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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 158
PubMed Score 688.51
PubTator Score 509.43

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  Disease (3)

Disease Target Count
HIV Infections 99
Disease Target Count P-value
Breast cancer 3098 1.3e-15
ovarian cancer 8491 5.9e-05
osteosarcoma 7933 1.1e-03
psoriasis 6685 3.5e-03
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Cancer 2346 3.653 1.8
Heart disease 279 3.416 1.7


  Differential Expression (4)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.200 3.5e-03
osteosarcoma -1.223 1.1e-03
Breast cancer -1.100 1.3e-15
ovarian cancer 1.400 5.9e-05

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Gene RIF (83)

26801758 miR-483-3p is upregulated in Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) from deep vein thrombosis patients, and it targets SRF to decrease EPCs migration and tube formation.
26671411 The SRF-IL6 axis is the critical mediator of YAP-induced stemness in mammary epithelial cells and breast cancer.
26554816 FLNA functions as a positive cellular transducer linking actin polymerization to MKL1-SRF activity, counteracting the known repressive complex of MKL1 and monomeric G-actin.
26321231 ADGRG2 constitutively activates RhoA-SRE pathways.
26100622 STAT3 protein regulates vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic switch by interaction with myocardin and SRF.
25896507 high levels of Myc engage Miz1 in repressive DNA binding complexes and suppress an SRF-dependent transcriptional program that supports survival of epithelial cells.
25728840 Data show that microRNA miR-320a is a key regulator of rtherogenesis, and down-regulating serum response factor (SRF).
25681733 These data support a central role of the SRF/MRTF pathway in the pathobiology of lung fibrosis.
25402621 SRF regulates neutrophil migration, integrin activation, and trafficking. Disruption of the SRF pathway results in myelodysplasia and immune dysfunction.
25080937 SRF promotes gastric cancer metastasis and the epithelial to mesenchymal transition through miR-199a-5p-mediated downregulation of E-cadherin.
25009298 Methylation changes of GFRA1, SRF, and ZNF382 may be a potential biomarker set for prediction of gastric carcinoma metastasis.
24627437 Studied a new therapeutic alternative in the treatment of multiresistant lung adenocarcinoma via siRNA-specific transfection of six crucial molecules involved in lung carcinogenesis: SFR, E2F1, Survivin, HIF1, HIF2 and STAT3.
24249383 results demonstrate that serum response factor (SRF) nuclear expression in castration-resistant prostate cancer bone metastases is associated with survival with patients with shortest survival showing high SRF nuclear expression and patients with longest survival having low SRF nuclear expression
24173109 These results suggest that SRF is critical for HCC to acquire a mesenchymal phenotype, which leads to resistance against a sorafenib-mediated apoptotic effect.
24088304 Dilated cardiomyopathy-associated FHOD3 variant impairs the ability to induce activation of transcription factor serum response factor.
23576568 Androgen-responsive SRF target genes affect CaP cell behavior.
23469924 The RhoA signaling axis, a well known upstream stimulator of SRF action that harbors drugable targets, conveyed androgen-responsiveness to SRF.
23454662 Itk enhances Galpha13 mediated activation of serum response factor (SRF) transcriptional activity dependent on its ability to interact with Galpha13, but its kinase activity is not required to enhance SRF activity.
23382855 Substitution of any of the TFBS from our particular search of MEF2, CREB and SRF significantly decreased the number of identified clusters
23152437 Transfection of the NSCLC cell lines with specific siRNAs against SRF, E2F1 and survivin resulted in a very considerable reduction of the intracellular mRNA concentration.
23134219 High expression of serum response factor is associated with gastric carcinoma.
22537405 Upon neuronal injury via facial nerve transection, constitutively active SRF enhances motorneuron survival.
22356487 Dysfunction or loss of the SRF-activating mitogen-associated kinase pathway under stress conditions in transgenic mice may be part of Parkinson's disease etiology.
