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PubMed Score 173.64
PubTator Score 101.98

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Disease log2 FC p
group 3 medulloblastoma -1.500 6.2e-03
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.100 3.0e-02
hereditary spastic paraplegia 1.121 9.0e-04
ovarian cancer 1.700 1.2e-05
pituitary cancer -2.300 2.5e-07

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27299292 Review of the role of TFEB in lysosome biogenesis, transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of TFEB, and TFEB involvement in neurodegenerative disease as a dysregulated factor or as an agent used to promote cellular clearance.
26813791 TFEB and TFE3 are novel components of the integrated stress response
26596266 The autophagic response to polystyrene nanoparticles is mediated by TFEB and depends on surface charge.
26338325 This study demonstrated that transcription factor EB (TFEB) regulate the lysosome biogenesis in neurons of APP/PS1 mice, steady-state levels of APP were reduced, resulting in decreased interstitial fluid Abeta levels and attenuated amyloid deposits
26307679 TFEB1 overexpression is associated with drug resistance of ovarian cancer.
26264650 Silencing of TFEB with siRNAs in lung cancer cell lines resulted in reduced migration ability.
26240184 during mitophagy TFEB translocates to the nucleus and displays transcriptional activity in a PINK1- and Parkin-dependent manner.
26137861 TFEB was found to regulate MuRF1 expression in Angiotensin II-induced skeletal muscle atrophy.
26115100 a virus modulating TFEB localization and helps to explain how HIV modulates autophagy to promote its own replication and cell survival
26115100 HIV-1 Nef inhibits TFEB nuclear localization and autophagic flux; HIV-1 Nef is required for anti-autophagy during permissive (ongoing) HIV infection
25908842 RIP1 represses basal autophagy in part due to its ability to regulate the TFEB transcription factor;RIP1 activates ERK, which negatively regulates TFEB though phosphorylation of serine 142
25790376 TFEB modulates autophagic clearance of alpha-syn
25720963 Lysosomal calcium signaling regulates autophagy through calcineurin and TFEB.
25544758 Data show that drug-induced TFEB-associated lysosomal biogenesis is a determinant of multidrug resistance (MDR) and suggest that circumvention of lysosomal drug sequestration is a strategy to overcome chemoresistance.
25438924 Results showed the amplification of TFEB locus was found only in the aggressive t(6;11) Renal Cell Carcinoma.
25108912 We examined the transcriptional regulation of autophagy and observed a functionally significant physical interaction between TFEB and AR in spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.
25048860 Review of the role of gene fusions involving TFE3 and TFEB in carcinogenesis in sporadic renal cell carcinoma.
24558044 HPbetaCD administration promotes transcription factor EB-mediated clearance of proteolipid aggregates that accumulate due to inefficient activity of the lysosome-autophagy system
24055709 lysosomal exocytosis induced by TFEB nuclear translocation is required not only for plasma membrane repair and lysosomal content secretion, but also for the recruitment of glycohydrolases on the cell surface.
23393155 findings identify TFEB as a specific regulator of lysosomal proteostasis and suggest that TFEB may be used as a therapeutic target to rescue enzyme homeostasis in LSDs.
23381957 TFEB gene transfer is a novel strategy for treatment of liver disease of alpha-1-anti-trypsin deficiency.
22786682 TFEB is activated by PGC1-alpha and promotes reduction of htt aggregation and neurotoxicity in a mouse model of Huntington disease.
22692423 The transcription factor TFEB links mTORC1 signaling to transcriptional control of lysosome homeostasis.
22576015 Active TFEB also associates with late endosomal/lysosomal membranes through interaction with the LAMTOR/RRAG/MTORC1 complex.
22446944 Describes the clinical and histopathologic features of TFE3 and TFEB translocation renal cell carcinoma.
22343943 When nutrients are present, phosphorylation of TFEB by mTORC1 inhibits TFEB activity.
22101272 mTORC1 regulates the nuclear localization of TFEB by promoting phosphorylation in the serine-rich motif.
21889421 TFEB transcriptionally regulates lysosomal exocytosis both by inducing the release of intracellular Ca2+ through its target gene MCOLN1 and by increasing the population of lysosomes ready to fuse with the plasma membrane.
21752829 TFEB coordinates the expression of 471 genes network involved in the early and late steps of lysosomal biogenesis.
21617040 study found that starvation activates a transcriptional program controlling major steps of the autophagic pathway; TFEB, a master gene for lysosomal biogenesis, coordinated this program by driving expression of autophagy and lysosomal genes
19556463 TFEB is identified as a master regulator of lysosomal biogenesis and function.
19396149 overexpression of TFE3 or TFEB in renal cell carinomas activates the expression of genes normally regulated by microphthalmia transcription factor in other cell types.
17285572 TFEB in the neoplastic tissue compared to the normal sample, supports that the fusion gene does not encode for a chimeric protein but causes an upregulation of the wild-type TFEB.
15644781 TFEB protein is a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic marker for these renal neoplasms
12719541 This gene fuses with an intronless gene in renal tumors harboring the t(6;11)(p21;q13) chromosome translocation.

