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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 330
PubMed Score 1478.32
PubTator Score 1720.06

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  Differential Expression (24)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma -2.100 7.4e-07
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 2.600 3.1e-04
osteosarcoma -1.681 3.1e-02
cystic fibrosis 2.088 1.1e-06
group 4 medulloblastoma -1.500 9.7e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.500 2.1e-03
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 2.087 3.5e-04
non-small cell lung cancer -1.447 6.2e-10
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -3.100 9.6e-05
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -2.100 1.3e-02
lung cancer -3.900 9.4e-07
ulcerative colitis 3.300 4.4e-10
pancreatic cancer 2.300 5.8e-05
interstitial cystitis 1.600 1.1e-03
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor -1.100 8.0e-04
lung adenocarcinoma -1.700 5.2e-07
COPD -1.500 2.7e-03
lung carcinoma -3.400 7.0e-41
Breast cancer 1.400 3.1e-06
pterygium -1.300 1.2e-02
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lympho... 1.878 1.2e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.600 5.5e-03
ovarian cancer 1.500 5.4e-03
pituitary cancer -2.700 3.8e-09

Gene RIF (287)

26702927 PKM2/TG2 interplay plays an important role in the regulation of autophagy in particular under cellular stressful conditions such as those displayed by cancer cells.
26542019 A gain-of-function mutation in P2X7R associated with autoimmune disease caused enhanced TG2 externalization from cells, and this correlated with increased pore activity.
26307914 Results show no genetic association of the TGM2 gene with schizophrenia in the Chinese cohort.
26250429 W332F mutation led to significant changes of both the Km and the Vmax kinetic parameters of the isopeptidase reaction of TG2 while its calcium and GTP sensitivity was similar to the wild-type enzyme.
26244572 Data show that transglutaminase 2 (TG2)-mediated self-crosslinking sites locate to the catalytic core and C-terminal part of TG2.
26184652 The differences in epitope specificity and subclass usage of IgG anti-tTG observed between celiac disease (CD) and non-CD individuals may be due to the differing mechanisms underlying tTG autoimmunity.
26160175 This work presents a study on the interaction between TG2 and an anti-TG2 antibody (679-14-E06) derived from a single gut IgA plasma cell of a celiac disease patient.
26153762 The frequency of TG2-specific plasma cells in the celiac lesion is dynamically regulated in response to gluten exposure.
26133787 We showed the appearance of transglutaminase (TG2) immunoreactivity in leukocytes in multiple sclerosis lesions, and particular in macrophages in rat chronic-relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
26133738 Transglutaminase 2 up-regulation is associated with RANKL/OPG pathway
26041746 TG2 secreted in the tumor microenvironment orchestrates the cross-talk between cancer cells and stroma fundamentally affecting tumor growth.
25934693 miR-19 overexpression and subsequent decreased TG2 expression was linked to chromosome-13 amplification events, leading to altered invasive behavior in colorectal cancer cells.
25934691 TG2 has an important role in maintaining cancer stem cell survival, invasive, and metastatic behavior in epidermal squamous cell carcinoma.
25808416 In addition to fibronectin, collagen VI is a widely distributed interaction partner of TG2 in the extracellular matrix.
25547897 TG2 plays a key role in homocysteine-induced activation of THP-1 monocytes, involving oxidative as well as endoplasmic reticulum stress and inflammation.
25449226 define a role for TG2 activity at the surface of human macrophages in multiple stages of AC clearance and we propose that TG2, in association with heparan sulphates, may exert its effect on AC clearance via a mechanism involving the crosslinking of CD44
25419572 Data indicate Gln34, Gln42, Gln193 and Gln248 as the major transglutaminase 2 (TG2 reactive glutamines in osteopontin (OPN).
25404341 Data indicate that binding of transglutaminase 2 (TG2) by autoantibodies can induce structural changes, and mapping of the targeted epitopes suggests a possible mechanism for the induction of the autoimmune response.
25398223 Increases of TG2 protein expression and enzyme activity occur in astroglial, microglial and monocyte cell models in response to inflammatory stimuli.[review]
25247996 TGM2 expression increases as a function of malignancy grade and tumor recurrence and that inhibition of TGM2 reduces meningioma cell growth.
