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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 31
PubMed Score 69.26
PubTator Score 42.15

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  Differential Expression (5)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.400 2.8e-04
osteosarcoma 1.629 7.6e-06
group 3 medulloblastoma -1.700 2.1e-03
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -1.717 1.6e-02
ovarian cancer 1.900 1.2e-11

Gene RIF (9)

26519543 SYT2 mutations cause a novel complex presynaptic congenital myasthenic syndrome characterized by motor neuropathy causing lower limb wasting and foot deformities, reflex potentiation following exercise and a prolonged period of posttetanic potentiation
25192047 Synaptotagmin 2 mutations cause an autosomal-dominant form of lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome and nonprogressive motor neuropathy.
22454523 Human SytII is not an effective receptor for Botulinum neurotoxin D-C.
22265973 synaptotagmin-II is not a high affinity receptor for BoNT/B and G due to a phenylalanine to leucine mutation in its luminal domain present only in humans and chimpanzees
19709630 Mutation of overexpressed Syt2 transgene leaves intrinsic calcium sensitivity of vesicles intact while it destabilizes the readily releasable pool of vesicles and loosens the tight coupling between calcium influx and release.
18639519 A recombinant fragment from the luminal domain of the human receptor protein syt II can bind specifically to botulinum neurotoxin B and its Hc domain.
15350218 WNK1 selectively binds to and phosphorylates synaptotagmin 2 (Syt2) within its calcium binding C2 domains. Endogenous WNK1 and Syt2 coimmunoprecipitate and colocalize on a subset of secretory granules in INS-1 cells.
14709554 both synaptotagmins I and II can interact with the syntaxin/synaptosomal-associated protein of 25 kDa (SNAP-25) dimer
12063179 role for synaptotagmin II as calcium-sensor during phagocytosis and secretion in neutrophils

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Text Mined References (30)

PMID Year Title
26519543 2015 Electrophysiologic features of SYT2 mutations causing a treatable neuromuscular syndrome.
25192047 2014 Synaptotagmin 2 mutations cause an autosomal-dominant form of lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome and nonprogressive motor neuropathy.
23999003 2013 SYT14L, especially its C2 domain, is involved in regulating melanocyte differentiation.
23936387 2013 A possible mechanism behind autoimmune disorders discovered by genome-wide linkage and association analysis in celiac disease.
22939005 2013 Evaluation of common variants in 16 genes involved in the regulation of neurotransmitter release in ADHD.
22454523 2012 Botulinum neurotoxin D-C uses synaptotagmin I and II as receptors, and human synaptotagmin II is not an effective receptor for type B, D-C and G toxins.
22265973 2012 Human synaptotagmin-II is not a high affinity receptor for botulinum neurotoxin B and G: increased therapeutic dosage and immunogenicity.
19709630 2009 Synaptotagmin has an essential function in synaptic vesicle positioning for synchronous release in addition to its role as a calcium sensor.
19234194 2009 Human SCAMP5, a novel secretory carrier membrane protein, facilitates calcium-triggered cytokine secretion by interaction with SNARE machinery.
19234085 2009 Zea mays annexins modulate cytosolic free Ca2+ and generate a Ca2+-permeable conductance.
18639519 2008 Dominant antigenic peptides located at the heavy chain terminal of botulinum neurotoxin B contain receptor-binding sites for synaptotagmin II.
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15350218 2004 WNK1 phosphorylates synaptotagmin 2 and modulates its membrane binding.
14709554 2004 Synaptotagmin interaction with the syntaxin/SNAP-25 dimer is mediated by an evolutionarily conserved motif and is sensitive to inositol hexakisphosphate.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12063179 2002 Synaptotagmin II could confer Ca(2+) sensitivity to phagocytosis in human neutrophils.
11696368 2001 Amino acid residues before the hydrophobic region which are critical for membrane translocation of the N-terminal domain of synaptotagmin II.
11381094 2001 Stonin 2: an adaptor-like protein that interacts with components of the endocytic machinery.
10952998 2000 Membrane topogenesis of a type I signal-anchor protein, mouse synaptotagmin II, on the endoplasmic reticulum.
10734137 2000 SYNCRIP, a cytoplasmic counterpart of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein R, interacts with ubiquitous synaptotagmin isoforms.
10330444 1999 Synaptotagmin II negatively regulates Ca2+-triggered exocytosis of lysosomes in mast cells.
8901523 1996 Mirror image motifs mediate the interaction of the COOH terminus of multiple synaptotagmins with the neurexins and calmodulin.
8058779 1994 A third synaptotagmin gene, Syt3, in the mouse.
7961887 1994 Inositol-1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate binding to C2B domain of IP4BP/synaptotagmin II.
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2446925 1987 The N-terminal half of the heavy chain of botulinum type A neurotoxin forms channels in planar phospholipid bilayers.
1856191 1991 Synaptotagmin II. A novel differentially distributed form of synaptotagmin.