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Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.200 1.0e-03
osteosarcoma 1.731 5.0e-07
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.100 1.7e-02
pulmonary arterial hypertension -2.200 4.5e-02

Gene RIF (46)

26435504 The distinct expression patterns of T gene isoforms may contribute to the pathogenesis of skull base chordomas.
26099010 Nuclear brachyury expression is prevalent in embryonal carcinoma, seminoma, and small cell carcinoma of the lung but very rare in common carcinomas, sarcomas, and melanoma.
26015544 The data illuminate the function of BRA in the context of human embryonic development and show that the regulatory role of BRA is context dependent.
25744730 we found that Brachyury expression was inversely correlated with CCL2 and CCL4 expression in human lung tumors
25683840 Brachyury expression promotes lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion, and correlates with reduced patient survival.
25499255 Elevated Brachyury facilitates hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis by promoting EMT via PTEN/Akt/Snail-dependent pathway.
25433496 Brachyury plays an important role in regulating TGF beta 1-mediated renal epithelial mesenchymal transition and could be an attractive target for progression of renal disease therapies
25009296 the present study suggests that Brachyury plays an important role in prostate cancer aggressiveness and points, for the first time, to Brachyury as a significant predictor of poor prostate cancer prognosis
24990759 Importance of the T gene in the pathogenesis of both familial and sporadic chordoma.
24815864 The level of brachyury expression in breast cancer cells was positively associated with their ability to invade the extracellular matrix, efficiently form mammospheres in vitro, and resist the cytotoxic effect of docetaxel
24591762 Brachyury expression may useful for the differential diagnosis of renal hemangioblastoma from other neoplastic histological mimickers. [Review]
24554551 Brachyury separates chordoma from cytomorphologic mimics with high sensitivity and specificity in small biopsies.
24504414 Brachyury knockdown reduces invasiveness and chemoresistance and radioresistance of cancer stem cells in vivo.
24445144 Activated brachury is associated with chordoma.
24253444 Multiple abnormalities, consisting of sacral agenesis, abnormal ossification of the vertebral bodies and a persistent notochordal canal, are associated with mutations in the T (brachyury) gene.
23965741 The results of this study suggested that brachyury-negative chordomas are biologically distinct from brachyury-positive chordomas and that T/brachyury might be an appropriate molecular therapeutic target for chordoma.
23913553 Common variants of PAX3 and T are associated with spina bifida.
23788039 Brachyury expression may attenuate cell cycle progression, enabling tumor cells to become less susceptible to chemotherapy and radiation in human carcinomas.
23783250 results show that Brachyury expression is enhanced during TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human cancer cell lines and that a positive feedback loop is established between Brachyury and TGF-beta1 in mesenchymal-like tumor cells
23653219 We report two cases of recurrent EAC confirmed by the expression of brachyury arising from the distal femur and distal tibia and describe the imaging findings from radiography and MRI at initial diagnosis and at recurrence.