25243117 3 biomarkers in 44 patients with in situ breast cancers were evaluated: TG2 (transglutaminase 2), HJURP (Holliday junction recognition protein), and HIF-1alpha (hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha).
25215932 our results show, for the first time, that eEF-2K is involved in regulation of the invasive phenotype of PaCa cells through promoting a new signalling pathway, which is mediated by TG2/b1 integrin/Src/uPAR/MMP-2
25209703 the sub-cellular localization of TG2, was investigated.
25201980 a pleiotropic enzyme transglutaminase type 2 targets the allosteric coupling domain of IP3R type 1 (IP3R1) and negatively regulates IP3R1-mediated calcium signaling and autophagy by locking the subunit configurations.
25192068 Sequence comparison provided information describing the evolutionary scenario of GTP usage for controlling the activity of TG2.
25131137 The objective of this study was to further investigate the presence of tTG-specific T cells in patients with treated and untreated CD, and normal controls.
25060553 Data presented in this study show that TG2 plays a key role in cellular dynamics and consequently influences the energetic metabolism.
25015117 High gamma-glutamyltransferase is associated with impaired fasting glucose in obese patients.
24885370 IgA-anti-TG1 antibodies were found in 2% and IgA-anti-TG3 antibodies in 3% of patients with active atopic dermatitis (AD). Two out of the 5 patients with AD and concomitant celiac disease had IgA-anti-TG1 and IgA-anti-TG2 antibodies.
24828664 TGM2 may be a useful cell surface biomarker for early detection of esophageal adenocarcinomas.
24778599 that homozygous deletion of TG2 in mice does not result in an embryonic lethal phenotype, suggesting that compensation for its absence may be achieved by other family members
24732400 TGM2 was identified as a stable interaction partner of collagen VII and is reduced in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.
24725450 Taken together, we conclude that resveratrol induces conformational changes in TG2, and that Ca(2+)-mediated TG2 association with the plasma membrane is responsible for the inhibitory effects of resveratrol on cell migration.
24667918 Microarray analysis indicates HIV-1 Tat-induced upregulation of transglutaminase 2 (TGM2) in primary human brain microvascular endothelial cells
24610445 TGase 2 inhibitor GK921 abrogates RCC growth in xenograft tumor models, suggesting the possibility of a new therapeutic approach to RCC.
24603819 perturbed transglutaminase 2 activity has a role in the arrested alveolarisation associated with BPD
24583754 As severity of villous abnormality increases, titer of anti-tTG also rises. Presence of villous atrophy can be predicted at very high anti-tTG ab titer.
24569994 tTG has an intrinsic capability to stimulate cell survival through a novel mechanism that activates PI3-kinase signaling events
24494193 Data show that GlxI is a novel substrate of TG2 and TG2 catalyzes either polyamine conjugation or deamidation depending the presence of polyamines.
24481335 These results demonstrate that the accumulation of misfolded proteins activates TGase2, which further accelerates the formation of protein aggregates.
24477458 A TG2-induced shift in glucose metabolism helps breast cancer cells to survive under stressful conditions and promotes their metastatic competence.
24464646 The increased frequency of apoptosis correlated with the increase in transglutaminase expression and the highest rates of apoptosis were found in cells transfected with the potent TG isoform as compared to the full length TGC.
24375797 Pulmonary arterial hypertension is associated with a heightened state of activation of TG2. [Review]
24375405 TG2-dependent GAPDH deamidation was suggested to participate in actin cytoskeletal remodeling.
24352382 Majority of untreated dermatitis herpetiformis patients have similar gluten-dependent TG2-specific IgA deposits the small bowel mucosa as coeliac disease patients.
24349085 TG2 contributes to apoptosis induction in Jurkat T cells by modulating Ca2+ homeostasis via cross-linking RAP1GDS1.
24325651 Results suggest that high-titre tissue transglutaminase-2 (TTG2) antibodies predict small bowel villous atrophy, but decision cut-off limits must be locally validated.
24291354 TG2 may be involved not only in insulin secretion, as suggested by our previous studies in cytoplasmic INS-1E fraction, but also in the regulation of glucose-induced gene transcription.