22157009 Lmod1 is a new SMC-restricted SRF/MYOCD target gene.
22049076 MRTF-A is an important regulator of collagen synthesis in lung fibroblasts and exhibits a dependence on both SRF and Sp1 function to enhance collagen expression
21998125 Downregulation of the activity of the MRTF-SRF axis and the expression of muscle-specific microRNAs, particularly miR-1, may contribute to COPD-associated skeletal muscle dysfunction.
21893058 Data show that serum response factor (SRF) is one of miR-483-5p target genes.
21842128 overexpression of serum response factor in hepatocellular carcinoma may play an important role in tumor cell migration and invasion through upregulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and matrix metalloproteinase-9
21777672 RTVP-1 plays a role in the effect of serum response factor on glioma cell migration
21479245 These data define serum response factor as a host cell transcription factor that regulates immediate early gene expression in Toxoplasma-infected cells.
21410985 Serum response factor up-regulation, combined with the presence of co-morbidities, increase the risk of recurrent gastric ulcer bleeding.
21393865 SRF pathway alterations are linked to insulin resistance, may contribute to type 2 diabetes pathogenesis, and could represent therapeutic targets
21131446 SRF is able to gain nuclear entry through an auxiliary, nuclear localization sequence-independent mechanism
20811705 Overexpression of SRF in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells modulates the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, and this plays an important role in HCC progression.
20808827 two transcription factors, SRF and TFAP2, as well as an intronic element encompassing EGR3-like sequence, that work together to regulate expression of the FXN gene
20724380 Data show that the ancestor sequence of SRF- and MEF2-type MADS domains is more similar to MEF2-type MADS domains than to SRF-type MADS domains.
20685657 Data reveal that serum response factor is a novel interferon (IFN)gamma-regulated gene and further elucidate the molecular pathway between IFNgamma, IFNgamma-regulated genes, and SRF and its target genes.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20147408 The authors now show that the inactivation of either the Elk-1 or serum response factor (SRF) binding site within the enhancer also reduces major immediate-early promoter activation and viral replication of human cytomegalovirus in fibroblasts.
20144681 SRF depletion affects the expansion of the high and low differentiation grade HCC cells HepG2 and JHH6
20096952 Data show that serum response factor is an essential regulator of primary human vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and senescence.
19953255 features in the flanking sequences of functional CArG boxes probably contributing to SRF selectively recognizing and binding to the functional CArG from millions of functionless CArG boxes in mammalian genomes.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19801679 Results reveal the first ion channel subunit as a direct target of SRF-MYOCD transactivation, providing further insight into the role of MYOCD as a master regulator of the SMC contractile phenotype.
19724058 MAL/SRF complex is involved in platelet formation and megakaryocyte migration by regulating MYL9 (MLC2) and MMP9.
19687146 Data show that a significant overlaps between the ELK1- and SRF-binding regions, and between ELK1- and GABPA-binding regions.
19513551 Results indicate that the altered expression of SRF in papillary carcinoma cells may play an important role in carcinogenesis and progression.
19329434 Promoter analysis showed that PRIP acted through serum-responsive factor to regulate FOS gene expression.
19198601 RNA interference was used to investigate the contribution of the MRTF-SRF pathway to cytoskeletal dynamics in MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma and B16F2 melanoma cells, in which basal MRTF-SRF activity is Rho-dependent.
19151755 transcriptional SRF-pathway fingerprint in fumarate hydratase-deficient and sporadic leiomyomas emphasizes the potential importance of this pathway in primary events leading to leiomyomatosis
19151320 Data show that TGF-beta-induced pulmonary myofibroblast differentiation is mediated by SRF, and that inhibition of myofibroblast differentiation by PKA occurs through down-regulation of SRF expression levels and activity, independent of Smad signaling.
19098903 We suggest that SRF and MYOCD function as a transcriptional switch, controlling Abeta cerebrovascular clearance and progression of AD.