23456319 High expression of Brachyury gene is associated with lung carcinoma.
23218904 heterochromatin-specific nonhistone chromosomal protein HP-1
23076115 Our findings present clinical evidence for an important role of Brachyury in EMT in oral SCC, and suggest that Brachyury and EMT patterns are useful prognostic markers.
22847733 An integrated functional genomics approach identifies the regulatory network directed by brachyury (T) in chordoma.
22833560 Data show a combination of only five genes (-BCL6, T (BRACHYURY), c-MYC, MITF and BAF60C (SMARCD3) rapidly and efficiently convert postnatal chorion and decidual cells into chondrocytes.
22548442 Functional significance of Brachyury in the developmental program of hematopoietic differentiation from embryonic stem cells.
22538805 Genom-wide association identifies the T gene as a novel asthma pharmacogenetic locus.
22446946 Propose the use of brachyury as an additional helpful immunohistochemical marker to resolve the differential diagnosis of hemangioblastoma and histologic mimics.
22164283 Brachyury and related Tbx proteins interact with the Mixl1 homeodomain protein and negatively regulate Mixl1 transcriptional activity
22007675 DeltaNP63 is not expressed and is therefore rarely, if ever, a transcriptional regulator of brachyury in human osteosarcomas and chordomas.
21816365 BRA was necessary for and preceded CDX2 expression.
21478681 Loss of p27(Kip)(1) causes an elongated/scatter cell-like phenotype involving up-regulation of Brachyury and Twist gene expression.
21397407 The tumor cells were diffusely positive for brachyury and cytokeratin 19 on immunohistochemistry, suggesting that the tumor was extra-axial soft tissue chordoma.
21365650 BRACHYURY may regulate NANOG in mesenchymal-like CRC cells to impose a 'plastic-state', allowing competence of cells to respond to signals prompting invasion or metastasis.
21220197 Brachyury expression predicts poor prognosis at early stages of colorectal cancer
21171078 findings show chromosomal aberrations resulting in gain of the T locus are common in sporadic chordomas and expression of this gene is critical for proliferation of chordoma cells in vitro
21102418 This study confirms the specificity of brachyury for chordoma in the differential diagnostic distinction from the potential genitourinary mimics, germ cell tumors and metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
20855213 brachyury expressed in chordoma tumor cells, but not in benign notochoral cell rests that were coexistent.
20670140 Exclusive brachyury expression in more than 90% of chordomas indicates its value as a unique, specific marker.
20602751 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19801981 duplicated region contains only the T (brachyury) gene, which is important in notochord development and is expressed in most sporadic chordomas.
18820665 brachyury was entirely specific for chordoma; however, not as sensitive as cytokeratin.
18466071 infer that the c.1013C>T substitution is pathogenic and represents the first report of an association between a missense mutation in the T gene and the occurrence of sporadic vertebral malformations in humans
18466071 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18301055 Describe brachyury expression in a series of extra-axial skeletal chordomas and in two soft tissue chordomas.
11897834 Human T and risk for neural tube defects.