24193434 Future studies investigating these hypotheses on TG-2-paxillin relationships are necessary in order to address this fundamental process in cell matrix adhesion signaling.
24191290 We identify a novel pathogenic involvement of TG2 in preeclampsia but also suggest a previously unrecognized role of TG2 in the regulation of G protein-coupled receptor stabilization by inhibiting ubiquitination-dependent degradation.
24175906 Report inhibition of transglutaminase 2 by two small electrophilic molecules in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.
24130874 In endothelial cells CD IgA mediate the constitutive activation of extracellular TG2 by a mechanism involving the redox sensor protein TRX.
24085483 The expression of tTG increased in human colorectal cancer and cantharidinate inhibited the expression of tTG.
24058567 Accumulation of TG2 in tumor stroma is an independent risk factor for identifying breast cancer patients at high risk of recurrence.
24052076 TG2 inhibition results in inhibition of fibronectin deposition in human umbilical vein endothelial cell monocultures with a parallel reduction in matrix-bound VEGFA.
23993960 TGM2 binds directly to the extracellular domain of LRP6, which is also able to act as a substrate for TGM2-mediated protein cross-linking.
23966323 Data suggest binding of autoantibodies to TGM2 in vascular endothelium of endometrium and consequent functional inhibition represent key mechanism by which anti-TGM2 antibodies alters embryo implantation and placentation in women with celiac disease.
23941696 Val224 increases TG2 activity by modulating its calcium-binding affinity enabling transamidation reactions inside cells.
23877317 High TGM2 expression is associated with glioma.
23853482 TG2 expression levels can predict progression free survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
23817628 Two isoforms of human TG2 were cloned from human erythroleukemia (HEL) cells induced with retinoic acid. RA treatment induced a sevenfold increase in the level of TGC in HEL cells and was accompanied by its translocation to cell membranes.
23804301 TG2 transamidation reactions using intact cells, cell lysates, and recombinant YB-1 revealed covalent crosslinking of the 50 kDa YB-1 polypeptide into protein oligomers
23765377 We conclude that an OSMR/TGM2/integrin-alpha5beta1/fibronectin pathway is of biological significance in cervical squamous cell carcinoma
23730209 Extracellular TG2 activates noncanonical NF-kappaB signaling and promotes peritoneal dissemination of ovarian cancer metastasis.
23673317 In this review, we discuss recent evidence that TG2-regulated pathways contribute to the aggressive phenotype in breast cancer.
23640056 Data indicate that tissue transglutaminase (TG2) regulates beta-catenin expression and function in ovarian cancer (OC) cells and define the c-Src-dependent mechanism through which this occurs.
23576428 Studied expression of transglutaminase 2 (TG2) in 511 acute myeloid leukemia (AML) samples using reverse phase proteomic arrays. It was demonstrated that TG2 expression was higher at relapse than diagnosis in many cases.
23538006 TG2 expression in the maximally dilated portion of abdominal aortic aneurysms was enhanced and may stabilize extracellular matrix.
23499501 TGM2 up-regulation along with ITGB1 and SDC4 plays an important role in the development of RCC tumors and advanced RCC with metastasis
23454274 Data suggest that a subset of patients with coeliac disease produce autoantibodies against PKCdelta and that this response may stem from a tTG-PKCdelta substrate interaction.
23290789 Results suggest that Tgase-2/PP2A/JNK might be a novel axis that affects N-cadherin switching in the epithelial-mesenchymal-transition (EMT) of A549 lung cancer cells.
23276939 TGM2 mRNA is regulated by alternative splicing, producing C-terminal truncated forms of TGM2 that are predicted to have distinct biochemical properties and biological functions in cancer, neurodegeneration, inflammation and wound healing[review]
23224146 NF-kappaB induces TG2 expression, TG2 activates NF-kappaB activity.
23200849 Transglutaminase-2 interacted with adenylylcyclase 8 and promoted cAMP production and the responsiveness of down-stream effectors of cAMP via the transglutaminase activity of transglutaminase-2.
23185316 these findings show for the first time a direct link between TG2, NF-kappaB, and HIF-1alpha, demonstrating TG2's important role in cancer progression.
