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Disease log2 FC p
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.300 1.7e-03
psoriasis 1.200 8.1e-18
osteosarcoma 2.764 9.8e-05
astrocytoma 2.200 5.5e-03
glioblastoma 3.300 5.4e-04
pediatric high grade glioma 1.200 2.9e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma -1.100 5.6e-03
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.300 2.6e-07
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 2.310 8.1e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.706 5.7e-06
lung carcinoma -1.400 7.2e-07
ductal carcinoma in situ 1.200 2.3e-02

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26949937 miRNA-34a-mediated modulation of TREM2 may in part regulate the phagocytic response
26911435 Genome-wide association studies have identified variants of the gene that encodes triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 (TREM2) as risk factors for non-familial Alzheimer disease (AD).
26758262 Our results corroborate and extend previous findings, concluding that the variant rs75932628-T (p.R47H) in TREM2 is not a risk factor for leucoaraiosis or Parkinson's disease in the Han Chinese population.
26754172 CSF concentrations of soluble TREM2 are higher in Alzheimer's disease than in controls
26704436 neither variant rs75932628 nor rs2234253 be a major susceptibility factor of sporadic Parkinson disease in Chinese Han population from Mainland China.
26694609 The selective expression of TREM2 on myeloid cells and microglia and its association with different forms of dementia indicate a contribution of TREM2 and mutations in TREM2 in common pathways of neurodegeneration. [REVIEW]
26651418 Variant p.R47H of TREM2 was not associated with Parkinson's disease
26414614 decreased TREM2 expression with CD33 suppression and elevated cortical TREM2 mRNA expression with amyloid pathology
26384438 study to determine soluble TREM-1 and TREM-2 levels in serum, and membrane-bound TREM-1 and TREM-2 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with pulmonary TB
26374899 data demonstrate that apoE-TREM2 interaction in microglia plays critical roles in modulating phagocytosis of apoE-bound apoptotic neurons and establish a critical link between two proteins whose genes are strongly linked to the risk for AD
26374897 Alzheimer disease-associated R47H mutation, and other artificial mutations introduced in the same location, markedly reduced the affinity of TREM2 for ApoE
26337043 Impaired signaling by the TREM2-DAP12 pathway leads to altered immune responses in phagocytosis, cytokine production, and microglial proliferation and survival, thus contributing to disease pathogenesis. Review.
26332043 TREM2 expression in leukocytes is elevated not only in Alzheimer's Disease but also in schizophrenia.
26184544 Report altered TREM-1/TREM-2 ratio in cutaneous melanoma.
26058955 The TREM2 rs75932628 is unlikely to play a major role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy.
26058841 results corroborate those of other studies implicating TREM2 as an late-onset Alzheimer's disease risk locus
26037549 Meta-analysis demonstrates that TREM2 is a candidate gene for Alzheimer's disease susceptibility, and TREM2 variant rs75932628 may be a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease
26026943 The rs75932628-T variant of the TREM2 gene was not identified in SALS patients and controls.
26021840 study to determine the abundance of rare variants in exon 2 of the TREM2 gene, including rs75932628-T, in Iranian Alzheimer's Disease (AD) patients; high frequency (0.86%) of the rs-75932628-T allele was observed in Iranian-origin samples, but results did not show a statistically significant difference between the AD patients and controls
26001891 The different expression of DAP12 compared to TREM2 represents the first description of such variable expressivity in Nasu-Hakola disease (NHD) microglia.
25936935 the minor T allele at TREM2 (p.R47H, rs75932628) showed nominally significant association with AD risk (OR 5 5.73, 95% CI 5 1.80-18.25, P 5 .0232), whereas no significant association for risk of frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson's disease.
25886450 TREM2 coding variants also confer late-onset Alzheimer's disease risk in African-American
25852195 TREM2 variant is likely not associated with AD in East Asian population [review]
25732305 A functionally important role for TREM2(+) macrophages in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis.TREM2 is up-regulated on myeloid cells surrounding amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease.
25615530 Our results suggest that the impaired glycosylation and trafficking of TREM2 from endoplasmic reticulum/Golgi to plasma membrane by mutations may inhibit its normal functions in the plasma membrane, which may contribute to the disease.
25596843 This study found that CX3CL1 and TREM2, two genes related to neuroinflammation, were expressed at higher levels in brain regions with pronounced vulnerability to Alzheimer disease-related changes.