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Text Mined References (53)

PMID Year Title
27299292 2016 Transcription factor EB: from master coordinator of lysosomal pathways to candidate therapeutic target in degenerative storage diseases.
27184844 2016 An Evolutionarily Conserved PLC-PKD-TFEB Pathway for Host Defense.
26813791 2016 TFEB and TFE3 are novel components of the integrated stress response.
26596266 2015 The autophagic response to polystyrene nanoparticles is mediated by transcription factor EB and depends on surface charge.
26338325 2015 Neuronal-Targeted TFEB Accelerates Lysosomal Degradation of APP, Reducing A? Generation and Amyloid Plaque Pathogenesis.
26307679 2015 Transcriptome analysis indicates TFEB1 and YEATS4 as regulatory transcription factors for drug resistance of ovarian cancer.
26264650 2015 Increased expression of transcription factor EB (TFEB) is associated with autophagy, migratory phenotype and poor prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer.
26240184 2015 MiT/TFE transcription factors are activated during mitophagy downstream of Parkin and Atg5.
26137861 2015 Angiotensin II Induces Skeletal Muscle Atrophy by Activating TFEB-Mediated MuRF1 Expression.
26115100 2015 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Nef Inhibits Autophagy through Transcription Factor EB Sequestration.
25908842 2015 RIP1 negatively regulates basal autophagic flux through TFEB to control sensitivity to apoptosis.
25790376 2015 Genetic and chemical activation of TFEB mediates clearance of aggregated ?-synuclein.
25720963 2015 Lysosomal calcium signalling regulates autophagy through calcineurin and ?TFEB.
25544758 2015 Lysosomal sequestration of hydrophobic weak base chemotherapeutics triggers lysosomal biogenesis and lysosome-dependent cancer multidrug resistance.
25438924 2014 Aggressive and nonaggressive translocation t(6;11) renal cell carcinoma: comparative study of 6 cases and review of the literature.
25108912 2014 Polyglutamine-expanded androgen receptor interferes with TFEB to elicit autophagy defects in SBMA.
25048860 2014 Molecular genetics and cellular features of TFE3 and TFEB fusion kidney cancers.
24558044 2014 2-Hydroxypropyl-?-cyclodextrin promotes transcription factor EB-mediated activation of autophagy: implications for therapy.
24055709 2013 TFEB activation promotes the recruitment of lysosomal glycohydrolases ?-hexosaminidase and ?-galactosidase to the plasma membrane.
23434374 2013 ZKSCAN3 is a master transcriptional repressor of autophagy.
23393155 2013 TFEB regulates lysosomal proteostasis.
23381957 2013 Gene transfer of master autophagy regulator TFEB results in clearance of toxic protein and correction of hepatic disease in alpha-1-anti-trypsin deficiency.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
22786682 2012 PGC-1? rescues Huntington's disease proteotoxicity by preventing oxidative stress and promoting TFEB function.
22692423 2012 The transcription factor TFEB links mTORC1 signaling to transcriptional control of lysosome homeostasis.
22576015 2012 MTORC1 functions as a transcriptional regulator of autophagy by preventing nuclear transport of TFEB.
22446944 2012 Translocation renal cell carcinomas in adults: a single-institution experience.
22343943 2012 A lysosome-to-nucleus signalling mechanism senses and regulates the lysosome via mTOR and TFEB.
22101272 2011 TFEB, a novel mTORC1 effector implicated in lysosome biogenesis, endocytosis and autophagy.
21889421 2011 Transcriptional activation of lysosomal exocytosis promotes cellular clearance.
21752829 2011 Characterization of the CLEAR network reveals an integrated control of cellular clearance pathways.
21617040 2011 TFEB links autophagy to lysosomal biogenesis.
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
19690332 2009 Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of T cell receptor signaling reveals system-wide modulation of protein-protein interactions.
19556463 2009 A gene network regulating lysosomal biogenesis and function.
19396149 2009 Cathepsin-K immunoreactivity distinguishes MiTF/TFE family renal translocation carcinomas from other renal carcinomas.
18839057 2008 Molecular genetics of adult ADHD: converging evidence from genome-wide association and extended pedigree linkage studies.
18669648 2008 A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation.
17285572 2007 Characterization of t(6;11)(p21;q12) in a renal-cell carcinoma of an adult patient.
15644781 2005 Renal carcinomas with the t(6;11)(p21;q12): clinicopathologic features and demonstration of the specific alpha-TFEB gene fusion by immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR, and DNA PCR.
15507434 2005 Sumoylation of MITF and its related family members TFE3 and TFEB.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15118077 2004 Regulation of the MiTF/TFE bHLH-LZ transcription factors through restricted spatial expression and alternative splicing of functional domains.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14574404 2003 The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 6.
12837690 2003 Upregulation of the transcription factor TFEB in t(6;11)(p21;q13)-positive renal cell carcinomas due to promoter substitution.
12719541 2003 Cloning of an Alpha-TFEB fusion in renal tumors harboring the t(6;11)(p21;q13) chromosome translocation.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
10707962 2000 TFE3, a transcription factor homologous to microphthalmia, is a potential transcriptional activator of tyrosinase and TyrpI genes.
9806910 1998 The bHLH-Zip transcription factor Tfeb is essential for placental vascularization.
8530024 1995 Murine chromosomal location of five bHLH-Zip transcription factor genes.
2115126 1990 A helix-loop-helix protein related to the immunoglobulin E box-binding proteins.
1748288 1991 TFEB has DNA-binding and oligomerization properties of a unique helix-loop-helix/leucine-zipper family.