23122413 Together, our data suggest that tTG and its activity might play a differential role in the development and progression of CAA.
23085087 Kinetic characterization of recombinant human TG2 using a wide variety of substrates and inhibitor.
23085038 Nuclear TG2 in the closed conformation and non-nuclear TG2 in the open conformation have opposing effects on hypoxic/hypoglycemic cell death, which could explain previous controversial results.
23076164 In patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention, high GGT levels are associated with increased long-term mortality.
22923476 C-peptide prevents hyperglycemia-induced endothelial apoptosis through inhibition of reactive oxygen species-mediated transglutaminase 2 activation.
22921425 Oscillatory shear stress increases endothelial transglutaminase activity.
22782215 A protective role of TG-2 enzymatic activity in melanoma progression in vivo.
22750506 On binding to apical CD71, SIgA (with or without gliadin peptides) enters a recycling pathway and avoids lysosomal degradation, allowing transcytosis of bound peptides. This process may be facilitated by Tgase2 in celiac disease.
22698685 An increase in TG2 does not significantly modify the onset nor the progression of the behavioral phenotype and neuropathological features of R6/2 transgenic mice.
22652528 treating the amniotic membrane with the cross-linking enzyme, TG2, results in a novel biomaterial with enhanced mechanical and biological characteristics
22493284 work establishes a novel ATM-dependent signaling loop where TG2 and NFkappaB activate each other resulting in sustained activation of NFkappaB and acquisition of a drug-resistant phenotype
22460364 Slow progression into S-phase in gamma-tocopherol treated prostate cancer cells is marked by increased TG2 expression and decreased CyclinsE and D1.
22458929 BNIP3 expression and TGM2 expression are independent prognostic factors in laryngeal SCC patients receiving postoperative radiotherapy.
22451718 demonstrate that TGase2 is responsible for a pathogenic amplification loop facilitating IgA1-sCD89 deposition and mesangial cell activation, thus identifying TGase2 as a target for therapeutic intervention in this disease
22442151 TG2-heparin binding mutants supported only weak RGD-independent cell adhesion compared with wild type TG2 or mutants with retained heparin binding, and both heparin binding clusters were critical for TG2-mediated cell adhesion
22418443 PDT-activated calpain was responsible for the sequential events of Bax translocation, the collapse of DeltaPsi(m), caspase-3 activation, and AIF translocation, all of which were provoked by TG2 activation.
22385244 IFN-gamma, a dominant cytokine in intestinal mucosa in active celiac disease, is the most potent inducer of Transglutaminase 2, and synergism with TNF-alpha may contribute to exacerbate the pathogenic mechanism of celiac disease.
22382775 TG2 is localized close to insulin and glucagon granules in human pancreatic islet.
22366952 this study reveals several previously unrecognized aspects of the TG2-specific autoantibody response in celiac disease, primarily the abundance and mutation profile of TG2-specific plasma cells, and the limited inhibitory activity of the antibodies
22364871 [review] A vast array of biochemical activities of TG2 accounts for its involvement in a variety of cellular processes, including adhesion, migration, growth, survival, apoptosis, differentiation, and extracellular matrix organization.
22326684 [review] TGM2 exerts at least two crucial roles in celiac disease: as a deamidating enzyme, that can enhance the immunostimulatory effect of gluten, and as a target autoantigen in the immune response.
22320917 Report ethanol/free fatty acids provoke generation of truncated short form of TG2, inducing its nuclear localization.
22298777 Here, through molecular modeling and mutagenesis, we have identified the heparan sulfate-binding site of TG2 (202)KFLKNAGRDCSRRSSPVYVGR(222).
22231926 TG2 appears essential for ECV304 cell vasculogenic tube formation in a coculture model.
22228808 IFN-gamma mediated activation of TG2 requires phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) activity but is uninfluenced by a number of other kinases reported to be active in T84 human enterocytic cells.
22225906 Aberrant expression of transglutaminase 2 in drug-resistant and metastatic cancer cells facilitates cell survival and invasive functions independently of its transamidation activity.