19079548 An important age associated decrease in SRF expression in mice and human muscles, is reported.
18780286 growth factors and serum induce expression of Egr-1 and SRF, respectively, which in turn induces E2-EPF UCP expression that positively regulates cancer cell growth
18694962 Serum induction initially stimulates MKL1 nuclear localization due to a decrease in G-actin levels, but MKL1 is then downregulated by nuclear export due to ERK1/2 phosphorylation.
18501668 Mosaic inactivation of the SRF gene in the myocardium induces focal lesions and heart failure.
18296735 identified novel protein-protein interacting domains within Nkx3.1 and SRF
18078809 These results suggest induction of SRF-mediated transcription by alpha(E)-catenin either downstream of RhoA or via a parallel pathway.
17975004 These results suggest a novel indirect mechanism of androgen action on FHL2 expression and provide evidence that SRF is an important determinant of AR action in prostate cancer cells.
17629633 Our data indicate that the SRF isoforms were differentially expressed in the human versus mouse cardiac muscle.
17376895 In the presence of Tax, SRF selects more divergent consensus (CArG) box sequences than in the absence of Tax, revealing a novel mechanism for regulating SRF-responsive gene expression.
17215356 SRF-myocardin overexpression in small cerebral arteries appears to initiate independently of amyloid beta-peptide a pathogenic pathway mediating arterial hypercontractility
17200232 identified 216 putative SRF binding sites in the genome
17122890 preventing the age-associated increase in serum response factor is associated with better preserved intracellular calcium handling and functional response to stress
16151017 HERP1 may play a role in promoting the phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells during vascular injury and atherosclerotic process by interfering with SRF binding to CArG-box through physical association between HERP1 and SRF
15857835 NFAT and SRF may interact to cooperatively regulate smooth muscle cell-specific gene expression and NFAT may have a role in the phenotypic maintenance of smooth muscle
15576363 H. pylori induction of villin in the stomach correlates with activation and cooperative binding of Elk-1 and the SRF to the proximal promoter of villin
15542842 TCF-SRF-regulated gene activity has a role in regulating proliferation and in protecting cells from apoptotic cell death
15326221 Galphaz signals may attenuate Rho-induced stimulation of serum response factor-mediated transcription.
15282327 Results identify protein kinase C delta as the kinase responsible for inactivation of serum response factor both in vitro and endogenously in senescent cells.
15180964 SRF is a downstream mediator of VEGF signaling in endothelial cells and a critical requirement for VEGF-induced angiogenesis.
12874181 SRF was reduced and processed into 55- and 32-kDa subfragments in failing hearts; SRF-N the N-terminal fragment inhibited transcription of alpha-actin gene promoters in myogenic cells suggesting function as a dominant-negative transcription factor
12788374 serum response factor plays a role in facilitating a program of smooth muscle cell-restricted gene expression [review]
12788062 SRF is modified by SUMO-1 chiefly at lysine(147) within the DNA-binding domain.
12660819 role in signal cascade in immediate-early gene induction by anisomycin and arsenite
12654640 Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 is downregulated in lymphangioleiomyomatosis as a consequence of abnormal SRF expression.
12270917 Results show that alpha-catulin co-expression leads to increased Lbc-induced serum response factor activation and may modulate Rho pathway signaling in vivo by providing a scaffold for the Lbc Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor.
12242287 Interaction of serum response factor (SRF) with the Elk-1 B box inhibits RhoA-actin signaling to SRF and potentiates transcriptional activation by Elk-1
12200418 activation by muscarinic receptors via RhoA
11859076 mechanisms by which Vav1 can regulate c-fos serum response element transcriptional activity.
11846562 Crystal structure of a ternary SAP-1/SRF/c-fos SRE DNA complex
10556093 The interaction of the long cytoplasmic tail of HIV-1 gp41 with the carboxy-terminal regulatory domain of p115-RhoGEF inhibits p115-mediated actin stress fiber formation and activation of serum response factor (SRF)

AA Sequence

LTELQVVNLDTAHSTKSE                                                        491 - 508

Text Mined References (164)

PMID Year Title
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26554816 2015 Filamin A interacts with the coactivator MKL1 to promote the activity of the transcription factor SRF and cell migration.