25585992 The findings of this study suggested that p.R47H (rs75932628) may be associated with ET in the Spanish population.
25499537 findings link the TREM2 missense mutation with specific molecular abnormalities and increases in neuropathological lesions in the human brain.
25281879 Elevated expression of TREM2 is associated with Alzheimer's disease pathology.
25260849 It is an innate immune receptor that regulates microglial cytokine production and phagocytosis, implying that dysregulation of these processes may be involved in a pathology of Alzheimer's disease.
25186950 This study demonstrated in post-mortem human temporal cortex a significant upregulation of TREM2 protein expressions in Alzheimer's Disease.
25186855 results serve to confirm the association between R47H and risk of AD, the observed effect on risk was substantially smaller than that previously reported.
25160042 The results of this study suggested that the p.R47H is a risk factor for AD, but not frontotemporal dementia or prion disease.
25042114 Its p.R47H variant is associated with an FTD phenotype that is characterized by the presence of underlying AD pathology.
25027412 frontobasal and temporal regions could be more susceptible to the deleterious biological effects of the TREM2 variant p.R47H
24990881 Dada report that TREM2 mutations implicated in neurodegeneration impair cell surface transport and phagocytosis.
24910390 TREM2 heterozygous mutation si a strong genetic risk factor of frontotemporal dementia.
24899047 Coding variants in TREM2 increase risk for Alzheimer's disease.
24866402 The rare coding variant might not play an important role in AD risk in mainland China.
24762945 This study showed that Lack of genetic association between TREM2 and late-onset Alzheimer's disease in a Japanese population.
24725293 Study suggested that TREM2 (rs75932628-T) was extremely rare in Chinese population and might not be one of the risk genes for Chinese late-onset Alzheimer's disease patients
24663666 trem2 variant associated with triple risk of Alzheimer's disease
24602511 Variants in exon2 of TREM2 are extremely rare, and it is not a genetic risk factor for PD in the southern Han Chinese population.
24535663 TREM2 p.R47H variant signaling pathway is increased in spinal cord samples from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients; its experssion negatively correlates with survival in transgenic mice.
24378087 Its association with cognitive performance has been known.
24355566 propose that TREM2 is a potential therapeutic target for stopping ordelaying progression of AD
24184202 Mutations in exon2 of TREM2 are unlikely to play a key role in the susceptibility of LOAD in the northern Han Chinese population.
24139279 Heterozygous TREM2 mutations modulate the risk of FTD in addition to increasing susceptibility to AD.
24131187 The combined analysis confirmed the association of the R47H variant of TREM2 with Parkinson's disease.
24119542 TREM2 variants may play a role in neurodegenerative diseases in general.
24078628 the accumulated TREM2 CTF thereby might limit the interaction of DAP12 with the functional full-length receptor, resulting in decreased DAP12 phosphorylation and impaired metabolism of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate.
24002183 Higher levels of TREM2 mRNA (p = 0.002) and protein (p < 0.001) were identified in Alzheimer disease patients. This study observed a significant correlation between TREM2 expressions and MMSE score.
23870839 Its homozygous mutations cause frontotemporal dementia. (review)
23855984 It is significantly enriched for genes genetically implicated in Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, and motor neuron disease, implying that these diseases share common pathways centered on microglia.
23855982 R47H variant of TREM2 is an Alzheimer's disease risk factor.
23800361 Our results suggest that the TREM2 p.R47H substitution is a risk factor for frontotemporal dementia and Parkinson's disease
23759145 Its mutations are rare in a French cohort of patients with frontotemporal dementia.
23721075 TREM-2 plays an important role in the host defense response to sepsis by enhancing bacterial clearance.
23582655 Mutation in TREM2 may serve as a risk factor for neurodegenerative disease in general, and that potentially this class of TREM2 variant carriers with dementia should be considered as having a molecularly distinct form of neurodegenerative disease.
23533697 TREM2 is expressed on microglial cells, the resident macrophages in the CNS, and functions to stimulate phagocytosis on one hand and to suppress cytokine production and inflammation on the other hand.
23407992 REVIEW: the recent epidemiological findings of TREM2 that related with late-onset AD and speculate the possible roles of TREM2 in progression of this disease
23391427 A positive replication study in a Spanish population confirms that TREM2 rs75932628-T is associated with risk for Alzheimer's disease.