22220479 Transglutaminase-mediated remodeling of the human erythrocyte membrane skeleton.
22220477 Transglutaminase 2 dysfunctions in the development of autoimmune disorders.
22220476 Tissue TGM2 role in cancer progression.
22220475 Transglutaminase 2 at the crossroads between cell death and survival.
22220474 Transglutaminase 2: a new paradigm for NF-kappaB involvement in disease.
22220472 Physiopathological roles of human transglutaminase 2.
22220471 Structure and regulation of type 2 transglutaminase in relation to its physiological functions and pathological roles.
22198767 A single conformational transglutaminase 2 epitope contributed by three domains is critical for antibody binding in celiac disease.
22160262 Frequencey and impact of genetic variations in the human TG2 gene.
22139411 The capacity of transamidation by TG2 to regulate activation of latent TGF-beta seems to have a potential impact on the regulation of inflammatory response in osteoarthritic tissues. [Review]
22130737 The role of TG2 in human cancer and drug resistance. [Review]
22089883 A significant correlation in the expression of canonical and alternative TG2 isoforms in normal human tissue, but differences in alternative splicing of TG2 in cancer cells
22086212 Human type 2 transglutaminase specifically modified glutamine 13 in the N-terminal region of troponin T.
22083892 Inflammatory signals, which induce epithelial to mesenchymal transition, also induce TG2 expression, suggesting a link between TG2, inflammation and cancer progression.
22080209 TG1 and TG2 isoenzymes are highly active with the major activity attributed to TG1 in human saliva.
22038180 Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies, both commercial and from a celiac disease patient, induce a rapid Ca(2+) mobilization from intracellular stores.
21984378 Nitric oxide regulates intracellular versus extracellular TG2 localization in vascular cells and tissue, likely via S-nitrosation.
21971542 Review: report accuracy of tissue transglutaminase antibodies in diagnosing celiac disease in pediatric population.
21967801 TG2 is an important link in IL-6-mediated tumor aggressiveness, and that TG2 could be an important mediator of distant metastasis in patients with advanced breast
21963846 TGF-beta-induced TG2 enhances ovarian tumor metastasis by inducing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and a cancer stem cell phenotype
21943122 Transglutaminase 2 as an independent prognostic marker for survival of patients with non-adenocarcinoma subtype of non-small cell lung cancer
21935707 Transglutaminase 2 might be protective against NMDA-evoked excitotoxic insult in neuronal-like SH-SY5Y cells.
21908620 Activation of extracellular transglutaminase 2 by thioredoxin.
21840417 Transglutaminase-2 is involved in sphingosylphosphorylcholine-induced phosphorylation and perinuclear reorganization of Keratin 8 (K-8) by activating c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) and forming a triple complex with K8 and JNK.
21830119 current data suggest that TG2 is secreted from the cell via microparticles through a process regulated by TG2 cross-linking
21818567 different properties of TG2 involve this protein in various physiological processes, which if not regulated appropriately can also lead to its involvement in a number of diseases
21777419 TG2 acts, at least in part, through activation of the PI3K/Akt and NF-kappaB signaling systems, which then induce the key mediators Snail and MMP-9 that facilitate the attainment of a mesenchymal phenotype.
21757696 FXIIIa and TG2 act similarly on glutamines at either end of (1-5)F1 and transamidation specificity of both enzymes is achieved through interactions with the intact 29K fragment.
21678409 interplay between membrane lipid peroxidation, t-TGase activity, and COX-2 expression levels in the tissue adjoining to neoplastic lesion during breast cancer progression
21525012 Epidermal growth factor receptor-mediated tissue transglutaminase overexpression couples acquired tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand resistance and migration through c-FLIP and MMP-9 proteins in lung cancer cells
21441900 TG2 is expressed in HPV infection as an early phenomenon, not restricted to high-risk genotypes.
21359202 Regions of aberrant DNA methylation which were consistent with alteration of TGM-2, MMP-2, and CD24 transcript and protein expression.
21304968 the conformational state of TG2 is likely an important determinant in cell survival and the prominent function of TG2 in ischemic cell death is as a scaffold to modulate cellular processes
21226238 TG2 expression is higher in human chondrocytes undergoing apoptosis, and inhibition of TG2 leads to increased apoptosis.
