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26789270 this study demonstrated, for the first time, that Tbeta4 was down-regulated in ROS-stimulated PDLCs as well as Tbeta4 activation exhibited anti-inflammatory effects and anti-osteoclastogenesis in vitro.
26556858 Tbeta-4 was validated in clinical samples using a tissue microarray to predict overall survival in colon cancer patients
26361868 this study demonstrates, for the first time, that Tbeta4 is expressed in developing periodontal tissue and that its expression is associated with osteoblastic/cementoblastic differentiation.
26276576 Overexpression of Tbeta4 enhanced cell proliferation and colony formation in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
26006229 This article reviews the potential role of thymosin beta 4 in liver fibrosis by describing the effects of exogenous and endogenous thymosin beta 4 , and discusses the possible signaling pathway regulated by TB4X. [review]
25695679 The results of the present study suggested that Tb4 may promote HB metastasis via the induction of EMT, and that Tb4 may therefore be a target for the development of novel treatments for patients with Hepatoblastoma .
25313062 the exchange of bound actin between Tbeta4 and profilin involves both steric and allosteric components.
25271630 these results suggest that NO could regulate the expression of Tbeta4 by direct or indirect effect of HIF-1alpha on Tbeta4 promoter.
25218472 Thymosin beta4 induces invasion and migration of human colorectal cancer cells through the ILK/AKT/beta-catenin signaling pathway.
24704991 Regarding HCC, Tbeta4 reactivity was detected in 7/23 cases (30%) and Tbeta10 reactivity in 22/23 (97%) cases analyzed, adding HCC to human cancers that express these beta-thymosins.
24355709 Thymosin beta 4 silencing in glioblastoma cells inhibits cell migration and invasion.
24098025 Tbeta4 expression was upregulated significantly in primary and recurrent colorectal cancers
23967050 cell trafficking of thymosin beta-4
23816466 Thymosin beta-4 levels in the serum and synovial fluid of knee osteoarthritis patients are significantly correlated with disease severity.
23811404 Tbeta4 is an important myocardin-related transcription factor (MRTF) regulator that controls the G-actin-MRTF-A interaction.Tbeta4 competed with MRTF-A for G-actin binding, thus interfering with G-actin-MRTF-A complex formation.
23613983 Tbeta4 plays a key role in odontoblastic differentiation of human dental pulp cells.
23262355 Detection its amino acid conservation suggest an important role of Tb4 in the homeostasis of the mammalian oral cavity.
23235961 Thymosin beta4 could be associated with morphogenesis and tumor invasion in ameloblastoma and may play a role in the behavior of ameloblastoma.
23055022 Tbeta4 expression was also co-localized with CD133 expression in primary ovarian carcinomas.
23045970 Thymosin beta4 expression reveals intriguing similarities between fetal and cancer cells.
22944663 REVIEW: role of Tbeta4 in thrombosis and platelet aggregation
22652458 The Our data confirm the concept that externally added Tbeta4 must be internalized to induce intracellular mechanisms supporting endothelial cell migration.
22328534 investigated whether GSK-3 activity is regulated by thymosin beta-4 (Tbeta4) and associated with Tbeta4-mediated migration in gastric cancer cells; expression of GSK-3alpha, beta-catenin and E-cadherin could be negatively regulated by Tbeta4 induced ERK phosphorylation; suggests that Tbeta4 could be a novel regulator to control Wnt signal pathway
22004227 Thymosin beta4 Tbeta4 may play an important role in bone degradation and inflammation in RA but not OA.
21742406 Tbeta4 is regulated by IL-18 and is involved in IL-18-enhanced IFN-gamma secretion in NK cells.
21514425 findings suggest that Tbeta4 by sequestering actin prevents binding of AKT, thus inhibiting its phosphorylation
21496200 kininogen-1 and thymosin-beta(4) are potential new biomarkers for human chronic hepatitis C.
21332672 Thymosin beta4 may play a role in diabetic retinal neovascularization.
21314931 Describe beta-thymosins in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and their possible involvement in the pathogenesis of scleroderma lung disease.
21213129 Elevated expression of thymosin beta4 is associated with early-stage cervical cancers.
21109953 overexpression of Tbeta4 is strongly associated with HIF-1alpha and HIF-2alpha expression and is also clinicopathologically involved with lymph node metastatic potential of breast cancer
21106936 we have identified an extracellular signaling pathway where Tbeta4 increases cell surface ATP levels via ATP synthase and have shown further that ATP-responsive P2X4 receptor is required for Tbeta4-induced cell migration
20975530 The expression of thymosin beta4 is highly related with tumorigenesis of certain tumors including the osteosarcoma and colorectal cancers.