23383108 A synthetic peptide corresponding to the immunosuppressive domain (amino acids 574-592) of HIV-1 gp41 downregulates the expression of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 (TREM2) in peptide-treated PBMCs
23380991 An association is found between rs75932628-T variant of TREM2 and early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
23150934 Heterozygous rare variants in TREM2 are associated with a significant increase in the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
23150908 Our findings strongly implicate variant TREM2 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.
22939635 we have identified a common TREM2 variant associated with CRP in United States minority populations.
21834902 This is the first report of a Japanese Nasu-Hakola disease family caused by a splicing mutation of TREM2 that induces both neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.
20640189 TREM2 expression correlates positively with amyloid phagocytosis in a transgenic model of amyloid pathology.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20421649 These findings indicate that DAP12, possibly through association with TREM2, contributes to alveolar macrophage chemotaxis and recruitment to the lung and may mediate macrophage accumulation in lung diseases such as emphysema.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19457124 Treatment with Hsp60 was found to stimulate the best known TREM2-dependent process, phagocytosis, however, only in the microglial N9 cells rich in the receptor.
19230638 decreased percentages of TREM-2 positive monocytes in patients with multiple sclerosis
19079182 TREM-2 can function as a pattern-recognition receptor in the induction of the innate immune response to gonococci.
19019460 the DAP12-TREM2 complex unlikely has a role in genetic susceptibility of multiple sclerosis
19019460 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18551625 TREM2 is induced and expressed in microglia associated with amyloid plaques where it may impact on their differentiation state and function in aged APP23 transgenic mice, an animal model of Alzheimer's disease.
18546367 Mutations in TREM2 lead to pure early-onset dementia without bone cysts
17530208 Transcript analysis of DCs of PLOSL patients show that TREM2 deficient cells differentiated into DCs and responded to pathogenic stimuli. However, the DCs showed morphological differences due to defects in the actin filaments.
16505336 Mutation in Nasu-Hakola disease.
15966270 Two healthy subjects heterozygous for one mutated TREM2 allele showed a deficit of visuospatial memory associated with hypoperfusion in the basal ganglia, whereas the homozygotes for the wild-type allele of TREM2 did not show any abnormalities.
12925681 These results indicate an important role for DAP12-TREM2 signaling complex in the differentiation and function of osteoclasts.
12913093 results demonstrate a critical role for TREM-2 in the differentiation of mononuclear myeloid precursors into functional multinucleated osteoclasts
12754369 Nasu-Hakola disease with a novel genetic mutations in the TREM2 gene
12645956 The human TREM gene cluster at 6p21.1 encodes both activating and inhibitory single IgV domain receptors and includes TREM2.
12080485 Mutations in two genes encoding different subunits of a receptor signaling complex (TYROBP and TREM2) result in an identical disease phenotype

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LDCGHDPGYQLQTLPGLRDT                                                      211 - 230

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25886450 2015 TREM2 is associated with increased risk for Alzheimer's disease in African Americans.
25852195 2015 Lack of genetic association between TREM2 and Alzheimer's disease in East Asian population: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
25732305 2015 TREM2 deficiency eliminates TREM2+ inflammatory macrophages and ameliorates pathology in Alzheimer's disease mouse models.
25615530 2015 Disease-Associated Mutations of TREM2 Alter the Processing of N-Linked Oligosaccharides in the Golgi Apparatus.
25596843 2015 Changes in the expression of genes related to neuroinflammation over the course of sporadic Alzheimer's disease progression: CX3CL1, TREM2, and PPAR?.
25585992 2015 TREM2 R47H variant and risk of essential tremor: a cross-sectional international multicenter study.
25499537 2015 The triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 (TREM2) is associated with enhanced inflammation, neuropathological lesions and increased risk for Alzheimer's dementia.
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25186950 2015 TREM2 Protein Expression Changes Correlate with Alzheimer's Disease Neurodegenerative Pathologies in Post-Mortem Temporal Cortices.
25186855 2014 The rare TREM2 R47H variant exerts only a modest effect on Alzheimer disease risk.
25160042 2014 R47H TREM2 variant increases risk of typical early-onset Alzheimer's disease but not of prion or frontotemporal dementia.
25042114 2014 Investigation of the role of rare TREM2 variants in frontotemporal dementia subtypes.
25027412 2014 Frontobasal gray matter loss is associated with the TREM2 p.R47H variant.
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