21129482 matrix synthesis and early stages of chondrogenic differentiation are regulated through a novel mechanism involving transglutaminase 2 dependent inhibition of protein kinase A
21124911 Data show that TG2 as well as gastrointestinal proteolysis play important roles in the selection of gluten T-cell epitopes in celiac disease.
21036738 study suggests that fibronectin (FN) and tissue transglutaminase (TG2) facilitate the metastatic activity of A431 tumor cells, and this may be partly attributed to TG2 enhancement of the association of FN and beta integrin
21036168 syndecan-2 and syndecan-4 regulate the compensatory effect of TG-FN on osteoblast cell adhesion and actin cytoskeletal formation in the presence of RGD peptides
20967228 This study suggest that TGM2 expression in untransformed mammary epithelial cells induce EMT and stem cell phenotype which increase the invasive and survival potential of mammary epithelial cells
20929862 RGD-independent cell adhesion via a tissue transglutaminase 2-fibronectin matrix promotes fibronectin fibril deposition and requires syndecan-4/2 and {alpha}5{beta}1 integrin co-signaling.
20926141 TGM2 may be involved in dysfunction of the immune system in schizophrenia
20926141 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20874003 A significant correlation between GPR56, TG2, and NF-kappaB was observed that correlated with nodal metastasis and tumor invasion in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
20739659 TG2 is involved in the expression of a large number of all-trans-retinoic acid-regulated genes in NB4 acute promyelocytic leukemia
20731658 We speculate that TG2 mediates the enhanced interaction of astrocytes with fibronectin in the extracellular matrix of MS lesions, thereby contributing to astrocyte adhesion and migration, and thus in tissue remodeling and possibly glial scarring.
20731657 tissue transglutaminase localization to granular endoplasmic reticulum compartments is specific for stressed melanized neurons in Parkinson's disease brain
20717931 Protection against mitochondrial stress in the ocular surface targeting TGM-2 may have important implications in the survival of cells in hyperosmolar stress.
20676023 TG2 protects cells from Ca2+ ionophore-induced cell death by inhibiting mitochondria-mediated apoptotic pathway through regulation of Bax.
20659425 TGase 2-mu-calpain system is significant in the NF-kappaB pathway via I-kappaBalpha polymerization and subsequent degradation.
20615646 TG2 has a potential role of extracellular matrix protector in aortic walls during remodeling of the abdominal aortic aneurysms.
20596752 Transglutaminase 2 gene is aberrantly hypermethylated in glioma.
20547769 Findings suggest that oxidation is likely to influence the amount of active TG2 present in the extracellular environment.
20489165 Decreased S-nitrosylation of transglutaminase 2 leads to enhanced matrix crosslinking and contributes to age-related vascular stiffness.
20488756 coeliac disease patient IgA autoantibodies directed against tTG interfere with the crosslinking activity of the enzyme
20450932 the crystal structure of human TG2 in complex with adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
20450916 Inhibition of tissue transglutaminase 2 sensitizes TRAIL-resistant lung cancer cells through upregulation of death receptor 5.
20437185 The TG2 up-regulation is required for the functional THP-1 monocyte activation induced by Abeta1-42.
20371597 TG2 plays an important role in regulating the response of DCs to LPS and could be a candidate target for treating endotoxin-induced sepsis.
20156196 Endostatin and TG-2 are co-localized in the extracellular matrix secreted by endothelial cells under hypoxia, which stimulates angiogenesis.
20080707 findings identify tissue transglutaminase as a key participant in an EGFR/Src-signaling pathway in breast-cancer cells and a potential target for inhibiting EGFR-promoted tumor progression.
20052409 study found that TGM2, a mediator that is novel to asthma pathogenesis, is overexpressed in asthmatic airways and functions to increase sPLA(2)-X enzymatic activity
20033322 High TGM2 expression is associated with colorectal cancer.
20007697 Data show that TG2-L and TG2-S enhanced neuroblastoma cell differentiation due to N-Myc small interfering RNA, and suppression of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) expression alone induced neuroblastoma cell differentiation.
19937343 TG2 serves as an additional biomarker for all grades of cervical dysplasia, especially for low-grade dysplasia.
19931242 Angiocidin was a preferred substrate for tTgase forming high molecular weight cross-linked multimers when treated with tTgase.
