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26837804 These findings indicate that the A563T variation induces structural, dynamical, and electrostatic changes in the TRPV5 pore, providing structural insight into the functional alterations associated with the A563T variation.
26089600 Data found that a TRPV5 polymorphism (rs4236480) was observed to be associated with stone multiplicity of calcium nephrolithiasis, as the risk of stone multiplicity was higher in patients with the TT+CT genotype than in patients with the CC genotype
25378396 Klotho up-regulates TRPV5 from both the inside and outside of cells.
25164318 High TRPV5 expression is aassociated with adenoma of parathyroid glands.
25139832 Upregulating the expression of TRPV5 can be utilized to manipulate transmembrane Ca2+ transport, and may serve as an alternative for the treatment of Ca2+ balance-related diseases.
24761864 Decreased expression of TRPV5 is associated with non-small cell lung cancer.
24592736 these data showed that TRPV5/TRPV6 in human lymphocytes are functionally active, and their activity is associated with proliferative status of blood cells.
23970553 Data indicate that transient receptor potential vanilloid type 5 (TRPV5) plasma membrane retention is regulated via lipid rafts.
23968883 These results suggest that TRPV5 and TRPV6 are crucial gates controlling cadmium and zinc levels in the human body.
23469151 TRPML3 and TRPV5 heteromers could have a biological function
23024298 urinary plasmin could contribute to the downstream effects of proteinuria on the tubulointerstitium by negatively modulating TRPV5
22354706 The TRPV6 is a close homolog of TRPV5, yet their calmodulin binding sites display diversity in binding modes, binding stoichiometries and binding affinities which may fine-tune the response of the channels to varying Ca(2+)-concentrations.
21952826 apically secreted tissue transglutaminase functions as an inhibitor of TRPV5 and thereby contributes to the regulation of body Ca2+ homeostasis.
21576356 Data show that calmodulin negatively modulates TRPV5 activity, which is reversed by parathyroid hormone-mediated channel phosphorylation.
21187068 WNK4 and NHERF2 synergistically regulate TRPV5 by enhancing its forward trafficking and increasing its stability at plasma membrane, respectively.
21063097 G(2)/M cell cycle arrest was preceded by activation of TRPV5/6-like nonselective cation channels in the plasma membrane resulting in an elevated Ca(2+) entry as evident from fura-2 Ca(2+) imaging.
21035851 TRPV5 channel is susceptible for helix breaking mutations and the proximal intracellular region of TM5 of this channel plays an important role in Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation
20686800 A calmodulin binding site was located in the C-termini of TRPV2 (654-683) and TRPV5 (587-616).
20547482 Findings suggest that TRPV-5 contributes to maintaining the homeostasis of the human skeleton via a negative feedback loop in RANKL-induced bone resorption.
20405023 Retinal pigment epithelium expresses the epithelial calcium channels TRPV5 and TRPV6, the most calcium-selective channels of the TRP superfamily.
20178461 Data show that TRPV5 and TRPV6 expression is decreased in PE.
19453261 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19423690 Parathyroid hormone activates the cAMP-PKA signaling cascade, which rapidly phosphorylates threonine-709 of TRPV5, increasing the channel's open probability and promoting Ca(2+) reabsorption in the distal nephron.
19295174 human myeloid leukemia cells coexpress functional TRPV5 and TRPV6 calcium channels that may interact with each other and contribute into intracellular Ca(2+) signaling
19261737 the A563T variation in TRPV5 may contribute to the superior ability of renal Ca(2+) conservation in African Americans
19157541 Activation of the CaR stimulates TRPV5-mediated Ca(2+) influx via a PMA-insensitive PKC isoform pathway.
19140341 The expression pattern and the selective Ca2+ permeation properties of TRPV5 channel indicate an important role of this channel in the Ca2+ homeostasis.
19131347 Genotyping TRPV5 in renal hypercalciuria revealed three non-synonymous and five synonymous polymorphisms. Electrophysiological study of the TRPV5 mutants did not reveal significant functional changes compared to wild-type TRPV5 channel recordings.
18703016 This study was aimed at the mechanism underlying the difference in the effects of WNK4 on TRPV5 and TRPV6 through analyzing the difference in TRPV5 and TRPV6 expression in the plasma membrane.
18596722 review covers the distinctive properties and regulation of the highly Ca(2+)-selective TRPV5 channel and highlights the implications for our understanding of the process of Ca(2+) reabsorption.
18305097 activation of protein kinase C increases cell surface abundance of TRPV5 by inhibiting endocytosis
18077461 malin ubiquitinates PTG in a laforin-dependent manner, both in vivo and in vitro, and targets PTG for proteasome-dependent degradation. These results suggest an additional mechanism, involving laforin and malin, in regulating glycogen metabolism
17233615 TRPV5 and TRPV6 are regulated by calbindin-D(28k), klotho and BSPRY (B-box and SPRY-domain-containing protein) at different levels throughout the epithelial cell [review]
17217059 TRPV5 is involved in regulation and function in renal Ca2+ reabsorption and overall Ca2+ homeostasis--{review}
17018846 WNK4 positively regulates TRPV5-mediated Ca transport & inhibitory effect of thiazide-sensitive Na+Cl- cotransporter on this process may be involved in pathogenesis of hypercalciuria of familial hyperkalemic hypertension caused by gene mutation in WNK4.
16564089 Immunohistochemistry of placental villi sections evidenced presence of TRPV5-TRPV6 channels in basal and apical syncytiotrophoblast plasma membranes.
16291808 The epithelial Ca2+ channel TRPV5 is essential for proper osteoclastic bone resorption.
12390878 Our results indicate that the pattern of CaT1 and CaT2 expression correlates with the Ca2+ uptake potential along the differentiation of cultured human trophoblasts isolated from term placenta
12198212 does not play a primary role in autosomal dominant hypercalciuria
11765215 Functional properties of the epithelial Ca2+ channel, ECaC.

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WEILRQNTLGHLNLGLNLSEGDGEEVYHF                                             701 - 729

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