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psoriasis -1.100 1.6e-03
osteosarcoma -1.973 2.6e-04

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26171830 This finding suggests the possibility to use oxygen-reactive SO variants in sulfite detoxification, as the loss of SO activity is causing severe neurodegeneration
25314640 Nitrite binds and reduces at the molybdenum site of mammalian sulfite oxidase, which may be allosterically regulated by heme and molybdenum domain interactions, and contributes to the mammalian nitrate-nitrite-NO signaling pathway in human fibroblasts.
24968320 Several mutants of H304 and R309 of SUOX were investigated by steady-state kinetics, laser flash photolysis studies of intramolecular electron transfer (IET), and spectroelectrochemistry.
24106282 combined genetic association studies in women from China/Netherlands/United States: Data suggest that an SNP in SUOX locus (rs705702) and SNPs in other proteins are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome across ethnic differences. [META-ANALYSIS]
23665285 SUOX was decreased and AKR1B10 and CD34 were increased with the stepwise progression of hepatocarcinogenesis.
22975842 effect of mutation of surface residues on the heme domain on intramolecular electron transfer, and steady-state kinetics
22263579 In this study a human sulfite oxidase variant, in which the active site has been modified to alter substrate specificity and activity from sulfite oxidation to nitrate reduction, is compared to chicken sulfite oxidase.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20491442 prepared and purified samples of the wild type and various mutants of human SO that are depleted of chloride. These samples do not exhibit the typical lpH EPR spectrum at low pH but rather exhibit spectra that are characteristic of the blocked species
20063894 Experimental deletions of nonconserved amino acids in the 14-residue interdomain polypeptide tether of sulfite oxidase shorten its length and result in more drastically reduced intramolecular electron transfer rate constants.
18959753 the activity of molybdoenzymes, such as sulfite oxidase, is inhibited by high concentrations of heavy metals in the cell
18529001 EPR study of the Mo(V) center of the pathogenic R160Q mutant confirms the presence of three distinct species whose relative abundances depend upon pH.
18177044 analysis of protein-protein interaction of sulfite oxidase and cytochrome c catalyzing oxidation of sulfite
17940249 Magnetic resonance imaging and MR spectroscopy measurements may help differentiate isolated sulfite oxidase deficiency from hypoxic-ischemic condition in patients in whom this diagnosis is not clinically suspected.
17366837 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16475804 Analysis of recombinant G473D sulfite oxidase indicated that it is severely impaired both in the ability to bind sulfite and in catalysis, with a second-order rate constant 5 orders of magnitude lower than that of the wild type.
16229463 mutations to charged residues at the equivalent sites most likely cause crucial global or localized structural changes, and expose an alternative docking site that may compete with the Mo domain for docking of the heme
16140720 mutation in SUOX gene in sulfite oxidase deficiency
14729666 the Tyr(343) residue is important for both substrate binding and oxidation of sulfite by sulfite oxidase
14567685 To further assess the role of Arg 160 in human SO, intramolecular electron transfer rates between the reduced heme and oxidized molybdenum centers in the wild type, R160Q, and R160K human SO forms were investigated by laser flash photolysis
12832761 comparison of this structure with other b(5)-type cytochromes reveals distinct structural features present in the sulfite oxidase b(5) domain which promote optimal electron transport between the Moco of sulfite oxidase and the heme of cytochrome c
12763039 Sulfite oxidase gene expression in brain and in other tissues.
12424234 role of conserved tyrosine 343 in intramolecular electron transfer in this enzyme

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PMID Year Title
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