19912255 Data show that the infection-triggered anti-transglutaminase antibodies have the same biological properties as that of the coeliacs, with the same in-vivo potential for damage.
19878304 Functional significance of five noncanonical Ca2+-binding sites of human transglutaminase 2 characterized by site-directed mutagenesis
19840940 TG2 regulates levels of cellular GTP-bound Rac and actin cytoskeletal reorganization through a new mechanism involving direct inhibition of Bcr GTPase-activating activity.
19838207 Data show that hypoxia induces TG2 expression through HIF-1 dependent pathway, and activation of TG2 inhibites caspase-3 activity by forming crosslinked multimer, and activates nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB pathway.
19756726 Tissue transglutaminase up-regulation does not seem to be specific for celiac disease and can appear in other pathological conditions.
19680746 The activity of TG2 and RhoA is altered in Celiac disease causing increased blood vessel permeability.
19657147 Increased TG2 expression can result in induction of transforming growth factor beta1, causing increased synthesis and deposition of matrix proteins, which can be regulated by nitric oxide.
19655169 Data indicate that GlcN and its metabolite GlcN6P can down-regulate constitutive activation of NF-kappaB in vivo via inhibition of TGase 2.
19632032 Cystamine may be an effective sensitizer of TRAIL-induced apoptosis in cancer cells expressing high levels of TG2.
19628791 Induction of transglutaminase 2 by a liver X receptor/retinoic acid receptor alpha pathway increases the clearance of apoptotic cells by human macrophages.
19625650 In cystic fibrosis airway epithelia, TG2 may function as a link between oxidative stress and inflammation by driving the decision as to whether a protein should undergo SUMO-mediated regulation or degradation.
19619546 Data suggest that transglutaminase 2 is overexpressed in cystic fibrosis and affects nucleoside diphosphate kinase function.
19562471 TDI exposure may activate tTG via ROS-mediated mechanism in the airway epithelium leading to persistent airway inflammation in toluene diisocyanate-induced occupational asthma patients.
19403524 TGase plays a key role in cancer cell motility and invasiveness and represents a previously unappreciated participant in the EGF pathway that stimulates these processes in cancer cells
19342211 mediates deamidation of gluten antigen fragments involved in initiation of celiac disease
19324884 Tissue transglutaminase-2 and matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression are significantly correlated in vivo, in peritoneal xenografts and in human ovarian tumors.
19278990 evidence for overexpression in oral submucous fibrosis and its regulation by arecoline in oral fibroblasts
19183553 Degradation of TG2 by calcium-mediated ubiquitination responding to high oxidative stress is reported.
19182256 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19013523 TG2 contributes to extracellular matrix (ECM) accumulation primarily by accelerating collagen deposition, but also by altering the susceptibility of the tubular ECM to decay
18923241 Report increased tissue transglutaminase expression in human atherosclerotic coronary arteries.
18849643 A proteomic analysis of proteins expressed in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms showed that DMBT1 and TGM2 were both upregulated in these lesions.
18809380 These results suggest that TGase 2 inhibits MMP-9 via downregulation of MMP-9 transcription activity by blocking the binding of the Jun-fos complex to an AP-1 site.
18804908 glucosamine efficiently promotes cell death via inhibiting TGase 2-mediated NF-kappaB activation in drug-resistant breast cancer cells
18793760 TG2 can hydrolyze iso-peptide bonds between two peptide substrates.
18673368 Transglutaminases demonstrate cross-linking activity in Alzheimer lesions, suggesting TG1 and TG2 are involved in protein aggregation processes underlying formation of senile plaques, amyloid angiopathy and/or neurofibrillary tangles in Alzhemier disease.
18667446 TG2 prevents apoptosis induced by cisplatin by activating the NF-kappaB survival pathway in ovarian cancer cells.
18632639 TG2 may have a role in progression of ovarian carcinoma
18587533 TG2 activity was markedly elevated in meningiomas and TG2 was found to co-localize with fibronectin. These findings support a potential protective role for TG2 in meningiomas.