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GRLIASWTPVSPPSM                                                           421 - 435

Text Mined References (58)

PMID Year Title
26435504 2015 T gene isoform expression pattern is significantly different between chordomas and notochords.
26099010 2015 Nuclear Brachyury Expression Is Consistent in Chordoma, Common in Germ Cell Tumors and Small Cell Carcinomas, and Rare in Other Carcinomas and Sarcomas: An Immunohistochemical Study of 5229 Cases.
26015544 2015 Brachyury and SMAD signalling collaboratively orchestrate distinct mesoderm and endoderm gene regulatory networks in differentiating human embryonic stem cells.
25744730 2015 T-box transcription factor Brachyury in lung cancer cells inhibits macrophage infiltration by suppressing CCL2 and CCL4 chemokines.
25683840 2015 Impact of Brachyury on epithelial-mesenchymal transitions and chemosensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer.
25499255 2014 Overexpression of brachyury contributes to tumor metastasis by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition in hepatocellular carcinoma.
25433496 2014 The T-box transcription factor Brachyury promotes renal interstitial fibrosis by repressing E-cadherin expression.
25009296 2014 T-box transcription factor brachyury is associated with prostate cancer progression and aggressiveness.
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24554551 2014 Utility of brachyury in distinction of chordoma from cytomorphologic mimics in fine-needle aspiration and core needle biopsy.
24504414 2014 Knockdown of the T-box transcription factor Brachyury increases sensitivity of adenoid cystic carcinoma cells to chemotherapy and radiation in vitro: implications for a new therapeutic principle.
24445144 2014 The FGFR/MEK/ERK/brachyury pathway is critical for chordoma cell growth and survival.
24253444 2014 Mutations in the T (brachyury) gene cause a novel syndrome consisting of sacral agenesis, abnormal ossification of the vertebral bodies and a persistent notochordal canal.
23965741 2013 Molecular and clinical risk factors for recurrence of skull base chordomas: gain on chromosome 2p, expression of brachyury, and lack of irradiation negatively correlate with patient prognosis.
23913553 2013 Exon sequencing of PAX3 and T (brachyury) in cases with spina bifida.
23788039 2013 The embryonic transcription factor Brachyury blocks cell cycle progression and mediates tumor resistance to conventional antitumor therapies.
23783250 2013 An autocrine loop between TGF-?1 and the transcription factor brachyury controls the transition of human carcinoma cells into a mesenchymal phenotype.
23653219 2013 Recurrent skeletal extra-axial chordoma confirmed with brachyury: imaging features and review of the literature.
23456319 2013 Expression of Brachyury gene is a significant prognostic factor for primary lung carcinoma.
23218904 2013 Malignant tumors with clear cell morphology: a comparative immunohistochemical study with renal cell carcinoma antibody, Pax8, steroidogenic factor 1, and brachyury.
23076115 2012 T-box transcription factor Brachyury expression is correlated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition and lymph node metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
22847733 2012 An integrated functional genomics approach identifies the regulatory network directed by brachyury (T) in chordoma.
22833560 2012 Placenta to cartilage: direct conversion of human placenta to chondrocytes with transformation by defined factors.
22611028 2012 Brachyury, a driver of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, is overexpressed in human lung tumors: an opportunity for novel interventions against lung cancer.
22589738 2012 Genome-wide association for abdominal subcutaneous and visceral adipose reveals a novel locus for visceral fat in women.
22548442 2012 Activin A promotes hematopoietic fated mesoderm development through upregulation of brachyury in human embryonic stem cells.
22538805 2012 Genome-wide association identifies the T gene as a novel asthma pharmacogenetic locus.
22446946 2012 Expression of brachyury in hemangioblastoma: potential use in differential diagnosis.
22164283 2011 Brachyury and related Tbx proteins interact with the Mixl1 homeodomain protein and negatively regulate Mixl1 transcriptional activity.
22007675 2011 P63 does not regulate brachyury expression in human chordomas and osteosarcomas.
21816365 2011 BRACHYURY and CDX2 mediate BMP-induced differentiation of human and mouse pluripotent stem cells into embryonic and extraembryonic lineages.
21632880 2011 Induction of MesP1 by Brachyury(T) generates the common multipotent cardiovascular stem cell.
21478681 2011 The cell cycle inhibitor p27Kip¹ controls self-renewal and pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells by regulating the cell cycle, Brachyury and Twist.
21397407 2011 Extra-axial soft tissue chordoma of wrist.
21365650 2012 BRACHYURY confers cancer stem cell characteristics on colorectal cancer cells.
21220197 2011 Brachyury expression predicts poor prognosis at early stages of colorectal cancer.
21171078 2011 Role of the transcription factor T (brachyury) in the pathogenesis of sporadic chordoma: a genetic and functional-based study.
21102418 2011 Specificity of brachyury in the distinction of chordoma from clear cell renal cell carcinoma and germ cell tumors: a study of 305 cases.
20855213 2011 Classic chordoma coexisting with benign notochordal cell rest demonstrating different immunohistological expression patterns of brachyury and galectin-3.
20670140 2010 Revisiting chordoma with brachyury, a "new age" marker: analysis of a validation study on 51 cases.
20602751 2010 Generalist genes analysis of DNA markers associated with mathematical ability and disability reveals shared influence across ages and abilities.
19801981 2009 T (brachyury) gene duplication confers major susceptibility to familial chordoma.
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18593560 2008 Mesp1 acts as a master regulator of multipotent cardiovascular progenitor specification.
18466071 2008 A missense T (Brachyury) mutation contributes to vertebral malformations.
18301055 2008 Brachyury expression in extra-axial skeletal and soft tissue chordomas: a marker that distinguishes chordoma from mixed tumor/myoepithelioma/parachordoma in soft tissue.
17273972 2007 Human TBX1 missense mutations cause gain of function resulting in the same phenotype as 22q11.2 deletions.
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