20821256 The TB4 could be a hypoxia responsive regulator to control tumor cell migration in angiogenesis and tumor metastasis.
20691219 Data in colon cancer tissue microarray showed that thymosin beta4 and HIF-1alpha co-localized in these biopsies.
20566622 colorectal cancer stem cells from different patients have higher Tbeta4 levels than normal epithelial cells
20161756 Data show a strong expression of Tbeta(4) in gut and endocrine pancreas during development.
20128033 study demonstrated a clear relationship between reductions in serum thymosin beta4 level and severity of hepatitis B virus-related liver failure
19337364 outlines for the first time that salivary glands during foetal life express and secrete peptides such as beta-thymosins probably involved in the development of the oral cavity and its annexes
18519035 Thymosin beta4 is a downstream molecule of stabilin-2 that plays a role in stabilin-2-mediated cell corpse clearance.
18094619 Targeting thymosin beta 4 and related molecules may be a novel therapeutic strategy for pancreatic cancer.
17984099 These data suggest that Ku80 functions as a novel receptor for Tbeta4 and mediates its intracellular activity.
17967441 Our results show that hMLH1 interacts with Tbeta4 and regulates its expression and nuclear transport.
17600285 In both saliva and tears, concentrations of TMSB4 varied with age, which may make it an endogenous agent contributing to the rapid healing of corneal and oral wounds.
17600283 If thymosin beta4 decreases healing time, this would represent a significant advance in the treatment of pressure ulcers.
17567947 The localization of Oregon Green cadaverine-labeled thymosin beta(4), its fragments, and variants is investigated in a cytoplasm-depleted tumor cell line.
17495251 The G-actin sequestering activities of all thymosin beta(4) variants correspond to their complex stabilities with G-actin
17495244 After abdominal surgery there is a concentration of up to 20 mg thymosin beta(4) per liter decreasing to about 1 mg/L with time.
17495243 Thymosin beta(4)(Ala) and thymosin beta(10) were found, but thymosin beta(10) is present in about 2.5-fold higher amounts inplatelets.
17200658 Upregulation of thymosin-beta4 mRNA and protein in conjunctival stroma and its localization in eosinophils and myofibroblasts in vernal keratoconjunctivitis(VKC) lesions. Possible role for thymosin-beta4 in tissue inflammation and remodeling in VKC.
16956606 A search for genes upregulated by thymosin beta4 identified zyxin in SiHA cells in the presence of exogenously added thymosin beta4 and when thymosin beta4 is overexpressed using adenoviral vectors.
16949646 In most tumors examined, cancer cells showed low or intermediate reactivity for thymosin beta4, whereas leukocytes and macrophages showed intense reactivity.
16515784 TB4 overexpression induces paclitaxel-resistance, and therefore, TB4 could be a novel target to regulate paclitaxel-resistance.
16423999 thymosin beta4 is a determinant of AdoMetDC-induced transformed phenotype and invasiveness; up-regulation of thymosin beta4 found in ras-transformed fibroblasts and metastatic human melanoma cells
16364925 thymosin beta-4 increases colon carcinoma apoptosis resistance triggered by FasL and apoptosis inhibitors by downregulating Fas and upregulating Survivin expression
16272158 PAI-1 can be bound to Tbeta4-activated endothelial cells, thus influencing their adhesive properties as well as their ability to generate plasmin
16010977 Thymosin beta4 (hTbeta4)gene was isolated and characterized.
15698487 Expression of thymosin beta 4 is closely related with keloid.
15466884 thymosin beta4 localizes to the cell nucleus
15311936 activated factor XIII incorporates thymosin beta(4) into the isolated gamma-module and alphaC-domain (fibrinogen A alpha); in fibrin the latter serves as the major incorporation site
15235586 upregulation of Tbeta-4, by promoting the disruption of cell-cell adhesion and consequential activation of the beta-catenin signaling, could be event in the acquisition of growth advantages as well as invasive phenotypes in human colorectal carcinomas
14592829 in response to T beta 4 stimulation, AP-1 activity increases to enhance PAI-1 transcription through its unique AP-1-like element at -59 to -52 in the PAI-1 promoter.
12962156 araC regulates the transcriptional level of thymosin beta4 and actin
12163032 Data show that thymosin beta4 was differentially expressed in HGF-treated HUVECs compared with control.

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22223895 2012 Comparative large scale characterization of plant versus mammal proteins reveals similar and idiosyncratic N-?-acetylation features.
22004227 2011 Increased levels of thymosin ?4 in synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: association of thymosin ?4 with other factors that are involved in inflammation and bone erosion in joints.
21742406 2011 Interleukin-18-mediated interferon-gamma secretion is regulated by thymosin beta 4 in human NK cells.
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