26321231 2015 The adhesion G protein-coupled receptor G2 (ADGRG2/GPR64) constitutively activates SRE and NF?B and is involved in cell adhesion and migration.
26100622 2015 STAT3 Protein Regulates Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypic Switch by Interaction with Myocardin.
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23454662 2013 The zinc-binding region of IL-2 inducible T cell kinase (Itk) is required for interaction with G?13 and activation of serum response factor.
23382855 2013 Enrichment of conserved synaptic activity-responsive element in neuronal genes predicts a coordinated response of MEF2, CREB and SRF.
23382706 2013 The flowering repressor SVP underlies a novel Arabidopsis thaliana QTL interacting with the genetic background.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23152437 2013 Small interfering RNA-mediated suppression of serum response factor, E2-promotor binding factor and survivin in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines by non-viral transfection.
23134219 2013 Expression of serum response factor in gastric carcinoma and its molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of the invasion and migration of SGC-7901 cells.
22537405 2012 Serum response factor modulates neuron survival during peripheral axon injury.
22356487 2012 Ablation of serum response factor in dopaminergic neurons exacerbates susceptibility towards MPTP-induced oxidative stress.
22157009 2012 Leiomodin 1, a new serum response factor-dependent target gene expressed preferentially in differentiated smooth muscle cells.
22049076 2011 Myocardin-related transcription factor-A complexes activate type I collagen expression in lung fibroblasts.
21998125 2012 Downregulation of the serum response factor/miR-1 axis in the quadriceps of patients with COPD.
21893058 2011 MiR-483-5p controls angiogenesis in vitro and targets serum response factor.
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21777672 2011 RTVP-1 expression is regulated by SRF downstream of protein kinase C and contributes to the effect of SRF on glioma cell migration.
21479245 2011 Serum response factor regulates immediate early host gene expression in Toxoplasma gondii-infected host cells.
21410985 2011 Weak up-regulation of serum response factor in gastric ulcers in patients with co-morbidities is associated with increased risk of recurrent bleeding.
21406692 2011 System-wide temporal characterization of the proteome and phosphoproteome of human embryonic stem cell differentiation.
21393865 2011 Increased SRF transcriptional activity in human and mouse skeletal muscle is a signature of insulin resistance.
21131446 2011 Nuclear import of serum response factor in airway smooth muscle.
20811705 2010 The role of serum response factor in hepatocellular carcinoma: implications for disease progression.
20808827 2010 Expression of human frataxin is regulated by transcription factors SRF and TFAP2.
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20685657 2010 Interferon-gamma-mediated inhibition of serum response factor-dependent smooth muscle-specific gene expression.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
20379614 Personalized smoking cessation: interactions between nicotine dose, dependence and quit-success genotype score.
20147408 2010 The Elk-1 and serum response factor binding sites in the major immediate-early promoter of human cytomegalovirus are required for efficient viral replication in quiescent cells and compensate for inactivation of the NF-kappaB sites in proliferating cells.
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19724058 2009 MAL/SRF complex is involved in platelet formation and megakaryocyte migration by regulating MYL9 (MLC2) and MMP9.
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17576768 2007 HOP/NECC1, a novel regulator of mouse trophoblast differentiation.
17376895 2007 Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 Tax enhances serum response factor DNA binding and alters site selection.
17215356 2007 Serum response factor and myocardin mediate arterial hypercontractility and cerebral blood flow dysregulation in Alzheimer's phenotype.
17200232 2007 Serum response factor binding sites differ in three human cell types.
17122890 2007 Maintaining serum response factor activity in the older heart equal to that of the young adult is associated with better cardiac response to isoproterenol stress.
