR mutant Y114C exists in three forms: one unstable but nativelike tetrameric form, one highly aggregated form in which a network of disulfide bonds is formed, and one fibrillar form.
12354101 role in naso-maxillary deformity in transgenic mice
12095258 The correlation between destabilization of the transthyretin core strands and the tendency for amyloid formation(familial amyloid polyneuropathy variants) supports the view that these strands are involved in amyloidogenicity
12082059 DNA analysis showed heterozygosity for normal TTR and the amyloidogenic mutation ATTR (Val30Met) leading to the diagnosis of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy.
12039669 Transthyretin Val 107 in a Japanese patient with familial amyloid polyneuropathy. point mutation responsible for substitution of valine for isoleucine at position 107
11995997 Structural basis of negative cooperativity in transthyretin
11913969 Inhibition of transthyretin amyloid fibril formation by 2,4-dinitrophenol through tetramer stabilization
11577236 incorporation of one or more T119M transthyretin mutant subunits into a predominantly V30M tetramer strongly stabilized the mixed tetramer against dissociation
11478875 In a model of amyloidogenesis, chemically cross-linked dimeric forms of transthyretin are able to assemble into amyloid fibrils from oligomeric protein building blocks rather than from structurally rearranged monomers.
11418763 structure of a new polymorphic monoclinic form of human transthyretin at 3 A resolution reveals a mixed complex between unliganded and T4-bound tetramers of TTR
11106758 the beta-slip structure and amyloidosis

AA Sequence

VVTNPKE                                                                   141 - 147

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