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PubMed Score 5.94
PubTator Score 6.43

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Interstitial nephritis 6 3.501 1.8


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26391354 those with at least one sensitive TAS2R38 allele (AP or PP genotype) were more likely to report rejecting liquid medications than were those without a taster allele (AA genotype
26037485 Study demonstrates that the response profiles of the cat bitter receptors Tas2r38 and Tas2r43 are distinct from those of their orthologous human receptors
24647340 The effect of the TAS2R43 gene on coffee liking is mediated by caffeine and in particular by the H212R variant.
23050764 The mutational polymorphism TAS2R43 significantly affects susceptibility to BEN points to a potentially broad role for toxin responses in personal health risks.
22964302 Studies indicate that bitter-tasting compounds can have specific physiological effects in Bitter-tasting compounds can have specific physiological effects in type 2 taste receptors (T2Rs)-expressing cells.
22397221 Our results show that the expression rate of some of the T2R taste receptor genes was increased significantly in patients with phantogeusia.
17702579 hT2R43 gene allele makes people more sensitive to the bitterness of an artificial sweetener, saccharin; in addition, a closely related gene's (hT2R44's) allele also makes people more sensitive to the bitterness of saccharin.
15537898 hTAS2R43 and hTAS2R44 function as cognate bitter taste receptors and do not contribute to the sweet taste of saccharin and acesulfame K.

AA Sequence

WGNKKLKQTFLSVFWQMRYWVKGEKTSSP                                             281 - 309

Text Mined References (21)

PMID Year Title
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