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26164234 ability of CL-ND to elicit a physiological response was examined in an HL60 cell culture model of Barth Syndrome neutropenia. siRNA knockdown of the phospholipid transacylase, tafazzin (TAZ), induced apoptosis in these cells
25919711 Tafazzin deficiency in mouse embryonic fibroblasts also led to impaired oxidative phosphorylation and severe oxidative stress
25782672 two novel and non-identical TAZ gene rearrangements were found in the offspring of a single female carrier of Barth syndrome.
25776009 novel mutation in exon 1 of the TAZ gene and female mosaicism in three generations of a Polish family with Barth syndrome
25247053 mitochondria-targeted antioxidant prevents cardiac dysfunction induced by tafazzin gene knockdown in cardiac myocytes
24858921 Strong expression of TAZ protein seems to be related to rectal cancer development and RT response, it can be a predictive biomarker of distant recurrence in patients with preoperative RT.
24342716 Results show that in both healthy controls and in Barth syndrome patients, a greater variety of alternatively spliced forms than previously described was found. It includes a sizeable proportion of minor splice variants besides the four dominant isoforms.
24093814 Three novel hemizygous mutations in the TAZ gene were found (c.584G>T; c.109+6T>C; c.86G>A). We conclude that Barth syndrome should be included in differential diagnosis of cardiomyopathy in childhood.
23523468 Basal levels of superoxide anion production were slightly higher in patients' cells than in control cells as previously evidenced via an increased protein carbonylation in the taz1Delta mutant in the yeast.
23432031 The underlying molecular defects in Barth syndrome are truncation, deletion or substitution mutations in the TAZ gene, resulting in loss-of-function of tafazzin. Review.
23409742 study reports five new TAZ gene mutations in six unrelated Barth Syndrome patients, including two new gross gene rearrangements
23359024 data suggest that genes other than G4.5 are responsible for the familial form of noncompaction of the ventricular myocardium
23345479 The identification of TAZ mutation has major impact on their medical care as the surveillance needs to be expanded to cover for the Barth syndrome, a severe metabolic phenotype also caused by TAZ mutation, in addition to DCM.
23200781 Tafazzin activity is critical for the differentiation of cardiomyocytes. (Review)
23031367 A novel, hemizygous nonsense mutation in TAZ exon 7 (c.583G>T, p.Gly195X) was detected in an infant with Barth syndrome with dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure and in his great-uncle with left ventricular noncompaction.
20474083 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
19700766 the characteristic fatty acid profile of cardiolipin is not determined by the substrate specificity of tafazzin
19261493 A 5.5-month old boy with Barth's syndrome phenotype had a novel missense T43P mutation in exon 2 of the TAZ gene. His mother was heterozygous for this mutation.
18799610 Data show that the tafazzin 1 interactome defined here provides novel insight into the variable respiratory defects and morphological abnormalities observed in mitochondria of BTHS patients.
15499385 Motif, critical for the glycerolphosphate acyltransferase family, was observed in human tafazzin. The presence of a mutation in this region in Barth syndrome patients indicates that this motif is essential for tafazzin function.
15304507 human TAZ has a role in mitochondrial dysfunction in Barth syndrome
12930833 one splice variant of TAZ most likely represents the only physiologically important mRNA, at least with regard to cardiolipin metabolism
11896212 Mutations in the Xq28 gene G4.5 lead to dilated cardiomyopathy associated with ultrastructural changes in mitochodria of heart, liver and skeletal muscle.

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AEQLHNHLQPGR                                                              281 - 292

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