18584285 results demonstrated that TG2 expression differently influences cartilage destruction and bone remodeling
18561261 The TGM2 gene is associated with schizophrenia in a British population.
18561261 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18544639 results identify a unique functional network between two cartilage TGC isoenzymes that accelerates chondrocyte maturation without requirement for TGC-catalyzed transamidation by either TGC
18505736 Data suggest that tTG binds equally effective to wild-type and disease mutant alpha-synuclein variants.
18499669 TG-FN binding to syndecan-4 activates PKCalpha leading to its association with beta(1) integrin, reinforcement of actin-stress fiber organization, and MAPK pathway activation
18490773 findings show that a defective CFTR induces up-regulation of TG2 in tissues & cell lines; increased TG2 activity leads to functional sequestration of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma & increase of the classic parameters of inflammation
18474442 results show that,after mechanical damage, transglutaminase 2 appeared to contribute to membrane resealing
18381937 TG2 expression in Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma promotes degradation of PTEN and results in constitutive activation of focal adhesion kinase/AKT cell survival signaling.
18375543 TG2 is up-regulated in neurons exposed to oxygen and glucose deprivation (OGD), and increased TG2 expression protects neurons against OGD-induced cell death independent of its transamidating activity.
18353867 To elucidate the functional role of TGase2 activation in cells under the oxidatively stressed condition, we identified the mediator that activates TGase2.
18312620 The aim was to establish whether autoantibody secretion to organ culture supernatants in treated celiac disease patient biopsies is related to the duration of the diet and further to the pre-existence of mucosal TG2-specific IgA deposits.
18235007 This study demonstrated that both normal and glaucomatous trabecular meshwork cells express TGM2. In addition, TGM2 protein levels and enzyme activities were elevated in GTM cells.
18174247 TGM2 gene is a target for epigenetic silencing in breast cancer and suggests that this aberrant molecular event is a potential marker for chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity
18092889 create a foundation for understanding the catalytic as well as the non-catalytic roles of TG2 in biology
18052077 GTP-binding-defective TGase-2 mutants induced cell death
17939176 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17939176 reduced TG2 activity can contribute to disorders of glucose metabolism possibly via an impairment of insulin secretion
17924658 mass spectrometric analysis provided the first unambiguous identification of Thr381 as the active site nucleophile of human gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase, and confirmed four of the seven N-linked glycosylation sites
17890909 Dermal fibroblasts and histiocytes of NSF express transglutaminase-2 (TG2), CD68, factor XIIIa, and transglutaminase isopeptide, indicating increased expression and/or activation of transglutaminases in nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.
17762854 intestinal damage is associated with the production of anti-tTG IgA and anti-TGe IgA in dermatitis herpetiformis patients
17711877 transglutaminase interacts in vitro and on the cell surface with the major endocytic receptor, low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1, and demonstrate the requirement for this receptor in the endocytosis of transglutaminase.
17671187 Up-regulated TG2 is associated with enhanced peritoneal ovarian tumor dissemination
17625111 These findings suggest that transglutaminase-mediated cross-linking stabilizes the particulate material shed from the placenta.
17609251 The abundance of alternatively spliced C-terminal truncated tissue transglutaminase forms and their distinct intracellular expression patterns in human vascular cells and leukocytes indicate these isoforms likely have unique physiological functions.
17476115 Transglutaminase-2-mediated vimentin dimerization produces a novel unifying pathway by which vasodilatory and remodeling responses may be regulated.
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15201665 Correlated with initiation and progression of scarring on sequential biopsies from renal-allograft recipients with chronic allograft nephropathy(CAN). Elevated tTg may predict of development of CAN. tTg may be attractive therapeutic target.
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18490773 2008 Tissue transglutaminase activation modulates inflammation in cystic fibrosis via PPARgamma down-regulation.
18474442 2008 Transglutaminase 2 activity promotes membrane resealing after mechanical damage in the lung cancer cell line A549.
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18353867 2008 TGFbeta mediates activation of transglutaminase 2 in response to oxidative stress that leads to protein aggregation.
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18174247 2008 The transglutaminase 2 gene (TGM2), a potential molecular marker for chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity, is epigenetically silenced in breast cancer.
18092889 2007 Transglutaminase 2 undergoes a large conformational change upon activation.
18052077 2007 GTP-binding-defective forms of tissue transglutaminase trigger cell death.
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