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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 31
PubMed Score 100.97
PubTator Score 28.27

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  Disease (4)


  Differential Expression (10)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.100 6.6e-06
ependymoma 1.200 3.6e-02
oligodendroglioma 1.100 5.3e-03
psoriasis -1.800 6.3e-04
osteosarcoma -1.239 1.6e-04
astrocytoma 1.600 3.7e-03
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... 1.207 8.2e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.200 5.7e-04
ovarian cancer 2.200 6.9e-07
Gaucher disease type 1 -1.300 3.2e-02

 GO Component (2)

Protein-protein Interaction (223)

ELL2   U2SURP   POLR2D   DHX15   PRPF4   SART1   HNRNPR   PRPF3   PPIH   PLRG1   NUDT21   DHX16   AQR   CDC40   CCNT1   CCNT2   PQBP1   PRPF40A   SF3B1   WBP4   SNRNP200   CCNK   BCAS2   DNAJC8   SMNDC1   SNAPC5   PRPF6   PCF11   CD2BP2   CPSF4   LSM8   SYF2   HNRNPC   SP1   SNRPB2   SNRNP70   SNRPA   POU2F2   SNRPC   HNRNPA1   SNRPA1   HSPA8   GTF2F2   SNRPB   POU2F1   HNRNPL   DDX5   POLR2C   POLR2E   TBP   HNRNPA2B1   POLR2A   U2AF2   PTBP1   GTF2E1   GTF2E2   POLR2B   HNRNPH1   CSTF2   GTF2F1   FUS   POLR2I   RBMX   EIF4A3   BUD31   TAF6   CDK7   CDK9   PAPOLA   HNRNPA3   HNRNPM   NCBP2   POLR2H   POLR2J   HNRNPF   GTF2A1   GTF2A2   ZNF143   RBM5   POLR2K   ELL   SNU13   HNRNPH2   POLR2F   MAGOH   HNRNPK   SNRPE   SNRPF   SNRPG   LSM3   LSM6   SNRPD1   SNRPD2   SNRPD3   POLR2G   POLR2L   TRA2B   SNURF   YBX1   TXNL4A   SRSF3   GTF2B   HNRNPU   U2AF1   SRSF2   CSTF1   SRSF11   SRSF1   SRSF4   DHX9   NCBP1   CPSF1   SF3A3   ELAVL2   CSTF3   HNRNPA0   SRSF9   SRSF5   SRSF6   SF3B2   SNAPC2   SNW1   HNRNPD   EFTUD2   RNPS1   PCBP1   PCBP2   SF3B3   SF3B4   SF3A2   SF3A1   TAF5   TAF13   TAF11   SF1   ELAVL1   SNAPC1   TAF9   SRSF7   USP39   SNAPC4   CPSF3L   RPRD2   ICE2   INTS3   PRPF8   INTS5   FIP1L1   CWC27   INTS8   DDX46   PHF5A   TAF8   PABPN1   ALYREF   DDX42   CHERP   SUGP1   CCAR1   RPAP2   SRRM1   INTS1   ZC3H8   CPSF7   PRPF38A   U2AF1L4   SNRNP27   PRPF31   CTNNBL1   DHX38   PRCC   SYMPK   GPKOW   SNAPC3   CLP1   MAGOHB   NABP1   PPWD1   INTS12   SNRNP40   INTS4   RBM17   RPRD1A   VWA9   CDC5L   NABP2   HNRNPUL1   DDX23   SF3B5   UPF3B   CRNKL1   WDR33   INTS2   CSTF2T   PHAX   ELL3   CWC22   XAB2   RPRD1B   INTS9   INTS7   ASUN   INTS10   RBM22   CWC25   CWC15   CPSF2   PUF60   LSM7   CPSF3   INTS6   ISY1   PRPF19   PPIE   SRRM2   ICE1   WBP11   LSM2   SF3B6   PPIL1   LSM5   LSM4   RBM8A  

Gene RIF (10)

25530566 ARS2 and CASP8AP2 expressions can precisely predict high-risk of relapse and ALL prognosis.
24272391 Ars2 is overexpressed in HCC and may have prognostic value; it might play an important role in HCC proliferation and miR-21 expression.
22244333 Ars2 contributes to histone mRNA 3' end formation and expression and these functional properties of Ars2 are negatively regulated by interaction with 7SK RNA.
22213145 Ars2 is overexpressed in human cholangiocarcinoma and may be a diagnostic marker. Ars2 depletion increases PTEN and PDCD4 protein levels via the reduction of miR-21.
19632182 These findings provide evidence for a role for Ars2 in RNA interference regulation during cell proliferation.
19546234 Results suggest that FLASH functions in S phase progression through interaction with ARS2.
18854154 Knockdown of serrate RNA effector molecule homolog (SRRT) by siRNA inhibits the early stages of HIV-1 replication in 293T cells infected with VSV-G pseudotyped HIV-1
18086880 These data indicate ARS2 is essential for early mammalian development and is likely involved in an essential cellular process.
17672918 Validated occurrence of an unusual TG 3' splice site in intron 17 (NM_015908).
10069470 Nomenclature. Original paper and GenBank submission by Rossman and Wang (1999) called the gene Asr2 (arsenite resistance protein 2) as opposed to Ars2 (arsenate resistance protein 2).

AA Sequence

GQGGYPGKPRNRMVRGDPRAIVEYRDLDAPDDVDFF                                      841 - 876

Text Mined References (45)

PMID Year Title
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18086880 2008 ARS2 is a conserved eukaryotic gene essential for early mammalian development.
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