17081983 2006 Global, in vivo, and site-specific phosphorylation dynamics in signaling networks.
16151017 2005 HERP1 inhibits myocardin-induced vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation by interfering with SRF binding to CArG box.
16054032 2005 Phenotypic modulation of smooth muscle cells through interaction of Foxo4 and myocardin.
15857835 2005 Nuclear factor of activated T cells and serum response factor cooperatively regulate the activity of an alpha-actin intronic enhancer.
15610731 2004 The SRF target gene Fhl2 antagonizes RhoA/MAL-dependent activation of SRF.
15576363 2005 Helicobacter-induced intestinal metaplasia in the stomach correlates with Elk-1 and serum response factor induction of villin.
15542842 2004 Ternary complex factor-serum response factor complex-regulated gene activity is required for cellular proliferation and inhibition of apoptotic cell death.
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14565952 2003 Megakaryoblastic leukemia-1/2, a transcriptional co-activator of serum response factor, is required for skeletal myogenic differentiation.
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12622724 2003 PML-nuclear bodies are involved in cellular serum response.
12530967 2003 Cysteine-rich LIM-only proteins CRP1 and CRP2 are potent smooth muscle differentiation cofactors.
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12397177 2002 Potentiation of serum response factor activity by a family of myocardin-related transcription factors.
12297045 2002 Hop is an unusual homeobox gene that modulates cardiac development.
12270917 2002 Association of Lbc Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor with alpha-catenin-related protein, alpha-catulin/CTNNAL1, supports serum response factor activation.
12242287 2002 Interaction of serum response factor (SRF) with the Elk-1 B box inhibits RhoA-actin signaling to SRF and potentiates transcriptional activation by Elk-1.
12200418 2002 Serum response factor activation by muscarinic receptors via RhoA. Novel pathway specific to M1 subtype involving calmodulin, calcineurin, and Pyk2.
12171911 2002 Structure of mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein (MAPKAP) kinase 2 suggests a bifunctional switch that couples kinase activation with nuclear export.
12082086 2002 cGMP-dependent protein kinase I beta physically and functionally interacts with the transcriptional regulator TFII-I.
12061776 2002 TEF-1 and MEF2 transcription factors interact to regulate muscle-specific promoters.
11893590 2002 Increased expression of alternatively spliced dominant-negative isoform of SRF in human failing hearts.
11859076 2002 Vav1 couples T cell receptor to serum response factor-dependent transcription via a MEK-dependent pathway.
11846562 2001 Crystal structure of a ternary SAP-1/SRF/c-fos SRE DNA complex.
11641790 2001 Retinoid-dependent antagonism of serum response factor transactivation mediated by transcriptional coactivator proteins.
11500490 2001 ERK2- and p90(Rsk2)-dependent pathways regulate the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein-beta interaction with serum response factor.
11457859 2001 Differential binding of an SRF/NK-2/MEF2 transcription factor complex in normal versus neoplastic smooth muscle tissues.
11439182 2001 Activation of cardiac gene expression by myocardin, a transcriptional cofactor for serum response factor.
11406578 2001 The B-box dominates SAP-1-SRF interactions in the structure of the ternary complex.
11387340 2001 Serum response factor cleavage by caspases 3 and 7 linked to apoptosis in human BJAB cells.
11359793 2001 Transcriptional activation of beta-tropomyosin mediated by serum response factor and a novel Barx homologue, Barx1b, in smooth muscle cells.
11278942 2001 Identification of Barx2b, a serum response factor-associated homeodomain protein.
11181183 2001 Senescence represses the nuclear localization of the serum response factor and differentiation regulates its nuclear localization with lineage specificity.
11158291 2001 Serum response factor-GATA ternary complex required for nuclear signaling by a G-protein-coupled receptor.
11136726 2001 Physical interaction between the MADS box of serum response factor and the TEA/ATTS DNA-binding domain of transcription enhancer factor-1.
11104785 2000 Stretch-induced alternative splicing of serum response factor promotes bronchial myogenesis and is defective in lung hypoplasia.
11003651 2000 Cardiac tissue enriched factors serum response factor and GATA-4 are mutual coregulators.
10993896 2000 The smooth muscle gamma-actin gene promoter is a molecular target for the mouse bagpipe homologue, mNkx3-1, and serum response factor.
10847592 2000 Activating protein-1, nuclear factor-kappaB, and serum response factor as novel target molecules of the cancer-amplified transcription coactivator ASC-2.
10777532 2000 Silencing mediator of retinoic acid and thyroid hormone receptors, as a novel transcriptional corepressor molecule of activating protein-1, nuclear factor-kappaB, and serum response factor.
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10318842 1999 Ras regulates the association of serum response factor and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta.
9786846 1998 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 interacts with serum response factor and coactivates serum response element-mediated transactivations.
9584171 1998 TFII-I enhances activation of the c-fos promoter through interactions with upstream elements.
9545312 1998 Enhancement of serum-response factor-dependent transcription and DNA binding by the architectural transcription factor HMG-I(Y).
9388250 1997 The CREB-binding protein (CBP) cooperates with the serum response factor for transactivation of the c-fos serum response element.
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9271374 1997 Interaction of ATF6 and serum response factor.
9032301 1997 Regulation of the cfos serum response element by C/EBPbeta.
9010223 1997 FLI1 and EWS-FLI1 function as ternary complex factors and ELK1 and SAP1a function as ternary and quaternary complex factors on the Egr1 promoter serum response elements.
8887666 1996 Recruitment of the tinman homolog Nkx-2.5 by serum response factor activates cardiac alpha-actin gene transcription.
8670842 1996 Activation of the serum response factor by p65/NF-kappaB.
8617811 1996 Physical interaction between the mitogen-responsive serum response factor and myogenic basic-helix-loop-helix proteins.
8604338 1996 SRE elements are binding sites for the fusion protein EWS-FLI-1.
8413226 1993 A growth factor-induced kinase phosphorylates the serum response factor at a site that regulates its DNA-binding activity.
8407951 1993 The carboxyl-terminal transactivation domain of human serum response factor contains DNA-activated protein kinase phosphorylation sites.
8375385 1993 C-terminal phosphorylation of the serum-response factor.
8106390 1994 Role of transcription factor TFIIF in serum response factor-activated transcription.
8024585 1994 Serum response factor associated ETS proteins: ternary complex factors and PEA3-binding factor.
7854423 1995 Interaction with RAP74 subunit of TFIIF is required for transcriptional activation by serum response factor.
7796532 1995 Serum response element associated transcription factors in mouse embryos: serum response factor, YY1, and PEA3 factor.
7744019 1995 The MADS-box family of transcription factors.
7637780 1995 Structure of serum response factor core bound to DNA.
7624133 1995 Identification of the Tax interaction region of serum response factor that mediates the aberrant induction of immediate early genes through CArG boxes by HTLV-I Tax.
7551568 1995 Serine 133-phosphorylated CREB induces transcription via a cooperative mechanism that may confer specificity to neurotrophin signals.
7540136 1995 Comparative analysis of the ternary complex factors Elk-1, SAP-1a and SAP-2 (ERP/NET).
3203386 1988 Isolation and properties of cDNA clones encoding SRF, a transcription factor that binds to the c-fos serum response element.
2108863 1990 Synergism in ternary complex formation between the dimeric glycoprotein p67SRF, polypeptide p62TCF and the c-fos serum response element.
2046671 1991 Mutation of serum response factor phosphorylation sites and the mechanism by which its DNA-binding activity is increased by casein kinase II.
1740119 1992 Casein kinase II phosphorylation increases the rate of serum response factor-binding site exchange.
1547771 1992 Identification of multiple SRF N-terminal phosphorylation sites affecting DNA binding properties.
1512232 1992 Localization of O-GlcNAc modification on the serum response transcription factor.